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Best Webtoon Recommendations of the Week: September 3, 2023

Check out our webtoon recommendations for the week! From romance to action, these titles are some of the best webtoons you can binge right now.

Webtoon Recommendations for September 03, 2023
By: Javier ReyesJan 25, 2024, 10:06 PM

The incredible thing about Webtoon is that there’s always something good to read every week. Whether you’ve already got a massive reading list or just getting into reading webtoons, there’s always something new to discover. For this week, I’ve put together some titles I highly recommend checking out! I made sure to have a little bit of everything in my picks. From heartwarming romance to adrenaline-pumping action, there are a lot of titles out there waiting to be discovered and enjoyed. Some of these will end up as one of your favorites before you know it! So, let’s get into it!

Daily JoJo

By Donggeon Lee

Genre: Romance

New episodes every Monday (on hiatus)

Daily JoJo Cover

From the creator of “Yumi’s Cells” comes the heart-warming story about a quirky, laidback girl and the perfectionist boy she works with. “Daily Jojo” follows the two’s emotional yet charming struggles to appease the past and future versions of themselves. While Eunjo strives to change her daily habits for the better, Wan Jo is stuck in his ways and never wants to change at all. It’s through their contrasting ideals and values that they discover the true meaning of living a balanced and fulfilling life. And of course, romantic sparks fly as the two opposites come closer together.

Batman: Wayne Family Adventures

By StarBite & CRC Payne

Genre: Slice of Life

New episodes every Thursday

Batman: Wayne Family Adventures Cover

The Bat Family in a light-hearted, slice-of-life webtoon is the superhero comic the world needed. In a great twist to the classic character, “Batman: Wayne Family Adventures” follows the home life of Bruce Wayne as he looks over his charmingly chaotic household. Nightwing, Red Hood, Red Robin, Damian Wayne, Cassandra Cane, Stephanie Brown, Barbera Gordon, and Duke Thomas unite under one roof as Bruce’s big, pleasantly dysfunctional family. If you love superhero hijinks mixed with some good old family fun, then this webtoon has everything you’d want and more. Long-time Batfans out there will also get a kick out of how the writing brilliantly depicts characters and lore in a more hilarious light.


By Kate Flynn & Kit Trace

Genre: Supernatural

New episodes every Friday

Nevermore Cover

Inspired by the haunting works of Edgar Allan Poe, “Nevermore” follows the afterlives of Leonore and Annabel Lee as students at Nevermore Academy. That school is where the two embark on a dark, spiritual journey together to make the grade for a second chance at life. Students who fail the curriculum, however,  are sent straight down to the Land of the Dead for all eternity. While at school, the two heroines learn to control their haunting powers as Spectres and piece together their fragmented memories. With every semester comes new tests to overcome and more chilling secrets to uncover.


By LummyPix

Genre: Comedy

New episodes every Saturday

Swolemate Cover

What could a self-obsessed social media star boy and a nerdy gamer girl have in common? Getting really buff at the gym, of course. “Swolemates” follows the odd-couple adventures of Braydin and Alex working together to become the best versions of themselves. Don’t be fooled by the cutesy looks of this one, as it’s got a great story to tell about how you should never judge a book by its cover. The two leads have an infectious charm together that you can’t help but binge every episode that’s out already.

Study Group

By Hyungwuk Shin & Seungyeon Ryu 

Genre: Action

New episodes every Sunday

Study Group Cover

Gamin is just a high school kid who is bad at studying. It doesn’t help that he goes to Yusung Technical High School, a place nicknamed “The High School of Delinquents.” But even with schoolmates who want to tear his head off, Gamin is determined to pursue his dream of going to university. Everything changes for the boy when Hankyeong, his former tutor from years ago, joins the school in hopes of earning her teaching license. It takes students picking on Hankyeong for Gamin to reveal that he’s secretly a self-trained martial artist. With his skills and her teaching ability, the two work together to survive their time at Yusung Technical and live up to their dreams.

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