6 of the Best Webtoons to Read Right Now: Thriller Edition

Nothing like a great thriller webtoon to get the blood pumping! Here are our picks of the best thrillers to dive right into!

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By: Javier ReyesJan 25, 2024, 10:05 PM

It’s not always about Romance or Slices of Life when it comes to Webtoon. The medium is brimming with great thrillers to dive into when you’re in the mood for some dark and disturbing stories. I’ve picked out some of the best thriller webtoons the platform has to offer. With intense storylines and surprises at every turn, these webtoons will have you hooked by their opening episodes! Just be ready to stomach some unsettling stuff along the way! Let’s get into it!

Sweet Home

By Carnby Kim & Youngchan Hwang

Sweet Home CoverImage: Webtoon

Teenager Cha Hyun lives a tragic life. He’s a recluse who lost his entire family to a freak car accident. The horrible event forces him to move into a dilapidated apartment complex. While Hyun was prepared to quietly wallow in a life filled with crippling loneliness, the world around him inexplicably falls into chaos. His neighbors slowly transform into grotesque versions of themselves and they are hungry for blood. It’s up to Hyun to fight for survival and find renewed purpose in protecting his fellow survivors. If you’re craving something with a captivating and intense storyline, you can’t go wrong with what many readers consider to be the gold standard of thriller webtoons.

Then if you want to dive even deeper into Sweet Home’s chilling story, be sure to check out its incredible live-action adaptation!

Purple Hyacinth

By Ephemerys & Sophism

Purple Hyacinth CoverImage: Webtoon

Lauren Sinclair is a police officer with a special gift: she can detect lies. While she’s regarded as one of the best officers on the force, she carries the guilt of not being able to stop the horrific crime that killed her family. So she uses her powers to help as many people as she can while piecing together the mystery behind the tragic event that changed her life. It’s on her path to discovering the truth that she finds herself teaming with the titular assassin, Purple Hyacinth. This webtoon oozes with style and killer character writing. Each thrilling episode leaves you wanting to discover more about this webtoon’s captivating world.

Of What Remains

By Sillvi Studios

Of What Remains CoverImage: Webtoon

Sometimes, home is the last place to run to after hitting rock bottom. “Of What Remains” follows the traumatic life of Kim as she escapes from the big city to leave her abusive boyfriend boyfriend. She hopes to rebuild herself back home and break the cycle of abandonment she’s experienced her whole life. With its haunting art style and cinematic storytelling, this thriller webtoon takes you an on intense emotional unlike any other.


By Ms. Freaky

Homesick CoverImage: Webtoon

Beggars can’t be choosers at the end of the world. Rayne wakes up one day on the roof of an abandoned building with a knife in hand and no recollection of who she is or how she got there. She’s greeted by Samael, a delinquent who sees the apocalypse as a giant hassle to his laid-back life. “Homesick”  is their journey through a world overrun by demonic monstrosities, surviving by any means necessary. Then in Rayne’s case, she discovers who she was before losing her memories. While this webtoon may cheerful with its bright colors and anime-inspired art style, it’s unafraid of telling a chilling story.

Chasing Tails


Chasing Tails CoverImage: Webtoon

The chilling story of “Chasing Tails” revolves around a freak accident that left nine college students trapped under a building’s wreckage for two weeks. The true horror of the event is not because only six of the nine students survived, but because it looks like the three who died were brutally murdered. The story follows a team of detectives and psychiatrists as they piece together what transpired within the dark and cold rubble. Except the team quickly realizes that there are much more sinister things at play beyond the suspected murder case. The deeper you go into this webtoon thriller, the more you’ll question who truly is the most insane among the survivors.


By Carnby Kim & Youngchan Hwang

Bastard CoverImage: Webtoon

Bastard” is the webtoon that put Carnby Kim and Youngchan Hwang, creators of Sweet Home, on the map. If you already found “Sweet Home” unsettling, then this one may push you over the edge. “Bastard” follows the life of Jin Seon, a high school student with a twisted secret: his dad is a deranged serial killer. What makes things worse is that Jin serves as an unwilling accomplice to all of his dad’s chilling murders. It’s when Kyun Yoon, one of Jin’s classmates, is picked as the next target that the boy chooses to finally defy his monstrous father. With its chilling premise and intense storytelling, this is the peak of thriller webtoons.

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