7 Fascinating Comics About UFOs and Aliens

Discover the truth about comics and the incredible titles that explore the oddities of UFOs, aliens, and the paranormal.

Groom Lake
Image: IDW Publishing
By: Javier ReyesFeb 5, 2024, 9:00 AM

A wise woman named Dana Scully once said, “The truth is out there.” What she probably meant by that is all the comics you can discover about UFOs and space aliens. From encounters with the grey alien types to the terrifying Xenomorphs, there are plenty of intriguing stories to uncover about all kinds of extraterrestrials when you know where to look. With all the racket these days about conspiracies and coverups, it seems like a great time to step away from all that noise and take a deep dive into some incredible comics instead.

In this article, we’ll probe through some comics that delve into the paranormal. This could be your eye-opening moment of realizing there is more to comics than just superheroes and crimefighting.

Blue Book

By James Tynion IV and Michael Oeming

Blue Book CoverImage: Dark Horse Comics

Created by one of the hottest writers in comics today, “Blue Book” is a series of graphic retellings of stories about ordinary people experiencing extraordinary events. The first story arc of the series explores the infamous lives of Betty and Barney Hill, the married couple at the center of the “Hill Abduction” incident in 1961. The widely publicized nature of their story is what went on to influence the perception of UFOs and the paranormal.

Artist Michael Oeming delivers his iconic art style to bring these stories to life, adding deeper visual perspectives to the trauma experienced by these ordinary people. With the conclusion of the first volume, this is a series that’s only scratching the surface of strange tales to come.

All Against All

By Alex Paknadel and Caspar Wijngaard

All Against AllImage: Image Comics

All Against All” is a modern sci-fi hit that takes the concepts of Ridley Scott’s “Alien” and flips it on its head. The story explores the meaning of humanity but tells it through the perspective of a strange alien species. In a unique twist to the formula, the comic puts man in the role of the monster that terrorizes a secluded spaceship. 

Set in the distant future, “All Against All” follows a race of alien parasites known as the “Operators” in their struggle to survive against an invading force. Through their ability to control other creatures, the Operators harvested species after species to create the perfect bodies for their race. Director B’Tay is tasked with developing a new type of body for the coming war, one that’s made using the strongest apex predator they can find. They quickly discover that the long-extinct human race had all the genetic tools to be the perfect weapon.

Fear Agent

By Rick Remender and Tony Moore

Fear AgentImage: Image Comics

There’s one in the universe quite like Heath Huston. He’s a rough-and-tumble Texan and the last of intergalactic exterminators known as Fear Agents. Despite his pedigree, Houston is a hard-drinking alien exterminator who stumbles his way across the final frontier. His mission? To be the last man standing against extraterrestrial threats hell-bent on eradicating humankind.

"Fear Agent" blends science fiction, horror, and adventure into one universe-spanning package. As Huston battles otherworldly aliens, parasites, and robots, he grapples with the haunting memories of the life he left behind. Each new adventure sends the lone space cowboy careening into unexplored corners of the cosmos, revealing a complex narrative about loss, redemption, and the human spirit's indomitable will to survive.


By Marc Guggenheim and David Dumeer

Resurrection CoverImage: Oni Press

"Resurrection" is set in a post-apocalyptic world where aliens known as “The Bugs” have conquered Earth. Until one day, the Bugs inexplicably disappeared and left Earth behind as a war-torn wasteland. The story follows the lives of survivors as they rebuild societies using remnants of the past and what was left behind by the alien invaders. The starkly real, gritty art style of Dumeer complements Guggenheim's exploration of the human condition and humanity's capacity for recreating a normal in the aftermath of a global catastrophe.


By Garth Ennis and Facundo Percio

Caliban CoverImage: Avatar Press

"Caliban" is an underrated cosmic horror series about a crew of interplanetary miners who get unexpectedly entangled with an abandoned alien ship. To their horror, they discover that the ship carries secrets within that are better left alone in the darkness of space.

Reminiscent of such horror classics as “Alien” and “The Thing,” Caliban blends classic elements of sci-fi with psychological terror and intense body horror. Masterfully subverting expectations, Ennis crafts an unnerving narrative that’s filled with fright-inducing surprises in every issue. The comic’s more gruesome moments are heightened by Facundo Percio’s visceral art style, making the story all the more horrifying.

Groom Lake

By Chris Ryall and Ben Templesmith

Groom Lake CoverImage: IDW Publishing

In 2009, “Zombies vs. Robots” writer Chris Ryall teamed with “30 Days of Night” artist Ben Templesmith to create an oddity of a sci-fi series about a man named Karl Bauer who unwillingly discovers the existence of a secret alien base. It’s where he meets Archibald, a stereotypical grey alien who’s developed a bad habit of chainsmoking. It turns out the little grey guy is the director of the new Manhattan Project, and Karl has a role to play in all the research happening at Groom Lake. What unravels is a playful story that has everything from UFOs and abductions to probing and conspiracies. But amidst all the science and strangeness is a deeply human story about a man seeking his place in a universe that’s more alien than he realized.

Aliens: Labyrinth

By Jim Woodring and Kilian Plunkett

Aliens: Labyrinth CoverImage: Dark Horse Comics

“Aliens: Labyrinth” is essential reading for fans of the legendary horror franchise. Considering the films are known for their dark and atmospheric storytelling, “Aliens: Labyrinth” explores more twisted corners of the universe. The story follows Colonel Doctor Crespi after he wakes up from hypersleep. He is tasked with taking control of a research facility from Colonel Doctor Church, who seems to be going against the orders of the Colonial Marines. It’s revealed that Doctor Church has been masterminding twisted experiments on Xenomorphs at the cost of his men. All to learn more about how those violent creatures tick. As much a psychological thriller as it is a horror story, "Aliens: Labyrinth" provides a fascinating exploration of the Xenomorph's nature while also delving into the darker side of human obsession.

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