10 Best Webtoons to Read on Manta

Come check out some of the best series Manta has to offer! Each webtoon will take you on a worthwhile ride.

10 Best Manta Webtoons to Read Cover
By: Amy MouaMay 9, 2024, 8:12 AM

Since Manta’s launch in 2020, it has climbed up the ranks as one of the most popular webtoon platforms today. The subscription-based app readily provides a large collection of webtoons for users to read. From some of Manta’s well-known webtoons to the lesser known, here are 10 of the best webtoons to read right now!

Under the Oak Tree

Created by P, namu, Seomal, and Suji Kim

Genre: Romance, Fantasy

Episodes: 106, Ongoing

Under the Oak Tree CoverImage: Manta

In “Under the Oak Tree,” Maximilian Croyso is the eldest daughter of a duke. However, due to her stutter, she has been subjected to mistreatment and abuse all her life. Her father eventually marries her off to Riftan, a lowly knight. But after spending only one night with her, he leaves for a mandatory expedition that takes three years to complete. To the surprise of many enemies, Riftan returns as a hero. Riftan then whisks Maximilian off to his territory and their days slowly settle down. Riftan proves to be a more loving husband than anyone had imagined. But will Maximilian learn to love herself enough to know she deserves to be loved by others as well?

“Under the Oak Tree '' is a timeless tale in an era of webtoon dominated by written entertainment. Its enchanting story will leave you mesmerized and unable to forget its characters long after it's finished.

Who this is for:

  • Readers who can handle dark and mature content.
  • Fans of passionate love stories.

Dead-Teen Hero

Created by BlueColdTunaMayo

Genre: Fantasy, Comedy

Episodes: 61, Completed

Dead-Teen Hero CoverImage: Manta

In “Dead-Teen Hero,” everyone has a role they want to play in comics, whether as a hero, extra, or a villain. Jiyeon, a high school senior, wants to be the heroine of a teen comic but constantly gets rejected for the role. With one last chance before she graduates, she enters a contest to prove her worth. Will she finally become the main character in a teen comic, or will she end up regretting her choices as she ends up involved in solving a murder case?

This webtoon is so hilarious it will have you laughing at its ridiculous and ingenious plot and characters. It’s so wonderfully written and drawn, that it’s become a personal favorite of mine.

Who this is for:

  • Readers who enjoy the comedy genre.
  • People looking to experience a unique but simple plot.

The Lady Alchemist

Created by Samantha Vitale and Baek

Genre: Fantasy, Action

Episodes: 30, Ongoing

The Lady Alchemist CoverImage: Manta

The Lady Alchemist” takes on the classic fairytale “Rumpelstiltskin” and adds a steampunk twist. Sepha, an alchemist, was abused all her life by her father. When the magistrate visits her small town, she is supposed to show them her alchemy skills. But an unfortunate accident occurs, leaving Sepha desperate to do anything to prove her worth. If she can’t, then she’ll have to face her father’s wrath. As such, this leads to her imprisonment and the impossible task of turning straw into gold.

This webtoon takes on an interesting reimagining of a classic fairytale that curiously draws readers in. Whether you are familiar with the fairytale or not, this story will have you wondering where it will lead.

Who this is for:

  • Fans of Grimm’s Fairy Tales.
  • People who love steampunk aesthetics.

I Raised a Black Dragon

Created by Sottan and Dalseul

Genre: Fantasy, Romance

Episodes: 74, Completed

I Raised a Black Dragon CoverImage: Manta

I Raised a Black Dragon” is about Noa, an ordinary office worker who dies from overwork. She ends up possessing the body of Eleanora, the villainess of a novel. To avoid the main characters and any death flags, she moves to the countryside to live a humble life. But pretty soon, her life is disrupted when she comes across a dragon egg. Eleanora must then somehow return the dragon to the rightful heroine before he imprints on her. But things just never seem to go to plan for her. She gains an adorable baby dragon and a handsome detective as her travel companions while a series of events lead her farther away from the quiet life she had intended to live.

With its soft art style and adorable main cast, this webtoon is a pleasurable read with a straightforward plot.

Who this is for:

  • Fans of Isekai romantic fantasy webtoons.

The Tainted Half

Created by chyomchyom

Genre: Historical Romance

Episodes: 41, Completed

The Tainted Half CoverImage: Manta

Set during a historical period, “The Tainted Half” follows Seolha, a concubine of the tyrannical emperor. Seolha was a part of the Yul, a group of people descended from divinity with outstanding beauty. Upon the emperor’s order to send a Yul, Seolha’s mother disfigured her face as a form of protest and protection against the emperor. Now, a deformed Seolha suffers constant torment and abuse from the emperor and his harem. She lives a quiet life while looking forward to the possibility of escaping the palace within ten years. But her chances of escaping soon disappear when she catches the eye of Muon, the emperor’s brother.

The webtoon delivers a dramatic and steamy tale with its gorgeous art. You will be holding your breath while you read in anticipation to learn if this story has a happy ending or ends in tragedy.

Who this is for:

  • Fans of historical romances.
  • People who enjoy mature content in webtoons.

I’ll Save This Damned Family

Created by Nu and Munirang

Genre: Romance, Fantasy

Episodes: 110, Ongoing

I'll Save This Damned FamilyImage: Webtoon

Tara Elias is the only one who can save her family in “I’ll Save This Damned Family.” Tara Elias was a scriptwriter named Yeonwoo in her past life before her untimely death. In her second chance at life, she found herself in the body of an obese shut-in within a story she had read. Shortly, her entire family falls to ruin and meets their death. As the only one who knows the future course of events, it is up to Tara to save them all. To do that, she must train herself and gain the favor of Prince Kyle, the sole key to her and her family’s survival.

With its unique female and male lead, this webtoon offers a refreshing twist on isekais, despite following a similar plot line in transgression romance fantasies.

Who this is for:

  • Fans of isekai romance fantasy webtoons.
  • People who like a strong female lead.
  • Readers who enjoy slow-burn romance stories.

Countdown to Love

Created by Wonknown and Kwonsam

Genre: Boy’s Love (BL)

Episodes: 24, Completed

Countdown to Love CoverImage: Manta

Countdown to Love” is about Hoon, a high school athlete who suffers an ankle injury and is forced to give up basketball. Ever since that day, a mysterious timer only Hoon can see appears in the sky. With no more motivation to continue living, Hoon accepts it as a countdown towards his death. That’s until a chance encounter with Haedam, a classmate, turns Hoon’s bleak world brighter. To Hoon’s surprise, Haedam could see the timer as well. But how will things end for the two when the timer runs out?

This one is a wholesome coming-of-age story about friendship and first love that will leave you satisfied after finishing the last episode.

Who this is for:

  • Fans of BL.
  • People who like sweet and short webtoons.

The Superheroes of Class F

Created by Amon and Boba

Genre: Fantasy, Action

Episodes: 18, Ongoing

The Superheroes of Class F CoverImage: Manta

The Superheroes of Class F” follows Sangil Na, a superhuman deemed a loser by everyone. Sangil and his fellow classmates of Class F are bullied, ignored, and ridiculed daily for their useless superpowers. The never-ending negativity seems to finally wear Sangil down. But as he is about to give up, the arrival of a new homeroom teacher gives the designated failures of Class F newfound hope. However, why does the new teacher want them to kidnap the president?! Is he actually a villain?!

With an exciting story about a group of misfits learning to believe in themselves and work together, you can’t help but root for the underdogs as you breeze through the first season.

Who this is for:

  • People who like reading about superheroes.
  • Readers who enjoy Shounen-esque structured stories.

Because I Love You

Created by Tansae

Genre: Drama

Episodes: 51, Completed

Because I Love You CoverImage: Manta

Because I Love You” is the story of Hayoung returning home to live with her mother and save money after having lived abroad for six years. However, problems arise when old habits and past traumas resurface. Hayoung soon remembers why she left to begin with as she struggles to deal with her abusive mother. Hayoung becomes torn when forced to choose between the person who raised her and herself.

This webtoon is about mental health and the complex social issues surrounding family boundaries. “Because I Love You” leaves a deep message that will have you re-evaluating your perspective on familial relationships.

Who this is for:

  • People who like realistic stories.
  • Readers who can handle dark and distressing topics.

Today with You

Created by Dur and Woo Ji-hye

Genre: Romance

Episodes: 72, Ongoing

Today with You CoverImage: Manta

Drama and love get entangled into one big mess in “Today with You.” Dohee has always been together with her childhood friend Jaehyuk since they were small. For years she’s had a secret crush on him. But when Jaehyuk’s girlfriend tells Dohee to stop spending so much time with him and find someone else, she vows to get her own handsome boyfriend. Soon, Dohee catches the eyes of her mischievous sunbae, Wonyoung. Will he be the one for her, or does he have an ulterior motive?

This webtoon is a classic modern love story that will get any romance fans’ hearts thumping in excitement.

Who this is for:

  • Fans of love triangle storylines.
  • People who enjoy watching K-dramas.
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