Action Webtoon Recommendations to Get Your Heart Racing

Enter the worlds of five action-packed webtoons to discover exhilarating tales of revenge, second chances, and human salvation.

Action Webtoon Recommendations to Get Your Heart Racing cover
By: Amy MouaFeb 7, 2024, 12:15 AM

The romance genre may dominate a big part of Webtoon, but action is just as popular. Action webtoons will send an adrenaline rush with their fun and explosive stories, whether through an intense narrative or an immersive fight scene. So, if you’re a big romance reader, switch out those butterflies in your stomach for a different type of tingle. It’s time to get yourself a dose of action with these five webtoons I recommend below to get your heart racing with excitement!

I Was the Final Boss

By LuckS

Genre: Fantasy

Episodes: 49, Ongoing

I Was the Final Boss webtoonImage: Webtoon

In a world infested with dungeons and monsters, Baphomet was the final boss of the Abyssal Tower. The demon lord viewed humans as nothing more than toys and found continuous joy in killing hunters. But when no strong hunter ever appeared, he lost his sense of thrill from killing humans and turned his attention to studying them instead. His curiosity turned into desire as he grew to despise his secluded life in the tower. He eventually began wishing to live the life of a human. As fate would have it, that chance would come when he gets reincarnated as a human after finally being felled by a powerful hunter. 

 “I Was the Final Boss” is an amazing action-packed webtoon unlike any you have read before. It stands out from other webtoons by having the main character be a villain unfazed by the act of killing others, a far cry from the typically morally just protagonists. The different perspective of an evil main character makes for a fascinating story that explores the darker side of fantasy. Following the journey of a demon turned human is something you won’t want to miss.

Who this is for: 

  • People who like exploring stories with an evil main character.
  • Readers with an obsession for dungeon crawling.

Life of a Quack Healer

By saesong-I, 14hoek, Nayen

Genre: Fantasy

Episodes: 24, Ongoing

Life of a Quack Healer webtoonImage: Webtoon

Seunghyeon Kang and a group of strangers get dragged from Earth into an unfamiliar world filled with monsters and magic. After being appointed as a Healer through a status window but not given any healing skills, Seunghyeon must make a name for himself as a quack doctor. As he adjusts to the new world while treating reluctant patients to earn points within the system, he makes it his goal to find any clues that could lead to a way back home.

Life of a Quack Healer” takes an interesting spin on the isekai trope with a protagonist who takes on a more defensive and arguably sideline role in a fantasy setting. Even so, Seunghyeon and his laidback demeanor make him a likable character you want to follow in this action webtoon filled with monster fights and comedic banter.

Who this is for:

  • Readers into isekai stories.
  • People who love webtoons that balance fantasy, action, and comedy.

Emperor Hunt


Genre: Fantasy

Episodes: 38, Ongoing

Emperor Hunt webtoonImage: Webtoon

Tested and abused in a lab since she was a child, the immortal Seul Yun manages to escape imprisonment when she is 17. Only when she meets Da-Eun does she find joy and meaning in life. However, her happiness gets taken away as Earth gets destroyed by Horson, the emperor of Hetra from another dimension. Teleported to the new world, Seul Yun learns of secrets and mysteries connected to her origin. She quickly finds herself meeting more friends and enemies along her path of revenge against Horson.

Emperor Hunt” is an exciting read with a powerful female protagonist and a captivating plot. Despite being broken and vulnerable at times in the story, Seul Yun maintains her strong and independent female character. Each episode adds details and complexities to the storyline, which always surprises readers in entertaining ways. In addition, the creative character designs with distinct and colorful features are a delight to look at in this action webtoon.

Who this is for:

  • People who enjoy reading strong female protagonists.
  • Readers who love stories focused on world-building.


By Play, Miin

Genre: Action

Episodes: 59, Ongoing

BlackSun webtoonImage: Webtoon

For centuries, in a hidden world, shinobis with superpowers fought against demons to protect humanity. One day, 14-year-old Yu has his world turned upside down when his mother dies after fighting the demon who’s been hunting him since his birth. That event sets Yu on a path to get stronger and seek revenge. In doing so, he enters the mysterious world of shinobis and learns more about his origins.

BlackSun” is such a thrilling read! It has wonderfully planned action sequences and a clean art style to match. The meticulous details in the webtoon, from hair and clothing to superpowers and landscape destruction, are all incredible to look at. With its intriguing storyline about ninjas and demons, this is definitely a series any action webtoon lover should read.

Who this is for:

  • Readers who enjoy Shounen-esque structured stories.
  • Readers who love stories with a lot of fight scenes.

The Perfect Hybrid

By KKUDADAK, Clover, ZAINO, SOULPUNG (Orig work)

Genre: Action

Episodes: 51, Ongoing

The Perfect Hybrid webtoonImage: Webtoon

When mysterious black holes appeared all over Earth, monsters called “Invaders” came out and massacred millions of humans. That was until the supernaturals, people with superpowers, stepped up to save humanity. Now, in a time of peace, the only thing Gwangik Yu has to worry about is his career choice. Born from two supernatural parents, he is immortal like his father and a transformer with physical prowess like his mother. Unaware of each other’s abilities, his parents each urge him to follow their specific footsteps while Gwangik struggles to appease both of them.

The Perfect Hybrid” is a refreshing action webtoon to read. Instead of a protagonist with a broken family and sad childhood, I enjoy how his parents are loving, alive, and present in the story. The protagonist has a soft personality, contrary to his tough appearance. He’s a delightful cinnamon roll, and it’s exciting learning how he changes into the intimidating character shown in the prologue. With this webtoon being on hiatus, it’s the perfect time to binge it without worrying about daily passes.

Who this is for:

  • Readers looking for a story with a strong but soft male protagonist.
  • Readers craving a series that is easy to binge without daily pass.

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