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Best Image Comics: Week of December 13, 2023

Check out the very best Image Comics to dive into this week as we inch close to the end of the year!

Best Image Comics - Week of 12.13.23 cover
Image: Image Comics
By: Javier ReyesJan 25, 2024, 9:54 PM

It’s a new week, so that means a bunch of new comics to check out! But we’re doing something a little different this week. For my weekly picks of comics, I’m going to be focusing on the best titles coming out from Image Comics! Because it’s the biggest independent comic book publisher in the world, there are so many of the best creator-owned comics coming from Image each week! So sit back and check out my picks of the best Image comics releasing this week!

Radiant Black #27

By Kyle Higgins, Joe Clark, Marcelo Costa, Eduardo Ferigato, Raul Angulo, and Becca Carey

Radiant Black 27 comic coverImage: Image Comics

Radiant Black continues with its most ambitious story arc yet! The Catalyst War tells the dual stories of Marshall and Nathan as if both sides were chosen to be the sole host of Radiant Black. In this latest issue, the heroes face the consequences of their decision with the city in rubble. The second trial of their biggest test starts here!

Phantom Road #7

By Jeff Lemire, Gabriel Hernandez Walta, and Jordie Bellaire

Phantom Road #7 comic coverImage: Image Comics

Birdie and Dom hit the road to deliver the package, but they find themselves trapped by another horde of mindless monsters swarming inside a roadside circus. That otherworldly place of amusement is where they find another individual just like them. But are they an ally who will lead them to escape or just another lost soul trapped within madness? Meanwhile, Agent Weaver continues her search for the two missing adventurers in the real world. 

Rogue Sun #18

By Ryan Parrott, Abel, Natalia Marques, and Becca Carey

Rogue Sun 18 comic coverImage: Image Comics

With Dylan’s spirit still trapped within the Sun Stone, his freedom is finally in sight! He just needs a little bit more help to make it to the finish line. He will need to get things in order fast because New Orleans is slowly burning down without its hero to save it.

The Enfield Gang Massacre #5

By Chris Condon and Jacob Phillips

The Enfield Gang Massacre 5 comic coverImage: Image Comics

The team behind That Texas Blood continues their thrilling Western story set years in the past. After facing off against the ruthless force of the Union Army, the Enfield Gang is left absolutely gutted. With so few members left, the gang faces a very dark revelation about what’s been happening to them. 

A Haunted Girl #3

By Ethan Sacks, Naomi Sacks, and Marco Lorenzana

A Haunted Girl 3 comic coverImage: Image Comics

“A Haunted Girl” is the story of Cleo, a young girl at the center of a coming apocalypse because of her connection to the other world. Not only does she deal with the pressures of high school, depression, and suicidal thoughts, but she’s also constantly on the run from horrifying ghosts who want to take her life. With a story written by the father-daughter team of Ethan and Naomi Sacks, this comic is telling a special story!

The Bloody Dozen: A Tale of the Shrouded College #1

By Charles Soule and Alberto Jimenez Alburquerque

The Bloody Dozen_ A Tale of the Shrouded College 1 comic coverImage: Image Comics

Welcome to this haunting new miniseries! As part of Charles Soule and Will Sliney’s “The Shrouded College” series, “The Bloody Dozen” is a bone-chilling and fascinating tale of vampires in space. This comic follows the story of three interstellar outlaws tasked with breaking out vampires from a deadly space prison. 

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