5 Fantasy Webtoons with Incredible Worlds to Explore

Discover five different webtoons where the magical and mystical collide and dragons, orcs, and immortals are what carry a spellbinding story.

5 Fantasy Webtoons with Incredible Worlds to Explore
By: Amy MouaMar 19, 2024, 9:30 AM

The fun of reading fantasy stories comes from transporting your imagination to otherworldly, magical realms. Discovering these fantastical places feels like a personal feat, especially when they evoke a sense of awe with their wondrous storytelling. So, to help kickstart your journey, I’ve picked out these five fantasy webtoons with incredible worlds to explore! Each webtoon is out of the ordinary, with crazy good storylines and unlikely MCs you’ll love. If you’re looking for something different from the usual isekai/reincarnation trope fantasies, then these will be even more perfect for you. Scroll down to check them out!

One Step Closer to the Demon King


Genre: Fantasy

Episodes: 10, Ongoing

One Step Closer to the Demon King webtoon coverImage: Webtoon

Since the beginning of the world, humans and demons have constantly been at war. As time passed, bloodshed only increased as more and more humans died at the hands of the Demon King. Eventually, the Demon King’s notoriety as the strongest creature on land reached the deepest parts of the ocean. Upon learning of the occurrences on land, Yuria journeys above water to defeat the Demon King herself to earn the title of most powerful being in the world. However, things go awry when Yuria inadvertently transforms into a little girl devoid of her former powers. With no way to return to the sea and stuck in a weak body, how will she defeat the Demon King when she can barely survive everyday life?

One Step Closer to the Demon King” is already such an amazing webtoon, despite having only a few episodes. It takes a unique spin on the “defeating the demon king” premise by having a non-human, aspiring demon king as the supposed hero of the story. It’s full of action and humor, the latter being a big selling point for me. From the story and art to the characters and world-building, this webtoon is top-notch creative work you shouldn’t miss out on.

Who this is for:

  • Readers who love reading appropriately powered MCs. 
  • Readers looking for a story that balances comedy and action.

Karsearin: Adventures of a Red Dragon


Genre: Fantasy

Episodes: 89, Ongoing

Karsearin_ Adventures of a Red Dragon webtoon coverImage: Webtoon

Karsearin is a 316-year-old hatchling red dragon who runs away from home. Curious about the human world he’s read about in old adventure books, he polymorphs into a human boy named Arin. With his wings and fangs hidden, the boy sets out to become an adventurer. But unknown to the young dragon, not all humans are like the knights and heroes he’s read about in tales. On his journey, Arin faces obstacles ranging from getting sold into slavery to failing to understand human empathy and emotions. Will venturing into the human world transform him into a wiser dragon, or will it be a decision he regrets?

As you can tell from its title, “Karsearin: Adventures of a Red Dragon” is an adventure story and a well-written one at that. As you read the webtoon, you’ll get immersed in its intriguing elements of world and lore-building. The author is excellent at playing with fantasy tropes and adding a distinct twist to make the world feel more magical. Take Arin, for example, as he lacks human empathy yet isn’t dragon-like when curious and wants to live like a human. Following Arin’s epic journey is a worthwhile read for any interested reader.

Who this is for:

  • Readers who are into epic adventure stories.
  • Fans of dragons, heroes, and monsters-related fantasies.


By Atenmaru, NicolieDC

Genre: Action

Episodes: 95, Ongoing

Gul webtoon coverImage: Webtoon

Gul is a young, boisterous orc who is better at running away than fighting. One day, after getting reprimanded by the village chief for not taking his warrior training seriously, Gul sneaks off to his secret base to relax. But relaxing will be the last thing he does as Gul finds himself falling off a cliff and landing in front of a wounded Dark Elf. This chance encounter thrusts Gul into a series of events that lead him to befriend the mysterious elf and leaving his village to complete a mission no one else can.

Gul” is a refreshingly different type of action fantasy. With its unique plot about a young orc becoming an unexpected hero, the creators introduce readers to a riveting magical world as they include other types of fantastical creatures while subverting fantasy tropes. The comic’s engaging narrative and phenomenal character designs will easily have you fixated on the webtoon.

Who this is for:

  • Fans of stories with unlikely heroes.
  • Readers looking for an action fantasy with lots of fun fight scenes.

Barbarian Quest

By MORANDO, baeksu noble

Genre: Action, Fantasy

Episodes: 61, Ongoing

Barbarian Quest webtoon coverImage: Tapas

According to old sayings, the souls of the dead flew beyond the Sky Mountains. No one alive has ever really gone beyond them. That is until one day, Urich, one of the most powerful men in the Stone Axe Tribe, and his friends came across a mysterious group of attackers near the base of the mountains. Urich gets kidnapped and taken to the other side. To his astonishment, the other side of the mountains did not hold the souls of the dead but merely more of the living. He escapes his captors after a bloody battle and ventures forth to learn all about the new world. Coming across many enemies and a few friends, his new experiences lead him to grow into an even greater warrior.

Barbarian Quest” is a highly underrated work of art. This webtoon captivates you with its compelling narrative about a warrior’s journey through an unexplored world. This webtoon is a dark action fantasy full of blood and death but often contains philosophical or religious undertones that connect to the story. Not to mention, the art is simply amazing. You’ll be glad to have picked up reading this breathtaking webcomic.

Who this is for:

  • Readers who enjoy dark fantasies that are full of gore, blood, and death.
  • Readers looking for webtoons with a good story and incredible art to match.

Daughter of a Thousand Faces

By Vel

Genre: Fantasy

Episodes: 43, Ongoing

Daughter of a Thousand Faces webtoon coverImage: Tapas

Shen Yuhua was the daughter of the great immortal Shen Yitian. Even though she was born from an immortal’s blood, she holds no power like her father’s. Her weakness causes her to be viewed as a disappointment by the Grand Chaoyang Palace Sect. But at least with the love of her mother, Yuhua was content with her life. However, that safety does not last as Yuhua’s mother gets labeled a traitor and taken away. Forced to live years in humiliation and mistreatment, Yuhua held no hopes for a bright future. However, Yuhua’s fate changes when she meets Chu Tian, the greatest demon in history. Will Chu Tian be the key she needs to a happier life? Or will he only lead her to the deepest depths of hell?

This webtoon is vastly different from the other webtoons I mentioned above, but it still has an incredible world to explore. “Daughter of a Thousand Faces” is a xianxia webcomic, a genre of Chinese fantasy inspired by mythology and philosophy.  The webtoon skillfully captures fairy-tale elements that involve gods, demons, and magic. The descriptive narrative combined with the beautiful art style encapsulates the majestic mood the webtoon creator wanted to express from the genre. It will have you falling in love with the webtoon in no time.

Who this is for:

  • Fans of the xianxia genre.
  • Readers who enjoy a female lead with personal depth and growth.

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