Best Webtoon Recommendations of the Week: October 01, 2023

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Webtoon Recommendations of the week of October 01, 2023
By: Hana Feb 5, 2024, 9:23 AM

Another week and another list of webtoon recommendations! But this week will be a bit different. Since September is close to ending, I have curated a list of seven webtoons for you that are also coming to an end. Ranging from magical season finales to romantic series finales, your next webtoons to binge can be found right here on one list!

Marry My Husband

By LICO & Sungsojak

Genre: Romance

New episodes every Monday

Marry My Husband CoverImage: Webtoon

Jiwon died tragically at the hands of her husband when she walked in on him sleeping with her best friend. As she died, she wished for another chance in life, another chance to live.

Her prayers were answered when she woke 10 years in the past! With the knowledge of the future, can she change her fate? So begins her plans to get revenge by marrying off her ex-best friend to her lying, cheating asshole husband. Then maybe she can find some love along the way.

Marry My Husband is a very popular webtoon that just came to an end last week. But fear not, it still has 10 more episodes of side stories for us!

Love Me To Death

By Toonimated

Genre: Fantasy/Romance  

New episodes every Tuesday

Love Me To Death CoverImage: Webtoon

Love makes people do crazy things. Though maybe not as crazy as digging up the corpse of your dead bride and resurrecting her back to life with magic. Wait…

Wealthy businessman Enrique Olivarez loses the love of his life, his bride Mercedes, on their wedding altar. Not wanting to give up, he hires Victor, a necromancer to bring her back to life. Caught up in circumstances, Victor agrees. But as he brings the girl back to life, magic intertwines them. Victor, finds himself laced in a romance that he never expected to have.

Season 1 of Love Me To Death finished recently with 66 episodes that you can easily binge! The art is absolutely pretty! It also has LGBT themes.


By Moosopp

Genre: Romance/ Slice of Life/LGBT

New episodes every Wednesday

Love makes people do crazy things. Though maybe not as crazy as digging up the corpse of your dead bride and resurrecting her back to life with magic. Wait…

Daybreak CoverImage: Webtoon

If you liked my previous week's webtoon recommendation of To the Stars And Back, then you will love Daybreak.

Not quite grumpy x sunshine like TTSAB, but more of a calm x bubbly trope.

Meet high school students Marcus - the bubbly - and Cog - the calm - as they slowly maneuver their feelings. It is simple and sweet. Short chapters of their daily ‘hijinks’. Season one recently finished. So it's perfect binge material!

Welfare Center 


Genre: Thriller

New episodes every Thursday

Welfare Center coverImage: Webtoon

When Seonghye woke up in a room full of strangers, her first instinct was to run. That was until they told her she came there on her own three months ago. Though she has no memory of that or anything about herself.

Seonghye finds herself trapped in a prison-like welfare center named Pureum Welfare Center. With the place’s torturous ways and hostile social hierarchy, can she make it out of there alive?

With only a handful of chapters left before the series finale,  Welfare Center is a must-binge webtoon in this list.

Chasing Tails


Genre: Mystery

New episodes every Friday

Chasing Tails CoverImage: Webtoon

Nine people were trapped under the studio building when it collapsed on them. But the police only rescued six alive fourteen days later.

With the mutilated bodies of the other victims found on site, Detective Kwon, Shin, and neuropsychiatrist Dr. Ju jump in to investigate the murders. But how can they find out the truth when four of the survivors can’t talk and all six are the suspects?

Want to find out what happened inside those dark rubbles for fourteen days that led them to this madness? Chasing Tails just completed this week. So, go binge!

Our Secret Alliance

By Cakenyam

Genre: Romance

New episodes every Saturday

Our Secret Alliance CoverImage: Webtoon

Se-i and Jaeha, both have strict parents. Se-i’s mother forbids her from dating while Jaeha’s parents don’t want him playing games. So, to keep their parents off their backs, the two childhood friends make a secret pack. “Say you are meeting with me to the family and do your things. But don’t get caught.”

Unknowing to them, their parents think they are dating. And now they are forced to spend time together. Will real romance blossom in the midst of their fake partnership?

Our Secret Alliance is chaotic, over the top, and totally fluffy! I am currently reading it myself and kinda gushing over Jaeha.

The Matchmaking Baby Princess

By Jimmy Sin & Karin Park

Genre: Fantasy

New episodes every Sunday

The Matchmaking Baby Princess CoverImage: Webtoon

Ending the list with one of my favorite Isekai stories!

The Matchmaking Baby Princess is about baby princess Amelia who is looking for a match for her Aunt Lucinda, the Female Lead. But it can’t be just anyone! The match has to be perfect! And definitely not her handsome emperor, Uncle Tessa - the Male Lead.

Can a baby make the match while keeping the two leads safe from the tragedies of the novel they are inside? Read to find out!

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