5 New Webtoon Originals to Have On Your Reading List

Another week, another new list of Webtoon Originals for you to check out! Come along as we find your next fix for the weekend.

5 New Webtoon Originals to Have On Your Reading List
By: Hana May 9, 2024, 8:25 AM

It feels like yesterday when I started writing about new Original Webtoons. As fun as it’s been to put together these webtoon recommendations, I hope that some of them have caught your eye and made you fall in love with them. That’s why this week I’m back with a fresh list of recommendations to help satisfy your webtoon cravings! As always, I hope you enjoy these webtoons as much as I did!

The Mafia Nanny

By sh00 and Violet Matter

Genre: Romance

Episodes: 6

Updates every Tuesday

The Mafia NannyImage: Webtoon

Do you like Mafia stories? What about strong, femme fatale leads? What if an enemies-to-lovers romance story is thrown into the mix? Then you have come to the right place! The Mafia Nanny is a webtoon that has all of the above and more! This webtoon has amazing art that any crime thriller reader will fall in love with!

Davina has trained her whole life to be an Elite Nanny to find answers about her past. Those answers walk right into her life in the disguise of her first assessment! Gabriel Angelini is the underdog of the Angelini Mafia syndicate. He has enemies, all of whom want their hands on his only son, Mikey aka The Milkman. Can Devina uncover the reasons why the Angelinis killed her parents while keeping Mikey safe from the criminal underworld? And can she do it all without falling in love?

Trauma Center: Golden Hour

By hansanleega and Hongbichira

Genre: Drama

Episodes: 9

Updates at every Sunday

Trauma Center: Golden Hour CoverImage: Webtoon

If you are a fan of HOUSE or the Hospital Playlist, then Trauma Center: Golden Hour is the webtoon for you! The story starts with a shortage of doctors and educators that causes the trauma center of Hnaguk University Hospital to fall apart. But under the leadership of promising veteran Ganghunk Beak, the center is sure to be moved back toward its glory days. It’s up to Ganghyunk to find the right people to lead and make the perfect team to save the hospital. 

It’s a perfect mix for those who love medical dramas but also love webtoon. Because now you have a webtoon with the same kind of tension and drama favorite series!

It Strikes A Chord

By Springrooove

Genre: Romance and Drama

Episodes: 4

Updates every Friday

It Strikes A Chord CoverImage: Webtoon

Music, second chances, and small-town living are the core elements of It Strikes A Chord. Sent in early 2000, the story follows the best pop-punk band in the world, Feral Distortion! After finishing their latest tour, the group finally takes a break. As the other members head off to New York, lead singer and songwriter Stevie heads back to his hometown for the first time in five years for his sister's wedding.  With the pressure to write their next single and face everything he left behind, can Stevie finally write the melody that will reach everyone?

With its art that would make you nostalgic for the 2000s, It Strikes A Chord delivers a slow-burn romance for fans who love the thrill of waiting for the leads to hold hands.

My Sister’s Private Life

By Jojuhee and Nureom

Genre: Mystery and Drama

Episodes: 9

Updates every Friday

My Sisters Private LifeImage: Webtoon

Imagine walking up in a hospital with no recollection of who you are, with a husband you don’t remember, and a life that you know nothing about. To top it off, you’re the prime suspect in a murder case! Welcome to My Sister’s Private Life! It’s a mystery thriller about two twins, Heasu and Heana, who live very different lives. While Heasu lives a life of bliss as an influencer with a fake husband for the press, Heana is highly secretive about her personal life. A twist of fate causes Heana to have amnesia and the two to switch lives. Being a suspect in a murder, this comes as a perfect opportunity for Heasu to run off. With the stage set for their lives to deeply intertwine can they untangle the web of lies that plagues their lives?

I loved how the creator mixed comedy with what could have been a serious thriller mystery. The characters are adorable and I love the humor here.

A Martial Master Wakes Up As A Concubine

By LICO and koyanghee

Genre: Romance, Action, and Fantasy

Episodes: 11

Updates every Tuesday

A Martial Master Wakes Up As A ConcubineImage: Webtoon

A Martial Master Wakes Up As A Concubine follows the story of Master Nyeonbi Cheon after she is betrayed and murdered by the one she loves. Because she was forced to consume a notorious poison, she dies alone in a cave but then wakes up as Soyeo Cheon, a low-ranking concubine at the imperial palace.

This webtoon is for those who love action, comedy, and romance. Because the story is just full of it. If you have watched the K-Drama Mr. Queen then you would love A Martial Master Wakes Up As A Concubine even more. They both have the same sense of humor and romance.

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