Best Horror Webtoon Recommendations for Halloween Season

Get into the spirit this Halloween season with our picks of the best spooky horror webtoons you can binge right now.

Horror Webtoon Recommendations of the Week
By: Hana May 9, 2024, 7:39 AM

It’s finally Halloween! What better way is there to celebrate the spooky season than to indulge in some terrifying new webtoons? For this week’s webtoon recommendations, each story has something that will make you check under your bed before sleeping. But the best part about these webtoons is that they are all ongoing series. So, you can read them throughout the year until the next spooky season. Check out the list, and give the ones that catch your eye a read. Just remember to keep one eye open for what’s lurking in the dark. As always, I hope you enjoy these webtoon recommendations! Stay spooky!

After Dark

By ABerg

New episodes every Tuesday

After Dark CoverImage: Webtoon

After the death of his girlfriend, Drew is left with nothing but longing and survivor's guilt. He struggles with depression and dwindling mental health each day. Drew finds himself slipping into the unknown, into a beast. A curse that he doesn’t know what to do except to accept it.

Set in British Columbia, After Dark is a story of love and loss. The art is very different from what we usually see in Webtoons. It’s textured and the color palette is perfect for the theme of struggling against monsters within. It is a canvas series that recently moved to WEBTOON Original.  Because the story is different from how it was on Canvas, I’m excited about where the story is going as a new reader.

The Dummy’s Dummy

By Mochamura

New episodes every Wednesday

The Dummys Dummy webtoonImage: Webtoon

Here’s another series that I loved when it was in Canvas. The Dummy’s Dummy is a story of Yumi, a girl who possesses psychic powers. She teams up with Paris, a living puppet, to find other killer toys, ghouls, monsters, and ghosts to keep herself and others safe.

The lore of this starts from the very first chapter, so it's easy to piece together if you binge the story. But it does get more complicated as the story goes on. The story is picking up as it just came back with season 2.


By Fyyaa123

New episodes every Friday

Nocturne CoverImage: Webtoon

This one is another Canvas series that got into Webtoon Original this year. I promise this is not a list of my favorite canvas series that turned into an Original.

Nocturne is a series of interconnected episodic stories that would make you think twice before you walk alone on an empty street at night. You never know what lurks around the corner. The art is beautifully done in black and white with an art style meant to make you feel uncomfortable as you read along.

Not Even Bones

By Starpiper, Glamist and Rebecca Schaeffer

New episodes every Sunday

Not Even Bones CoverImage: Webtoon

Adapted from the best-selling young-adult novel by Rebecca Schaeffer, Not Even Bones follows the story of Nita. Nita’s mom ruins a lucrative business on the black market selling body parts of supernatural beings. You know, the usual, eyes, ears, tongue. While Nita doesn’t participate in the killing, she’s the one who does the cleanup. Until one day, she decides not to.

The story is dark and depressing like most YA stories. In a unique twist, this webtoon’s art style changes every season. It makes for a cool concept, albeit a bit jarring at first. I personally loved the art of season two.



New episodes every Sunday

Moonchild CoverImage: Webtoon

Our last Webtoon on the list is Moonchild. As the name suggests the story is about a mysterious being that is supposedly child of the moon. Now, you may ask what is a Moonchild? According to the webtoon, it’s a mythical being that seduces and hunts people. Curious? Read more to find out!

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