Best Horror Webtoon Canvas Recommendations of the Week

Get ready to dive into some spooky stories this Halloween season with our picks of the best horror webtoon canvas you can read right now!

Horror Canvas Webtoon Recommendations
By: Hana Jan 25, 2024, 9:59 PM

Since we are in the Halloween season, the best webtoons to read are the ones filled with ghosts, ghouls, and monsters. But to change things up a bit this week, we will be exploring Canvas Webtoons that will fill us with fear!

All the webtoons mentioned in this week's recommendation are from small creators who would love your support! If any of these catch your eye, then make sure to show the creators some love this spooky season! As always, I hope you enjoy these Webtoon recommendations.


By Puppetology

Genre: Horror

Updates every Sunday

Warning: Strong language, gore, self-harm, and drug usage

DeathSitter CoverImage: Webtoon

A drug addict with suicidal tendencies gets to become the local Grim Reaper’s daughter’s babysitter. What could possibly go wrong there?

Don’t let the vibrant visuals of this webtoon fool you. Underneath its candy-themed world and palette of pinks and cute blue is a story that touches the horrors inside a person's mind. Our MC Felix deals with serious withdrawals that constantly alter his perception of reality and will to survive.

With over 150, DeathSitter makes for a hefty read. But because most chapters are only between 6-7 panels, you can breeze through the story very quickly. It’s the perfect webtoon to binge for the Halloween season.

Twisted Dark

By Neil Gibson

Genre: Horror and Thriller

Updates every Monday

Warning: Suicidal thoughts, violence, genocide, drug, mental health, and death

Twisted Dark CoverImage: Webtoon

Twisted Dark is a series of interconnected short stories. The themes of these stories range from suicide to domestic and socio-economic violence. Be warned that this webtoon does not shy away from depicting gory scenes, as it shows how twisted human nature is. Its stories make it seem humans are much scarier than monsters or zombies will ever be.

The art is done completely in black and white, with some hints of gray. The visual style of each story is the same, their narratives have different vibes from one another. While one story is about a father and son, another one is about a construction worker in the Middle East or an evil entrepreneur. These different stories make re-reading the webtoon more captivating because you notice something new every time you come back.

Dead Moon Town

By Jo and KIN

Genre: Horror and Post-apocalyptic

Updates once a month

Warning: Monsters and violence

Dead Moon Town CoverImage: Webtoon

Dead Moon Town is set in a place where grotesque monsters walk outside of city walls. Young Van is part of a group of raiders who go out to kill the monsters. But despite his training through simulations, Van freezes up in fear when he is attacked by a real monster for the first time.

By failing on his mission and losing his teacher, Van is left with nothing. It takes a sudden attack on his city for him to fight back against his fears and help the innocent people in danger. But little did he know that the monster attack was just the beginning. There is actually something more dangerous than the monsters that made their way into the city.

The textured art of this Webtoon makes the story feel more gritty and immersive. The art’s dynamic angles give a movie-like feel that builds up the pace of every action scene. Then, the artistic paneling makes for seamless transitions into other scenes.

Dead Water Club

By Cass_DWC

Genre: Horror and Mystery

Updates weekly

Warning: Blood, gore, violence against children, gender dystopia, and monsters

Dead Water Club CoverImage: Webtoon

In the Dead Water Club, there is something in the canal. Something people can’t see. This webtoon’s dark story explores the fear of growing up and isolation. It plays on the unsettling feeling of not knowing if you can even trust your own mind.

It’s a horror mystery with a coming-of-age blend to it. It plays on the fear of disappearing kids throughout your neighborhood as you try to understand yourself and the new feelings. The story touches on family dynamics, secrets, and the dread behind what's lurking in the canal.

Jeff Woods The Killer

By /WillerGrey

Genre: Horror and Romance

Updates twice a month

Warning: Blood, acts of murder, psychopathic actions

Jeff Woods The Killer CoverImage: Webtoon

If you love creepypasta, then this is the story for you. This webtoon is a twist to the classic Jeff the Killer story from many years ago. It delves deeper into Jeff’s lore, exploring how he became the notorious killer the world knows him to be. It starts with Jeff as a normal person at first and then slowly piecing together the events that drove him to madness. What I loved about this webtoon is how it makes you want to feel sympathetic for Jeff the more you read through his tragic story. Each chapter is short, but they pack plenty of scares and suspense.

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