5 Canvas Webtoons You Should Read Right Now

Put your Webtoon Originals on hold and check out these Canvas Webtoons! They’re just that good. Periodt.

Five Canvas Webtoons You Should Read Right Now cover
By: Amy MouaMar 5, 2024, 10:07 AM

Some of the best webtoons to read aren’t always the Originals chosen by the publishing company. There are plenty of great series to discover on Canvas, the space where amateur creators can publish their latest works. I’d argue that there are Canvas webtoons that are better than content made by professional creators. Finding these great Canvas Webtoons to read is like discovering a new animal species on Earth. It’s fun, fascinating, and exhilarating! So, I’ve got here today five personal favorites I discovered from long ago to recently. Continue down to uncover five amazing Canvas webtoons you may not have heard of that are worth subscribing to!


By Laica Chrose

Genre: Heartwarming, Drama

Episodes: 29, Ongoing

Winged webtoon coverImage: Webtoon

A beautiful dove lived all her life inside a cage, unaware she was merely a prized possession to humans. She yearned for the vast blue sky beyond her window but never dared to venture outside her cage. That is until the day the dove encounters a wild crow and experiences a whole new world. Will she be able to gain her freedom and survive in the wild, or will she end up a caged little bird forever?

Winged” is a manga-style webtoon with a captivating story and beautiful art. The characters are drawn to resemble birds with human-like features, bringing to life a unique concept not often seen on webtoons. While the art is predominantly black-and-white, the occasional splashes of color make the webtoon’s world and storytelling more striking. The minimal dialogue also gives the art so much space to breathe, making it easy to appreciate the details of the incredible visuals. I simply love this webtoon, and I 100% recommend this aesthetically pleasing webtoon if you enjoy pretty art with wholesome stories.

Who this is for:

  • People who like reading Shoujo manga.
  • Readers looking for wholesome content.

Selina ~Moon Bride~

By shilkefair

Genre: Fantasy, Historical

Episodes: 140, Ongoing

Selina ~Moon Bride~ webtoon coverImage: Webtoon

Long ago, there used to be four clans that coexisted: Sun, Moon, Star, and Sky. But a war broke out between them, causing the clans to perish or disperse. The surviving Moon Clan had no choice but to divide themselves into the North and South Moon clans. Only many years later, upon the rumor of another imminent war, both clans decided to become one again through the union of marriage. However, it proves difficult as the groom runs away from home while the bride is bombarded with mysterious threats as she makes her way towards the North. Will this marriage be successful? What will they do when they realize the threats are bigger than they knew, rooted in secrets connected to the four original clans?

Selina ~Moon Bride~” is such a great webtoon that I find criminally underrated. The unique concept and character designs will capture your attention immediately. As beautiful as the art is, this webtoon’s strongest appeal is its fascinating plot. There’s action, exciting story development, smooth transitions, and dynamic character interactions to keep you hooked on its tale. You’ll find yourself fully immersed in this historical fantasy as you follow the characters’ whimsical journeys.

Who this is for:

  • Readers who like suspense and making fan theories about webtoons.
  • People who enjoy stories with well-rounded world-building.

Villainess for Hire

By Akimiya

Genre: Drama, Historical

Episodes: 36, Ongoing

Villainess for Hire webtoon coverImage: Webtoon

Rosalia isn’t really a villainess, but she loves pretending to be. Under the alias “Lady R,” Rosalia is often hired by nobles as a fake love interest to break other ladies’ hearts. Although it’s a dangerous job, Rosalia cannot quit until she has enough money for an estate. The chance of a lifetime comes when she gets offered a villainess role that will pay enough to cover her dreams. But the job doesn’t come without risks, as she has to use all her wits to survive and complete her role.

Villainess for Hire” is an amusing villainess story with a very compelling twist. While it takes on a familiar villainess concept, its plot is refreshingly different. Unlike your typical villainess character, Rosalia is driven by ulterior motives that are not inherently wicked. It makes her a “villainess” in title only, as she grows in many unique and wholesome ways. Creator Akimiya does a fine job creating a new story with fun characters to follow. Not to mention the lovely art, this webtoon is a must-read!

Who this is for:

  • Fans of villainess female leads.
  • Readers looking for webtoons with a different approach to villainess plots. 

Golden Hour

By stephattyy

Genre: Slice of Life, Romance

Episodes: 14, Ongoing

Golden Hour webtoon coverImage: Webtoon

Jeremiah is tired, broke, and needs a new place to live. When things don't look like they are improving, he encounters a golden retriever that changes his life. What will Jeremiah do when fate (in the form of an adorably goofy dog) helps him to meet the beautiful Lydia, the dog’s owner? One thing leads to another, and their relationship grows from mere strangers to friends to possibly something more.

Golden Hour” is one of the newer Canvas Webtoons I just discovered, and boy is it phenomenal! The story, art, and characters are all a chef’s kiss. The slice-of-life genre and personalities of the characters add a wonderful touch of realness to the story. I was so happy to have discovered this gem and you will be too! This webtoon and its characters will have you cooing from cuteness, gasping in disbelief, and laughing at silly scenes.

Who this is for:

  • People who like slow-burn romance.
  • Fans of the Original Webtoon “Reunion,” made by the same creator.

To Catch a Star


Genre: Romance, Drama

Episodes: 10, Ongoing

To Catch a Star webtoon coverImage: Webtoon

Young Nari had the perfect life until the death of her mother. Since then, her life went downhill, especially because she felt ignored and unloved by her father. But all may not be what it seems. Years pass and Nari becomes an aspiring actress bent on following her late mother’s footsteps. Like her mother, Nari aims to become one of the greatest actresses ever.

This series is also one of my more recent Canvas Webtoons discoveries. “To Catch a Star” has eye-catching art that easily draws you in. Although it is very new, with only ten episodes so far, it shows potential in how its story has developed. It already has had some moving scenes that stirred my emotions up a bit. I’m excited to see where the story will go, and as such, this is a Canvas webtoon that readers should look into.

Who this is for:

  • People who enjoy lots of drama and evil stepmothers.
  • Readers looking for representation in a POC female lead.

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