5 Webtoons to Read Before They Hit Daily Pass: September 2023

Find out which webtoons you should binge through before they become part of Daily Pass at the end of September 2023!

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By: Javier ReyesJan 25, 2024, 10:05 PM

Ever want to read just through an entire webtoon without worrying about coins and Daily Passes? We’ve got a great selection of titles for you to binge through right now! But hurry up because these webtoons will hit Daily Pass on September 28, 2023! So be sure to read as many of these episodes as you can before things become a bit more challenging. Any of these could easily become your next favorite series to follow!

Dr. Frost

By JongBeom Lee

Genre: Mystery

Episodes: 265

Dr. Frost CoverImage: Webtoon

The titular Dr. Frost is a psychologist by day and a bartender by night. It’s through his two seemingly different professions that he helps people by analyzing human minds, attitudes, and even body language. Dr. Front is cursed (or blessed, depending on how you look at it) with the condition of not being able to feel emotion, particularly empathy. While he often comes off as detached and cold, as his name suggests, his lack of emotion allows him to hyper-analyze his patients free of clouds in his judgment. That makes him the ultimate problem solver when trying to crack the code behind the complexities of the human mind. This webtoon is a great read for anyone fascinated with psychological mysteries.

There are also plenty of episodes to go through for this one. So, you better catch up as much as you can before it goes on Daily Pass at the end of the month!


By Rana & Moona

Genre: Romance

Episodes: 66

Cierra CoverImage: Webtoon

How much of your life would you change if you were given the chance to redo everything? This beautifully illustrated webtoon follows the life of Cierra Elburke, the daughter of Duke Elburke and the secret lover of Prince Claude LeSpencer. Cierra’s world unravels when she is thrown into an arranged marriage with another prince, forcing her to end her relationship with Claude. That sets off a chain of events that leads to chaos in her kingdom. It takes the power of a magical key gifted by Claude for Cierra to go back in time and make everything right. But upon returning to simpler times, Cierra realizes the only way to save the people she loves is to leave all of them behind. In the new timeline, Cierra works as a simple housekeeper caring for her young daughter. But it’s through the twists and turns of the story that we see how the new timeline also has a darkness of its own.

Our Resident Exorcist

By BaStards, Acorn nut, & GB

Genre: Action

Episodes: 50

Our Resident ExorcistImage: Webtoon

Sowol is just an ordinary business owner with some extraordinary clientele. “Our Resident Exorcist” is the story of the patrons of Yeon, the laundry service shop of an apartment building where humans and demons live together. On top of being great with clothes, Sowol also happens to be Korea’s best exorcist. Along with Hanjin, the young intern working at Yeon, Sowol keeps his building in order while looking sharp doing it. Fans of Jujutsu Kaisen will feel at home with this webtoon's great mix of action, comedy, and the supernatural. With just 50 episodes, going through this webtoon will be quick before it gets put into Daily Pass!

There Must Be Happy Endings

By Jaerim & Bulsa

Genre: Romance

Episodes: 113

There Must Be Happy Endings CoverImage: Webtoon

There Must Be Happy Endings” is a romance webtoon unlike any other. The story follows Yeonu, a beautiful young woman stuck in a suffocating marriage with a successful but controlling man, Seonjae. On the day their divorce was finalized, Seonjae tragically died in a horrific accident. As much as their marriage was a facade, a part of Yeonu still cared for Seonjae and believed they could be happy together. But in an odd twist of fate, Yeonu magically wakes up three months in the past with Seonjae still alive and well. With a second chance at life and love with Seonjae, Yeonu races against time to make things right and get the happy ending she dreams of.

Psychic Studies


Genre: Action

Episodes: 85

Psychic Studies CoverImage: Webtoon

In “Psychic Studies,” high school student Chankyu Kim learns hypnosis through YouTube videos to get the upper hand against bullies and be popular amongst girls. The problem is that his “powers” don’t work how he imagined. Instead of implanting thoughts into peoples’ minds, he can only amplify what they are already thinking. After meeting Euijoo Yeo, a girl with the power to read minds, Chankyu embarks on a hilarious journey to discover the extent of his strange powers and who really is as a person. With a character as outlandish as Chankyu, superpowered hijinks spring up in every corner of this webtoon!

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