Best Webtoon Recommendations of the Week: October 22, 2023

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Webtoon Recommendations 10.22.23
By: Hana Jan 25, 2024, 10:00 PM

Welcome to another week of Weekly Webtoon Recommendations! I have assembled another list of seven webtoons that you can read whenever you are in the mood! This list has everything from romance to action and even some comedy! So, read these incredible webtoons to your heart’s content!

As always, I hope you enjoy these Webtoon recommendations.

I Made A Deal With The Devil

By Giselart & Kaizen L.X.

Genre: Romance, Revenge, Drama

New episodes every Monday

I Made A Deal With The Devil CoverImage: Tapas

Eva had worked her whole life to please her parents, grandfather, and everyone at the Young estate. The companies got elevated to new heights of success through Eva’s hard work. But instead of repaying her efforts, her family cuts her out when they discover she is not related to them by blood. Eva spent years of dedication and hard work only to be thrown out of her “family” company.

Then, just as everything she ever worked for slipped through her fingers, she swore to get revenge on them, even if it meant making a deal with the devil himself.

I Made A Deal With The Devil is loaded with amazing art and lots of drama! If you can’t get enough of its juicy story, then check out the original novel available on Tapas while waiting for the Webtoon updates.

Hilde Takes House Arpeggio

By Royal.B, Eucha, Jangbong, Yu min

Genre: Fantasy and Romance

New episodes every Tuesday

Hilde Takes House Arpeggio CoverImage: Tapas

Hilde grew up thinking she was different from everyone else. Little did she know how right she was. The young girl’s life changes when Viscount Logen Strauss reveals she is the granddaughter of Duke Arpeggio! Finally, her life as a poor commoner was over! Though she doesn’t know it yet, her list of hardships has just begun.

Hilde Takes House Arpeggio is a new webtoon, and is already one of my most anticipated weekly reads. The art is absolutely gorgeous, and the humor is on point. Hilde is a bold and self-reliant character, making it fun to see how she deals with the family tantrums and drama that make her life harder.

Escape From Oz

By Kelly Angel

Genre: Comedy

New episodes every Wednesday

Escape From Oz CoverImage: Webtoon

Escape From Oz is a Wizard of Oz retelling with a comedic twist. Meet Dotty, a girl tired of her life on the farm and assaults of chickensheep, the most majestic beast out there. To break out of the monotony, she decides to run away with her dog. What’s their destination? The magical city of Oz! It’s a city without an exit but with danger in every corner. 

Follow Dotty as she travels the yellow brick road to the Wizard and leaves. The story of this webtoon is absurd and hilarious, making it a guaranteed fun time every episode!

Eaternal Nocturnal

By Instanmiso

Genre: Fantasy & Romance

New episodes every Thursday

Eaternal Nocturnal CoverImage: Webtoon

From the creator of “Siren’s Lament” and “When Tangents Meet” comes “Eaternal Nocturnal”!

The story follows Eve, a girl with chronic insomnia. Sleeping for her is hard because every dream leads to a nightmare. Eve must also deal with a mysterious being that visits her dreams. But as messy as that is, her reality isn’t any better. While Eve struggles to find a job, her influencer best friend offers Eve the role of her “singing voice” with plans of deceiving the world. Can the girl get some rest?


By Brent Bristol

Genre: Action & Mystery

New episodes every Friday

Ordeal CoverImage: Webtoon

In a world full of superpowered “Kimyos,” Che dreams of joining them and becoming the greatest of all time! But does he have what it takes to do it?

If you love action with a superpowered twist, then Ordeal is definitely up your alley.  The art is semi-realistic, something we don’t normally see in Webtoons. It makes for a pulse-pounding story every episode, putting you right in the heart of the action!

The Strongest Florist

By Hyun Hoo Joo & Kumtata

Genre: Comedy & Action

New episodes every Saturday

The Strongest Florist CoverImage: Webtoon

Jaeho is training to be an MMA fighter even though his dream is to open his own flower shop. Because of his allergies to real flowers, Jaeho enters New World, a virtual reality game, hoping to fulfill his dream in the VW. When he puts his mind and body into it, he might just become The Strongest Florist ever!

Enjoy The Show

By Jenna_A

Genre: Contemporary Romance & Comedy

New episodes every Sunday

Enjoy The Show CoverImage: Tapas

Enjoy The Show is about Violet, a young woman who turns 21 and leaves her home. After moving to Las Vegas, she landed her first job at a movie theater. Now, each day feels like a swift of genres, ranging from comedy to horror to even romance. Who knew the workers at the theater had such interesting lives? 

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