Best Webtoon Recommendations of the Week: September 24, 2023

Craving for some new webtoons to binge? We've got seven webtoons to keep you entertained throughout the week!

Webtoon Recommendations of the Week 09/24/23
By: Hana Jan 25, 2024, 10:04 PM

With October just around the corner, everyone is in the fall spirit with their pumpkin spice lattes and cozy coats. Hence, I curated a list of 7 Webtoon recommendations that you can read while enjoying your drink. Few with fuzzy feelings to keep you warm, some with drama to keep you entertained, and a little horror to get you ready for the upcoming Halloween! Hope you enjoy these webtoon stories as much as I do.

To The Stars And Back

By Pegl0

Genre: Slice of Life/BL

Updates every Monday and Thursday

To the Stars and Back CoverImage: Webtoon

Kang Dae's boring life suddenly changes when the ever-lively Bo Seom moves next door. Much to his disdain, Bo Seom quickly wins over the surly Kang Dae with cookies and guilt. His days are consumed by Bo Seom’s thoughts and nights by his snores coming from the other side of the wall. As Kang Dae finally acknowledges his feelings, how long would it take him to confess? And does Bo Seom feel the same?

Curious? Then go read To The Stars And Back!

The chapters are short and sweet, like taking that first sip of your favorite fall drink. The warm color pallet will make you remember the autumn leaves.


By Ms. Freaky

Genre: Thriller / Apocalyptic 

Updates every Tuesday

Homesick CoverImage: Webtoon

Imagine waking up with no memory and a knife in your hand, on a terrace with a stranger. The world under the abandoned building has gone astray with monsters wandering around the street, ready to eat you!

Well, for Rayne, this is her current situation. The stranger next to her says he doesn't know her. Yet, risks his life to save her. There is a shadow that follows her, and only Rayne can see and hear. Nothing out of the ordinary for an apocalyptic world!

The warm purple-toned color throughout the webtoon makes it stand out from other horror webtoons where black is typically used. Its unique flavor makes it a perfect late-night read for those who love to get spoked! You can read Homesick here.

Go Away Romeo

By Paintword

Genre: Romance/ Drama

Updates every Wednesday!

Go Away Romeo CoverImage: Webtoon

This one is a different take on Shakespeare's classic Romeo and Juliet.

For Rosaline, Romeo meant everything to her. But tragedy occurs unexpectedly when the news of Romeo's death comes right after her cousin Juliet's death. Not all is lost, as she finds new hope to live with her unborn child. Shunned by society and even by her own family for having a child outside of wedlock, Rosaline lived silently for years. But not anymore when she decides to fight for her rights and her son’s as well. Will she succeed?

With gorgeous art, abs, and so much drama in every chapter, Go Away Romeo will definitely keep you coming back for more each week.

Surviving Romance 

By Lee Yona

Genre: Horror

Updates every Thursday

Surviving Romance CoverImage: Webtoon

We’ve all read the Isekai stories where the MC gets stuck inside their favorite novel. The same thing happens with Chaerin.

Thrust into her favorite romance novel, Chaerin was ready to live the love story she had loved. But a sudden switch of genre turns her romance story into a plot of a zombie apocalypse. She then gets stuck on a loop, reliving the same horrors again and again. The only way she can make it out alive is by the help of the Unknown Extra. Who that might be? Chaerin has no idea…

Another horror webtoon for you to binge. Beautiful art disguising some very sensitive matters. Surviving Romance does have a trigger warning for self-harm in the earlier chapters.

Forever After

By Hannah Patten and Violet Matter

Genre: Fantasy

Updates every Friday

Forever After CoverImage: Webtoon

Do you like fairy tales? Do you wish you could live inside them?

Then Forever After is just what you have been looking for! Introducing Robin, who wants the prince, the white horse, and the giant castle that comes with the princess' life without the stepmothers and poison apples on her way. But Fate has other plans when they trap her in the storybook, not as the damsel princess but as the prince instead!

With time ticking, she has to go through each fairy tale to make sure each princess gets her happily ever after; unless she wants to be turned into a supporting character and forced to stay here forever! But things are not what they seem and then there is that Wicked Witch ready to ruin all of her efforts... Can Robin fulfill her destiny and save everyone trapped in the storybook?

The Kiss Bet

By Ingrid Ochoa

Genre: Romance

Updates every Saturday

The Kidd Bet CoverImage: Webtoon

Love is complicated. High school senior SaraLin agrees as she realizes that her old crush might also have a crush on her. Meanwhile, her boyfriend would rather spend his time with her cousin. And Sara, herself? Well, she might be falling in love with his younger brother instead. See what I mean?

Find out more on SaraLin’s complicated love life on The Kiss Bet a fluffy take on romance!

Remarried Empress

By Alphatart and Sumpul

Genre: Fantasy

Updates every Sunday

Remarried Empress CoverImage: Webtoon

All her life, Navier worked toward being the perfect empress. With the support of her people and the Emperor by her side, Navier’s dream came true. But it all came crumbling down when the Emperor brought a new mistress and asked for a divorce. So she accepted it, with a condition to remarry the neighboring Emperor! 

This webtoon has drama, Love, revenge, regrets, betrayals, birds turning into hot men, and more to keep you engrossed. Navier is one of the most popular webtoon characters ever with her headstrong, intelligent, and classy personality. So do check out, The Remarried Empress to make your fall Sundays in swoon Sundays!

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