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Crave #1 Advanced Review: Sexual Chaos

Dive into the provocative world of Crave, where one can make their deepest fantasies a reality with just a few clicks.

Crave #1 Review Cover
Image: Image Comics
By: Javier ReyesFeb 23, 2024, 2:23 AM

Crave #1 Advanced Review: Sexual Chaos

Crave #1 Comic cover

Writer: Maria Llovet

Artist: Maria Llovet

Publisher: Image Comics

Release Date: November 28, 2023

Page Count: 32

Crave delivers a tantalizing debut issue with its mix of teen drama, dark mystery, and bold eroticism. Be sure to keep an eye on it if you love stories that peer into people’s dirty little secrets.

There’s a long-dead joke behind the phrase, “There’s an app for that.” But what if there was an app that could make anyone’s deepest sexual desires come true in just a matter of clicks? For Maria Llovet’s “Crave,” that strange fantasy is a reality, and it causes as much chaos as you can imagine. With its provocative cover and fascinating concept, this new miniseries immediately caught my eye because of how rare it is for Western publishers like Image Comics to take a chance on such bold and erotic stories. While I expected something along the lines of Eyes Wide Shut, I was satisfied to discover there’s so much more to this comic than meets the eye.

Before I go into my review, I’d like to thank creator Maria Llovet herself for graciously providing us with advanced copies of Crave. With that said, let’s dive into my thoughts about Crave!

crave 1 - students in the parkImage: Image Comics


A mysterious app called Crave suddenly appears on people’s phones. It claims that it can satisfy anyone’s sexual craving if the possibilities match. It doesn’t take long for students to go crazy and start hooking up in the halls. One student, David, finds himself at a crossroads because of what’s happening on campus. Fed up with his current relationship, he reluctantly uses Crave to see his chances with another girl he’s always had a crush on. To his surprise, he’s not the only one with dirty thoughts in mind. 


Since reading the first issue of Crave in preparation for this review, there was something so captivating about the story that I could not put my finger on at first. It was on my second read when I realized what drew me into the comic. As strange as this may sound, the storytelling throughout Crave’s first issue reminds me deeply of the zombie movies I adore watching. But instead of watching the downfall of humanity caused by a bloodthirsty virus, we see a wave of students give in to their deepest and most carnal desires brought about by a mysterious app. What starts with just a few students kissing in the halls quickly dives into much naughtier territory as the app spreads across campus. There’s a creeping sense of both curiosity and terror from seeing the sexual chaos slowly unfold in the background with each new scene. And just like every classic George A. Romero film, the comic has a touch of social commentary underlying its fantastical plot.

crave 1 - students on the benchImage: Image Comics

Apart from its fascinating pacing and story structure, what caught my eye about Crave is its big Cruel Intentions energy. After all, what better setting is there to have for a story about the power of horniness and social media than a posh college campus with an attractive student body? By its opening pages, with flashes of couples passionately kissing and touching, the comic immediately shows that it does not shy away from expressing its provocative nature. While the first issue is lax in making the individual characters stand out, it excels in giving a taste of the seductive power behind the Crave app at the heart of the story. Considering this is only the first part in a six-issue miniseries, things are only going to get much crazier from here.

With this being my first exposure to Maria Llovet’s art, I can say Crave has instantly made me a fan. The rawness of Llovet’s art brings to life an endlessly alluring comic. From the close-ups of the more erotic moments to the details put into character expressions, there’s an air of passion felt throughout every panel and page. As you can tell just by looking at its incredibly eye-catching cover, the comic is unafraid of bearing it all for the world to see. 

crave 1 - socialsImage: Image Comics

Final Thoughts

This first issue of Crave pushes all the right buttons to pull you into its captivating concept. It gives you just enough of a taste of the app’s seductive power while revealing some characters’ more kinky secrets. I’m eager to see how the mysteries established in this issue slowly unfold as the series progresses. While it’s not exactly a comic made for the holiday season, it delivers a story that’s naughty and nice. 

Why You Should Read Crave

  • The story boldly explores erotic themes 
  • There are mysteries in the story that are fascinating to uncover
  • Llovet’s art brings to life a world that feels raw and passionate
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