5 Short Completed Webtoons To Binge Over The Weekend

Explore 5 short webtoons for an ideal weekend binge! From heartwarming tales to thrilling dramas, these completed series are perfect for a quick, captivating escape.

short webtoons to binge over the weekend
By: Hana Jan 25, 2024, 9:57 PM

It’s almost the weekend! If you are bored and can’t think of what to do for the weekend, then why not binge a new webtoon series? You are probably thinking now, “But I don’t have the time to binge an entire series in two days!” Well then, you are in luck! I’m here to recommend five webtoons that can fit perfectly into your weekend plans! Not only are these webtoons completed, but they are also very short, making them perfectly binge-able in a sitting or two. It goes to show that not all webtoons need hundreds of episodes for you to fall in love with their stories!

So, check out today’s webtoon recommendations and read what catches your eye! As always, I hope you enjoy these webtoons as much as I did!

Smile Brush 

By Waroo

Genre: Slice of Life

Episodes: 35

Smile Brush webtoonImage: Webtoon

To start things off, I’ve picked out one of the most precious webtoons I often like to reread. Smile Brush is about a young boy named Waroo. Yes, as the name suggests, this story is about a fictionalized version of the author. The webtoon follows Waroo’s love for trying out new things and the simplicity of life. With its cute art and calming color palette, it is easily one of the most heart-warming slice-of-life webtoons out there. Even with such short episodes, there’s plenty of nuance put into the storytelling.

Your Letter

By Hyeon A Cho

Genre: Drama

Chapters: 11

Your Letter webtoonImage: Webtoon

Your Letter begins when Sori finds a mysterious letter under her seat. Despite being a new transfer student, the letter contained information about her that no one else knew. As curiosity gets the better of her, Suri decides to follow the trail from one letter to another, embarking on a magical scavenger hunt through her new school. With each letter, she finds hidden clues, new hideouts, and friends. Can she discover this mysterious sender of hers?

With only 11 episodes, You Letter tells a short and heart-warming story about making friends and forming unbreakable bonds. The art is beautiful, as each frame is bursting with colors. It is one of those stories that will make you happy once you reach its finale. 

Save Me

by LICO and HYBE (BigHit Ent)

Genre: Drama

Episodes: 15

Save Me webtoonImage: Webtoon

Are you a fan of BTS? If so, then this is a webtoon you must read! Save Me is based on BTS’s best-selling 2015 album, The Most Beautiful Moments In Life, or HYYH. 

Save Me is the first webtoon part of BU, the Bangtan Universe. It is a compilation of interconnected stories told through BTS’ songs, videos, and The Notes. The webtoon is widely considered as a must-read for ARMY readers who want to understand the lore of BU. The story follows seven boys who experience seven tragedies. Only one of them has the chance to save them all. But is he too late?

Even if you’re not a fan of BTS, the webtoon is packed with mystery, love stories, and time travel for you to sink your teeth into. With rumors of this being adapted into a drama in 2024, Save Me is a webtoon definitely worth checking out!

Cherry Blossoms

By Park Subong

Genre: Slice of Life

Episodes: 7

Cherry Blossoms webtoonImage: Webtoon

Cherry Blossoms is a very short romance webtoon packed with subtle symbolism. The story follows the classic tale of a boy in love with a girl. He spent a year regretting not telling her about his true feelings. The webtoon explores the young boy’s journey to muster up the courage to finally tell her how he feels.

This webtoon is a favorite of mine because of its satisfying story and gorgeous art. The splashes of pink on the cherry blossoms highlight the sleek black-and-white art. But more than being a pop of color, the cherry blossoms help elevate the webtoon’s rich storytelling.

The Cliff

By Sungdae Oh

Genre: Thriller

Episodes: 9

The Cliff webtoonImage: Webtoon

Created by the author of Tales of Unusual, The Cliff is a short story about two men who fight for survival after falling off a cliff. After being stuck for days with no food, water, or a chance of salvation, they both slowly descend into madness.

Creator Sungdae Oh is great at portraying the ugliness of human nature. And this is one of those stories that shows just that. It’s a must-read if you love emotionally gripping and dark stories!

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