5 Best Webtoons to Read on Tapas Community

Discover five amazing series published on Tapas Community that will blow you away with their amazing stories and art!

5 Best Webtoons to Read on Tapas Community
By: Amy MouaMay 14, 2024, 9:30 AM

Much like WEBTOON, Tapas is one of the leading English webtoon platforms currently available for many to use. But did you know they also have a section similar to WEBTOON’s CANVAS called Tapas Community? It features free webcomics and webnovels created by independent creators. I have found it easier to explore the webtoon collection on Tapas Community compared to CANVAS’ collection which can be overwhelming  As I scoured for comics to read, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the webtoons that were created by non-professionals. So many were amazing! Today, I’ve narrowed the selection to five webtoons that I think are some of the best on Tapas Community. Please scroll down to learn what those are!

The Ink Apprentice

By Lydia

Genre: Action Fantasy

Episodes: 90, Ongoing

The Ink Apprentice webtoon coverImage: Tapas

Upon entering an old abandoned house, Nine, a young girl, encounters a wounded one-winged dragon and a century-old imprisoned magician. The start of a crazy journey begins when Nine agrees to help release the magician in hopes of learning magic in return. The dragon assists Nine, looking to heal his injury with the magician’s powers. But with each of them keeping secrets about their past a mystery, where will fate lead the three as they try to work together to achieve their individual goals?

The Ink Apprentice wonderfully blends a mix of action, fantasy, comedy, and slight horror. The flow of the story is so smooth that reading each episode feels like watching a well-crafted animation. With its delightful writing and terrific art, It gives off the vibe of a Disney or Pixar movie. There are so many things to love about the webtoon when you start reading it, any reader would quickly realize it is an incredible story they were glad to have picked up.

Who this is for:

  • People looking for a webtoon that’s truly unique, from concept to characters to art.
  • Readers looking for an adventure with lots of good laughs.

The King’s Favor, I became the enemy of his harem

By Sauluoi0101

Genre: Romance, Drama, Comedy

Episodes: 9, Ongoing

The Kings Favor I became the enemy of his harem webtoon coverImage: Tapas

When Pari was a child, her father was told that her future held greatness—that she would become Queen. Believing what Pari considered nonsense, her father forced her into a strenuous education should those words become true. To Pari’s surprise and dismay, she became one of the king’s concubines when she came of age. But because she’s not one to fight for power, Pari avoided the king’s eye for the first couple of years, until one day the king suddenly decided to visit her. As an unusual night leads to a lasting impression, how will their relationship develop? Will Pari finally take part in the fight, not for power but for love?

The King’s Favor, I became the enemy of his harem is a classic rofan webtoon. With a silly long title like other popular rofans, creator SauLuoi0101 splendidly spins their own lovely romance fantasy tale full of royalty, drama, and beautiful characters. Even though this series is only just beginning, its unique premise and charming writing rival any big-name rofan comic published by other platforms.

Who this is for:

  • Fans of romance fantasy webtoons.
  • Readers who enjoy a capable yet silly female lead.

Bad Boy Crash Course

By Demikuro

Genre: BL, Romance, Comedy

Episodes: 45, Ongoing

Bad Boy Crash Course webtoon coverImage: Tapas

Fubi Kaneko is a misunderstood softie with a scary appearance. Believing that being evil is the solution to normal interactions as a person, he ends up getting himself entangled with Bushuugi, his perfect classmate. After deciding he needs to change and improve himself as a normal person, Fubi seeks out lessons on how to be more “evil.” But perhaps Bushuugi may be crazier than evil as Fubi finds himself thrown into prison on false charges.

Bad Boy Crash Course is a comical yet sweet story with a charming art style that is fun to read. Although not all, many BL webtoons mostly fixate on a story's romance aspect. But so far, Bad Boy Crash Course has been able to create a bigger framework in its narrative to include interesting points outside the romance genre. It’s an engaging webtoon that focuses on building not just a picture but a story while still keeping it light-hearted.

Who this is for:

  • Readers who enjoy even-paced romances in BL.
  • Readers who enjoy art with a bright color palette.


By ilustrAriane

Genre: Romance, Drama, Fantasy

Episodes: 89, Ongoing

Atnomen webtoon coverImage: Tapas

Abused by her fiancé and spurned by a religion that has failed her, Lena’s only moments of solace are during the middle of the night beside a statue at an abandoned mansion. But one night, a close encounter with death leads to Lena’s rescue by the statue’s animate demon form. What kind of ending will this dark story have as Lena and her demon dangerously cross the lines of love and lust?

Atnomen is a mesmerizing piece of work with amazing writing and grayscale art. This comic reads like a smut comic but without the smut. While its story may not be for the conventional romance reader, it’s a series packed with fascinating characters that are beautifully written and designed. Overall, it's a story as haunting as any fairy tale.

Who this is for:

  • Fans of dark romance.
  • Readers who can handle mature content.

Isekaied as “Mary Stu”

By Hulu

Genre: Comedy

Episodes: 9, Ongoing

Isekaied as "Mary Stu" webtoon coverImage: Tapas

Yang Dong was a regular 30-year-old salary man until one day while working overtime, he blacks out and wakes up transported into a romance novel. To everyone’s eyes, Yang Dong appears as a teenage girl. But to his eyes, he is still a middle-aged man. So how will he live this second life as the female lead? Will he follow the novel’s fate that keeps pushing him toward the male protagonists, or will he escape it?

Isekaied as “Mary Stu” delivers a hilarious parody of isekai romances. Readers familiar with the genre’s tropes will recognize the satirical nature of the comedic premise. But even if readers aren’t familiar with it, the laughs and fun are inclusive to all. This webtoon reads like a silly slice-of-life anime with spot-on humor and a pleasant art style to match. Yang Dong’s adventures as a teenage girl are sure to have you wheezing from laughter with each episode.

Who this is for:

  • Readers looking for a light read and a good laugh.
  • Fans of the isekai romance trope.
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