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Best Image Comics: Week of January 10, 2024

Check out some of the best Image Comics releasing this week as plenty of hit titles return for the new year!

Image Comics - 1/10/24
Image: Image Comics
By: Javier ReyesJan 25, 2024, 9:51 PM

The new year has just begun, and we’ve already got a massive week of releases from Image Comics! This week’s New Comic Book Day is packed with massive titles from creators like Daniel Warren Johnson, Rick Remender, Jeff Lemire, and more! It was tough actually to pick out the best of the best. Then again, having too many great comics to choose from is always the best problem to have. If you need help choosing which comics to pick up, then you’ve come to the right place! Read on below and find out our picks of the best Image comics this week!

Transformers #4

By Daniel Warren Johnson and Mike Spicer

Transformers 4 comic coverImage: Skybound

With Spike’s life hanging in the balance, Optimus must pull out all the stops and become the hero and leader he’s destined to be. Though that’s easier said than done considering the Autobots are outgunned against the ruthless Decepticons. It’s going to take the help of a surprising ally to help pull the team out when they are at their lowest.

The Sacrificers #6

By Rick Remender, Max Fiumara, and Dave McCaig

The Sacrificers 6 Comic CoverImage: Image Comics

The Sacrificers hits its first thrilling story arc finale. What could be the fate of Soluna after the harrowing events at the end of issue #5? Pigeon is going to find out the dark truth that’s waiting for him behind the ceremony. With plenty of revelations afoot, this issue is going to be a big turning point in the series. 

Fishflies #4

By Jeff Lemire

Fishflies 4 comic coverImage: Image Comics

Jeff Lemire’s Fishflies is finally back! This latest issue has little ol’ Fanny Fox adventuring around town with her new friend as they escape from the farm. Meanwhile, Helen gets visited by a strange presence connected to visions she has been seeing. While the troubled woman only hopes to find the man who shot her son, she struggles with losing her grip on reality.

Swan Songs #6

By W. Maxwell Prince and Martin Morazzo

Swan Songs 6Image: Image Comics

The miniseries finale of Swan Songs is bringing readers something special! W. Maxwell Prince and Martin Morazzo, the team behind the hit series Ice Cream Man, weave their dark renditions of beloved children’s books and poems. This issue is a fitting end to a series about the end.

Kaya #14

By Wes Craig, Jason Wordie, and Andworld

Kaya 14 comic coverImage: Image Comics

Kaya and Jin may be in a new land, but the dangers they face are far from over. Tasked with finding a runaway princess, the brother-sister duo dive deep into a city overrun by robots in hopes of securing a ship that can take them to their destination. The mission is a big risk, but it’s the only option they have left if they want to complete Jin’s destiny.

Crave #2

By Maria Llovet

Crave 2 comic coverImage: Image Comics

Things are heating up on campus as the influence of Crave slowly spreads across the student body. What will David do when he confronts Alexandria about the steamy photos of her that were sent to him? Meanwhile, Albert and Sofia get into their own tricky situation when they get trapped inside the elevator. You don’t want to miss the drama of this new seductive series! 

Petrol Head #3

By Rob Williams and Pye Parr

Petrol Head 3 comic coverImage: Image Comics

Petrol Head races on! With The O and his fleet of robo-police hot on the trail, Petrol Head faces a tough road ahead of escaping the Smogzone. Lupa and PH must make some tough choices if they want to make out of the fast and furious chase alive.

Bloodrik #2

By Andrew Krahnke

Bloodrik 2 comic coverImage: Image Comics

Wounded and enraged, Broodrik travels to the frozen plans to track down the beast that attacked him. But even as he loses blood, getting more delirious by the second, he never loses his fierce determination to push forward. This new fantasy series is cooking up something crazy with its strange and bloody adventure.

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