6 Best Webtoons to Read on Lezhin Comics

Interested in Lezhin and webtoon recommendations from their collection? Check out these fun series to read!

6 Best Webtoons to Read on Lezhin Comics
By: Amy MouaJul 3, 2024, 9:30 AM

Lezhin Comics is currently one of the top webcomic apps available for readers. The platform has maintained its dominance in the scene since launching its English service in 2015. With its recognizable logo based on its cute mascot Jaymee, Lezhin offers a wide range of both all-age and mature-rated webtoons. Among its collections, it has the most high-quality BL and raunchy comics to read, which is in fact what they are most popular for. But that’s not to say the rest of their genres aren’t great. To keep it PG-13, I’ve selected six of the most unforgettable all-age-rated webtoons to read. Continue reading for my highlights on those incredible Lezhin comics!

Dazzled By You

by 4m

Genre: Romance

Episodes: 119, Completed

Dazzled By You webtoon coverImage: Lezhin Comics

Writing is Yeonsu’s passion, and she has worked hard to get where she is in life. But Yeonsu’s habit of overworking lands her in the hospital. After learning how unhealthy her body is, she decides to start exercising. Despite that decision, she lacks the motivation to begin. So, on a whim, she enlists the help of Gyeol, a fellow patient she met at the hospital. Her impulsive decision leads her poor physical health to become the least of her worries as she is suddenly faced with problems of the heart. Falling in love with a stranger younger than her was not what she signed up for!

Dazzled By You is a slice-of-life age-gap romance. It’s a heart-pounding tale about finding oneself while falling in love. This webtoon touches on the reality of what it’s like when you hit a wall in life as an adult and your passions become difficult to face. Besides the captivating plot, the interactions between love interests in this webtoon will for sure dazzle any reader.

Who this is for:

  • People who like age-gap romances.
  • Readers looking to connect with a character with relatable adulting problems.

1 Plus 1


Genre: Romance

Episodes: 52, Completed

1 Plus 1 webtoon coverImage: Lezhin Comics

Sung-eun and Eun-sung start as neighbors and friends—which Sung-eun is happy to keep that way. Even though she has feelings for Eun-sung, his questionable reputation and dating history hold her back from confessing. However, as they grow closer with time, feelings are bound to bloom even more. Will their friendship survive this romantic storm, especially when Eun-sung is hiding something from Sung-eun? Will Sung-eun be able to handle the baggage that comes with liking Eun-sung?

1 Plus 1 is a fairly cheery webtoon as dramatic as any campus romance story. The two drastically different leading characters and their intangible chemistry make up a love story sure to give any hopeless romantic reader butterflies. The romance is smoothly portrayed at a relaxed pace in 52 completed episodes, making 1 Plus 1 the perfect webtoon for anyone looking for a light read.

Who this is for:

  • People who like campus romance stories.
  • Readers looking for a short and completed series to read.

Anna’s Tale

by Ji Hyo Kim

Genre: Fantasy

Episodes: 120, Completed

Anna’s Tale webtoon coverImage: Lezhin Comics

Anna Baker is a talented blacksmith who wants nothing more than to make enough money to open her own forge. Alexander is the sword-obsessed prince who doesn’t want anything to do with women due to past trauma. One day, Anna’s simple life gets turned upside down when she accepts a commission from the prince. After Alexander forgets his sword sheath at the shop, Anna attempts to return it only to find the prince surrounded by a gang of bandits. With her aid, the two escape, leaving Alexander obsessed with his savior despite his affliction towards women. Unbeknownst to Anna, she soon finds herself in a different mess when the same gang of bandits drags her into their schemes. Will this prince and blacksmith be able to create a happy ending to their fairy tale?

Anna’s Tale is an incredible webtoon full of drama and adventure with a strong female lead. It’s written and drawn by Ji Hyo Kim, creator of the hit series 100 Days in Europe and Hans and Emily. This webtoon’s lovely sketch-like art is soft and delicate, which sets a comforting and magical tone to the story. From the people and buildings to the animals and trees, everything looks like it came straight out of an enchanting storybook. And because the series just recently finished, it’s easy to lose yourself in this wonderful webtoon.

Who this is for:

  • Fans of stories with a fairytale vibe.
  • People who like a strong female lead.

Warriors vs. Warriors

by Seon Lee

Genre: Fantasy

Episodes: 85, Completed

Warriors vs. WarriorsImage: Lezhin Comics

When monsters started appearing out of nowhere, the world fell into chaos. Luckily, chosen warriors also appeared and with their protection peace was restored. But at the end of the day, warriors were also just normal people. Lucia, the first warrior, was a diligent student who became a hard-working adult. But as she continued with life, a corrupt and dirty society turned her jaded and frustrated until she finally snapped. Chaos returns as warriors must now fight against old friends and colleagues who have become set on destroying the world.

Warriors vs. Warriors is an exciting webtoon with an action-packed plot focusing on a wide cast of characters. It’s your classic good vs evil that also centers on the gray area between the two. As with Lucia, her story shows how hard it is to be forever good and continue fighting for people who take you for granted. Full of drama and superheroes, this webtoon gives similar vibes to the current popular anime My Hero Academia, making it a great series to jump into for the regular shonen lover.

Who this is for:

  • People who like stories with multiple main characters.
  • People who enjoy shounen-esque plots.

Something About Us

by Lee Yunji

Genre: Romance

Episodes: 116, Completed

Something About Us webtoon coverImage: Lezhin Comics

Everyone always thought Doh Gayoung and Han Woojin were more than friends. They would even correct people by saying they are only childhood friends. The two were truly inseparable until Woojin had to leave for the military. Only when Woojin returned from his two years of service did Gayoung realize her feelings may have gone beyond mere friends.

Something About Us is one rollercoaster of a ride filled with heartbreak, drama, and wholesomeness. The story beautifully explores the relationship between two endearing best friends, checking off two popular romance tropes: campus romance and childhood friends to lovers. Although the plot may seem predictable, it does not go without many twists and turns that’ll bring about heartaches and butterflies.

Who this is for:

  • People who like campus romance stories.
  • Fans of childhood friends to lovers trope.

Killer Crush

by eresemo

Genre: BL

Episodes: 65, Ongoing

Killer Crush webtoon coverImage: Lezhin Comics

Joo Taeman was a cold-blooded killer and a good one too. He was great at acting and disguising to fool his targets, as he never failed to control his emotions. That is until he meets actor Kang Dahyeok, the national heartthrob who dreams of starring in more dark noir films. Because his pretty boy image is stopping him from landing his dream roles, Dahyeok decides to look to the brooding Taeman for inspiration. What drama will arise between a secret killer and a star actor?

Killer Crush is one of the best ongoing BL webtoons out right now! It’s got impeccable art and a riveting plot. Additionally, the two male leads are to die for! Their endearing personalities are refreshing and adorable, not to mention their handsome designs are a treat for the eyes. Combined with lots of comedy, this webtoon is a well-balanced and one-of-a-kind rom-com. Killer Crush is a must-read!

Who this is for:

  • Fans of rom-coms.
  • Readers looking for a fluffier BL webtoon.

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