5 Supernatural Webtoons That Will Astonish Your Imagination

Come explore the supernatural in these exciting webtoons. From ghosts to aliens, you’re sure to find a favorite fictional occult!

5 Supernatural Webtoons That Will Astonish You
By: Amy MouaApr 9, 2024, 9:30 AM

The fascinating thing about supernatural stories is how they explore the peculiar and extraordinary. Whether it’s stories about ghosts, aliens, or even gods, there’s a deep fascination for the eeriness of the genre. Concepts in the supernatural often allow for more creative storytelling compared to more grounded genres like slice-of-life. A well-written supernatural story can easily suspend your ideas of reality. So, to kickstart a journey into the weirder side of webtoons, I’ve gathered five different titles with intriguing supernatural tales that explore the diverse facets of the genre. Continue reading down to learn more about them!

The Last Bloodline

By Weyowang, WmW

Genre: Supernatural

Episodes: 66, Ongoing

The Last Bloodline webtoonImage: Webtoon

Mallory is an innocent college student raised with love and care in a countryside church orphanage. With a keen interest in animals, her life goal was to become a zoologist. But a mysterious letter leads Mallory to New York City to discover a new world filled with vampires and prophecies naming her the new “Queen.” Her rise to power leads to chaos as many vampires seek to kill her while others claim to protect her. Either way, Mallory must survive to prove herself capable of taking on her newfound title.

The Last Bloodline” is a refreshing take on vampires as the story incorporates different cultural lore about the blood-sucking supernatural beings into one fantastical narrative. If you think this is just another ordinary vampire story, you’ll be surprised to see that “The Last Bloodline” is filled with original ideas that deviate from popular concepts. In this webtoon, vampires and their abilities differ based on their cultural background. For example, vampires don’t just transform into bats in this story, but cats, frogs, and insects. With beautiful art to bring the dark story to life, this webtoon is one you won’t want to miss out on.

Who this is for

  • Fans of vampire stories.
  • Readers looking for a different take on vampire lore within Western pop culture.

Lovers of the Galaxy

By JEONG Halim, Gang

Genre: Romance

Episodes: 43, Ongoing

Lovers of the Galaxy webtoonImage: Webtoon

    A young Wooju encounters an alien in the mountains as she grieves over the loss of her father. Because the kind being comforted her grief, she becomes a firm believer in the existence of extraterrestrial creatures. But six years after that event, Wooju feigns indifference to all things related to aliens out of fear of getting ostracized by her classmates. As chance would have it, Wooju stumbles across a school club catering to her fascination with aliens. The club includes like-minded individuals to share her passion with. One such person is her classmate Huimun, who’s had his eyes on Wooju for a while now with a couple of secrets of his own.

    Lovers of the Galaxy” is such a cute webtoon. Wooju’s kind and hard-working character, combined with her quirkiness, makes her an adorable protagonist. Her interactions with Huimun are always so wholesome and a major reason I can’t stop reading. It’s enjoyable following her navigate through teen life focused on high school, love, and friendships. But the webtoon is also great at mixing in somber moments (e.g. death and grieving) that add a touch of emotional depth to the story and characters. Then, with the mystery and suspense surrounding aliens in the story, this webtoon shows it's not your ordinary school-life romance.

    Who this is for:

    • People who enjoy reading lighthearted stories.
    • Fans of alien-related plots.

    Dating to Survive

    By GM.T

    Genre: Romance

    Episodes: 55, Ongoing

    Dating to Survive webtoonImage: Webtoon

    Umin is a ghost who’s lived for several decades mourning the loss of Mihyang, his past lover. After a fortune teller tells Umin he will find Mihyang at the local high school, he enrolls as a student awaiting her return. But before he could find her, Umin meets Seo-A, a ghost hunter. To avoid getting exorcized, he confesses to Seo-A, and somehow, they end up in a relationship! Now, his days are filled with following Seo-A around as her boyfriend. But can Umin find a way to get rid of his new girlfriend before the return of his true love?

    Dating to Survive” is a great read that includes a little bit of different genres. With a plot based on ghosts, horror is to be expected. But while the creepy scenes are satisfyingly disturbing, the story is balanced out by refreshing elements of comedy and romance. The combination of these genres wonderfully expands the narrative for a more complex and thrilling story. The creator’s stylistic art matches perfectly with the concept, making it an entertaining series to jump into for all kinds of readers.

    Who this is for:

    • For people who believe ghosts and romance are a great combination.
    • Readers looking for a story with a good mix of comedy, romance, action, and a sprinkle of horror. 

    Afterlife Diner

    By ASSSAM, HWA JUNG, hyung sang jun

    Genre: Drama

    Episodes: 35, Ongoing

    Afterlife Diner webtoonImage: Tapas

    Lee Kangjin is a struggling 28-year-old who works multiple jobs to make enough money for rent and tuition. One day, he gets left with an entire building worth 8.2 billion won from a distant relative. But to fully receive the inheritance, he must run the diner on the first floor for five years under a few strict and odd rules. Kangjin reluctantly agrees, not realizing he's signed up to serve both the living and the dead! With the restaurant being a refuge for those who cannot pass on, how will Kangjin handle the diner and its abnormal guests?

    Afterlife Diner” is a webtoon with a creatively thought-provoking concept that lingers on the mind well after reading each weekly episode. If you are familiar with Asian culture and customs that involve preparing food for loved ones who’ve passed on, this webtoon will surely draw you in. The webtoon explores fascinating ideas about life after death that emphasize the belief in spirits, karma, and heaven. “Afterlife Diner” delivers a fleshed-out story set in a world built around Lee Kangjin, a likable main character. Through his dynamic interactions with an array of characters introduced in the webtoon, he experiences a very personal journey through a side of life he never knew existed.

    Who this is for:

    • Readers looking for a complex and fascinating story about ghosts.
    • People who like plots that delve into creative interpretations of the afterlife.

    Visions of the Night Sky

    By Kotaro TSUNEKAWA, Chacolita

    Genre: Drama, Mystery

    Episodes: 14, Completed

    Visions of the Night Sky webtoonImage: Manta

    For Lio and her grandma, their life in the mountains was always peaceful. That was until the day their house mysteriously burned down, and Lio’s grandma went missing. Years go by, and Lio tries putting the past behind her, only to discover it won’t be so easy. Left with no choice, she turns to rely on a mysterious power gifted generations ago by the Fox God to uncover her tragic childhood. Only when she discovers the truth will she learn what she must do to obtain true freedom in the present.

    Visions of the Night” is a compelling webtoon with only 14 episodes. Despite being such a short series, it packs quite a punch with its psychological and philosophical themes surrounding identity crisis. Lio’s journey of self-discovery is oddly profound as it is entangled in the supernatural. Full of mystery and unexpected twists, “Visions of the Night” keeps you curious until its very last panel.

    Who this is for:

    • Readers looking for a completed series to binge through.
    • People who enjoy a fast-paced story.

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