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Best Image Comics: Week of April 03, 2024

Check out this week of amazing releases from Image Comics, including titles from Robert Kirkman, Rick Remender, and more!

Best Image Comics 04012024
By: Javier ReyesApr 1, 2024, 9:30 AM

We’re in for another solid week from Image Comics! Narrowing down my top picks this week felt like a no-brainer, with titles by Robert Kirkman, Rick Remender, Tom King, and more to choose from! Not only is this week packed with plenty of awesome ongoing titles, but there’s also a highly anticipated series return as well! Not to mention that there is also a one-shot issue from one of Image’s cult classic series. As always, there’s a little bit of something for everyone this week! So, let’s get to my picks of the best Image Comics this week! 

Void Rivals #8

By Robert Kirkman, Lorenzo De Felici, and Patricio Delpeche

Void Rivals 8 comic coverImage: Skybound

Darak and Solila face off against Proximus in this new and exciting issue of Void Rivals. After the deadly assassin made his foreboding debut in the last issue, the series' status quo drastically shifted! We’ll finally see first-hand what the terrifying new villain is truly capable of.

The Sacrificers #7

By Rick Remender, Max Fiumara, and Dave McCaig

The Sacrificers 7 comic coverImage: Image Comics

A new story arc starts here! This latest issue follows Soluna as she barely holds on to her last sparks of life. Close to death and on the run, the sun princess must fight through a brutal landscape with barely any of her godly power left. But little does she know that the absence of her powers is destroying the world in ways no one could have expected. 

The One Hand #3

By Ram V., Laurence Campbell, Lee Loughridge, Aditya Bidikar, and Tom Muller

The One Hand 3 comic coverImage: Image Comics

Detective Ari Nassar dives deeper into the mystery plaguing the futuristic city Neo Novena. Connections between the past and the present are causing the case against The One Hand Killer to spiral out of control. The detective’s hope seemingly rests on the shoulders of Odell Watts, the man whom Nassar put behind bars years ago. 


Love Everlasting #14

By Tom King, Elsa Charretier, Matt Hollingsworth, and Clayton Cowles

Love Everlasting 14 comic coverImage: Image Comics

The Cowboy continues his struggle against the mysterious system that ties him and Joan down. While he has no problem being the place’s resident death dealer, his soul always rips in two from every encounter with Joan. The man is reaching his breaking point as he is getting close to destroying everything he loves. 

Crave #5

By Maria Llovet

Crave 5 comic coverImage: Image Comics

Despite the group racing against time to stop the mysterious app, Crave continues to evolve and tempt users in new ways. Its latest feature, Collaborative Mode, allows users to satisfy any unfulfilled cravings. So, the community obliges when Charlotte rashly puts out a Crave request meant to hurt Alexandra. It’s left to David to check on Charlotte’s mental state before it’s too late.

Kaya #17

By Wes Craig, Jason Wordie, and Andworld

Kaya 17 comic coverImage: Image Comics

With Jin barely clinging on to life, Kaya must make the heavy decision to risk her life and the lives of others for the sake of saving her brother. But while all the chaos is happening in the normal world, Jin encounters a strange new entity in his struggle through the Dark Realm.

The Last Mermaid #2

By Derek Kirk Kim

The Last Mermaid 2 comic coverImage: Image Comics

Dive into the next issue of this thrilling new series! After rupturing the hull of her H.A.V.C. (Hybrid Aquatic Vehicular Chamber), the mermaid luckily finds herself inside a secret water cave deep within the barren wasteland. But even though she narrowly escapes death, the water she’s forced to call “home” may not be as safe as she thought. 

Hack/Slash: Kill Your Idols #1

By Tim Seeley and Stefano Caselli

Hack_Slash_ Kill Your Idols 1 comic coverImage: Image Comics

The creative team behind the original Hack/Slash is back for a special one-shot celebrating 20 years of the cult-classic series! This throwback story follows Cassie and Vlad as they embark on an unusual slasher case that unknowingly leads them to the front door of the cyborg Superpatriot. What unfolds is a brutal and bloody story that dives deep into the seedy underbelly of the Image Universe! Fans of Hack/Slash and 90s-style Image Comics will not want to miss this! 

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