6 Best Webtoons to Read in One Sitting

Not all Webtoons need hundreds of episodes to tell amazing stories. Here's our list of the best Webtoons you can breeze through from start to finish.

Your Letter by Hyeon A Cho
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By: Javier ReyesMay 9, 2024, 6:06 AM

Have you ever had a Webtoon catch your eye and then immediately overwhelm you with its hundreds of episodes to read through? There are only so few hours in the day after all. Sometimes, you just want to unwind and read a good story from start to finish in one go. Thankfully, being a long-running series is not a standard for every Webtoon out there. There are plenty of short-lived gems out there to discover, it’s just a matter of knowing where to find them. While Webtoon offers a vast range of genres to read through, from epic fantasies to quaint slices of life, they also come in different shapes and sizes.

For those who love experiencing more bite-sized stories, we’ve got the perfect collection of Webtoons to choose from! We compiled this list with the strict condition that each Webtoon does not go beyond 30 episodes. So, here’s our list of some of the best webtoons you can binge right through in one sitting!

House of Stars

By saltacuentos and Lion Illustration

Episodes: 26 + epilogue

House of Stars by saltacuentos and Lion IllustrationImage: Webtoon

"House of Stars" is the story of a young girl named Lily who lives an ordinary life… and it bores her to tears. Lily is a hopeful, headstrong girl who may seem a bit naive, but her heart is always pointed in the right direction. Her life takes an exciting turn when she meets a mysterious green-skinned man named Niven. Their encounter somehow unlocks Lily’s ability to transport herself into a dark world that’s ripped straight out of a magical fairy tale. Despite the danger that’s clearly in front of her, Lily charges head-first into this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Along the way, she meets a cast of strange characters and unravels the secrets of her family and her hidden abilities. Together with the gorgeous art from Lion Illustration, writer saltacuentos delivers one of the best webtoons you can spend an evening reading.

For the Sake of Sita

By Haga

Episodes: 12 + prologue and epilogue

For the Sake of Sita by HagaImage: Webtoon

Deep in the slums of Nepal, volunteering medical student Sangmin Han meets the beautiful Sita, and the two fall in love. They lived a happy life together in Korea until Sita suddenly falls ill. Despite being a trained doctor, there was little Han could do to save his wife’s life. But Sita is no ordinary girl. She comes from a divine line called the Kumari, children who embody the spirit of a goddess to be worshiped. But when Sita’s body became “unpure,” she was cast out and forced to live on the streets for her adult life.

From Han’s heartbroken pleas, God gives him a chance to go back in time, to Sita’s childhood, and save her from the path that leads to her sickness. “For the Sake of Sita” is a magical webtoon about Sita’s life growing up as a Kumari and Sangmin’s fight to protect the person he loves most. For such a short webtoon, this one packs a big emotional punch.


By Jorge Jaramillo

Episodes: 26

Elena by Jorge JaramilloImage: Webtoon

Carl is all but a loving husband to his wife Elena. He cooks, cleans the house, and even plans the best dates for him and his missus. The only problem is that Elena is a rotting corpse. While Carl may very well have lost his mind, his heart will forever be for his loving wife. Things change for Carl when a beautiful (and alive) girl comes knocking on his door looking to rent his house. As destiny would have it, the girl’s name is Elena, leaving Carl and his fractured mind smitten.

The art of this webtoon is horrific and perfectly sets the tone for a dark and twisted world. “Elena” is not for the faint of heart, as it shows blood and gore in gruesome detail. In just 26 episodes, “Elena” delivers a horror webtoon that will make you queasy but you can’t look away.


By Ryan Cady and Morgan Beem

Episodes: 26 + prologue

Wolfsbane By Ryan Cady and Morgan BeemImage: Webtoon

Quinn has spent her whole life honing her skills as a werewolf hunter. From the gear to her tracking abilities, there’s no one else better at what she does. Fueled by a mission that’s been passed down her bloodline, Quinn is on the hunt to kill the remaining werewolves roaming the night.

But, contrary to how methodical she is, Quinn’s plans drastically change when she instinctively takes in a young girl who she saves from being eaten. Together, the two navigate through a dark and violent world, developing a deep bond while keeping each other alive. With its incredible watercolor art style, "Wolfsbane" blends beauty and brutality with every panel. As far as horror webtoons go, Wolfsbane is short and sweet and is best read on a night with a full moon.

The Girl from Class

By Park Subong

Episodes: 27 + prologue

The Girl from Class By Park SubongImage: Webtoon

Ever had a crush that’s left you fumbling for words to say? In this beautifully drawn slice-of-life adventure, we follow a young and bumbling hero who is smitten by one of his classmates. This webtoon perfectly captures the awkwardness, anxiety, and even hope of being a struggling high school student. Between all the school work, part-time jobs, and blossoming love life, our hero manages to meet plenty of great friends who stick by him along the way.

"The Girl From Class" is one of the best webtoons at saying so much by showing very little. With its minimalist aesthetic and black-and-white presentation, every panel stands out in its own unique way. With just 27 episodes, you’ll breeze through this rollercoaster of a webtoon in no time.

Your Letter

By Hyeon A Cho

Episodes: 10 + epilogue and bonus

Your Letter By Hyeon A ChoImage: Webtoon

Sori is a kind-hearted student who always stands up for what's right. But after taking a stand against a bully in her class, she learns quickly that not everyone will stand by her side. Lost and with nowhere else to go, Sori moves back to the old mountainside town she grew up in. With a fresh start in a new school, Sori finds a mysterious letter waiting underneath her desk. Inside the letter are tips about how to enjoy life at the school, written by a boy named Yeon Jung. Through that one letter, Sori is put on an adventure throughout her school, where she meets plenty of great friends along the way.

"Your Letter" is a whimsical journey of a wide-eyed young girl growing up. It’s a webtoon that makes you feel like you’re watching a Studio Ghibli film. And with only 10 episodes, you’ll finish this one in a snap. But regardless of how short this series is, “Your Letter” is truly one of the best webtoons ever made and its heartwarming story will stick with you for a long time.

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