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Comics to Read if You Liked Glass Onion

Both Glass Onion and Knives Out have brought classic whodunits into the mainstream. Are you itching for more murder mysteries to dive into? Here are five comics that capture the same thrill and charm of Glass Onion.

Cast of the Glass Onion
Image: Netflix
By: Javier ReyesMay 8, 2024, 10:14 AM

Now, who doesn’t love a good ol’ fashioned whodunit? Glass Onion, just like Knives Out, perfectly captured what’s fun about murder mystery stories. From the twists and turns in its storytelling to all the wonderfully strange characters you meet along the way, Glass Onion was undeniably a fun ride from start to finish. While murder mysteries are a staple genre in novels, there are a few comic books out there as well that help scratch that distinct whodunit itch.

If Glass Onion left you wanting more of that murder mystery flavor, here are some comic books we think will satisfy your craving:


By Juan Díaz Canales and Juanjo Guarnido

Published by Dark Horse Comics

Blacksad by Juan Díaz Canales and Juanjo GuarnidoImage: Dark Horse Comics

This hard-boiled detective series follows the adventures of John Blacksad, a tenacious private investigator who uses their wit and grit to solve violent crimes across 1950s America. In a unique twist to the noir genre, all the story's characters are presented as anthropomorphic animals. The gorgeous art of Juanjo Guarnido brings to life a world that’s equally whimsical and gritty. Blacksad is a slick and quick-witted hero who can find their way out of any dicey situation, much like Glass Onion’s Benoit Blanc. From murder mysteries to racial conflicts, there isn’t a case that Blacksad can’t crack.

Goldie Vance

By Lilliam Rivera and Elle Power

Published by BOOM! Studios

Goldie Vance by Lilliam Rivera and Elle PowerImage: BOOM! Studios

Armed with her smarts and uncontrollable curiosity, Goldie Vance dreams of becoming the in-house detective of her parents’ Miami hotel the Crossed Palms Resort. With detective Walter and her best friend Cheryl, Goldie finds herself in a slew of cases brought to them by the hotel guests. The comic is filled with quirky and energetic characters that rival the cast of the Glass Onion. In every case that Goldie and the gang find themselves in, you know you’ll be in for a great time with them.

Batman: The Long Halloween 

By Jeph Loeb and Time Sale 

Published by DC

The Long Halloween by Jeph Loeb and Time Sale Image: DC

Not only is The Long Halloween considered one of the best Batman stories, but it’s also among the quintessential murder mystery graphic novels. It’s Batman brought back to his roots as a detective as he tries to untangle the web of mystery surrounding holiday-themed murders happening across Gotham City. The story masterfully keeps you guessing about the identity of the mysterious holiday killer. Like the Glass Onion, the comic book reaches a very satisfying conclusion once you see how all the different pieces fit together to solve the big mystery.


By Paul Allor and Nelson Daniel 

Published by IDW

Clue by Paul Allor and Nelson Daniel Image: IDW

Based on the classic whodunit board game of the same name, Clue is centered on solving the mysterious murder of Mr. Boddy during a dinner party. This is the first time Clue was adapted into a graphic novel. Its very vibrant art style depicts the original cast of characters as you’ve never seen them before. It’s a modernized take on the classic story, but it still delivers the fun and intrigue fans of the series know and love.

Chasing Tails


Published on Webtoon

Chasing Tails by BASHIImage: Webtoon

This one is for those who love murder mysteries with a dark twist. The story opens with nine college students trapped under the wreckage of the Contra Studio building. After fourteen days the students are rescued, but only six make it out alive. To the horror of the investigators and rescuers, the three corpses found at the scene were horribly mangled as if they were brutally murdered. Detective Jeongdo Kwon must work together with neuropsychiatrist Dr. Yeongwha Ju to uncover the truth of what happened below through the testimonies of the survivors. In a locked-room murder case like this, any one of the survivors could very well be the killer.

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