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Destro #1 Review: The New Face of War

Enter the mind of Destro, the villainous arms dealer of the Energon Universe in the new comic series by Dan Watters and Andrei Bressan.

Destro 1 Review Cover
Image: Skybound
By: Javier ReyesJun 19, 2024, 9:54 AM

Destro #1

Destro 1 Full Cover

Writer: Dan Watters

Artist: Andrei Bressan

Publisher: Skybound

Release Date: June 19, 2024

Page Count: 32

Format: Single-issue

Destro #1 introduces plenty of fan-favorite characters and obscure picks into the Energon Universe timeline that will leave long-time G.I. Joe fans excited for the future. The issue does a great job of showcasing Destro’s calculating character in a story fueled by war and intrigue.

One of the first things I wondered about the Energon Universe when it first started was how interconnected the stories would be. While Void Rivals and the Transformers tell sprawling ongoing stories with hints of connections, the G.I. Joe side has gone a much different route. With Duke, Cobra Commander, and Scarlett, the G.I. Joe story has been split into five-issue miniseries, each with distinct charms and identities. Each new release has introduced plenty of new characters into the universe while establishing deeper connections throughout the overarching story. The latest to join the ranks of the G.I. Joe comics is Destro by writer Dan Watters and artist Andrei Bressan. This new comic introduces readers to a new version of the weapons dealer looking to take control of the Energon Universe. To find out what plans he has up his sleeves, keep reading for my full review of Destro #1!


With an army of Battle Android Troopers (B.A.T.s) at his disposal, Destro stakes his claim of Darklonia with an iron fist. However, using the advanced technology for personal gain was not in the agreement between Destro and Cobra Commander. With the world’s attention now on Darklonia after Destro’s show of force, the criminal mastermind must play his cards right to hold on to his power. But he quickly learns that once you reach the top, there are plenty out there gunning for his head.

Destro 1 - The BATs fall from the skyImage: Skybound


Right out of the gate, Destro #1 delivers a very different story from its counterparts in the Energon Universe. Following the exploits of the nefarious arms dealer, the comic establishes an intriguing plot that reads like a cutthroat political thriller. So while there are action sequences at the beginning and end of the issue, this comic is more about building up Destro’s conniving character as a ruthless and power-hungry businessman. It may not be the flashiest of starts, but Destro #1 does the job of painting the titular character as a very different kind of villain from Cobra Commander. And speaking of ol’ Buckethead, longtime fans of the G.I. Joe franchise will be happy to see that Destro and Cobra Commander’s dynamic is as toxic as ever. Destro’s distinct charm shines in his interactions with various characters, giving you a taste of what the criminal mastermind is capable of.

With Destro vying for more power in the competitive world of war, the story introduces plenty of characters into the Energon Universe that die-hard fans of the franchise will be excited to see back. But on the flip side, as someone who is only lightly into G.I. Joe, I’ll admit that some of the hype of seeing returning faces was a bit lost on me. It was only after a bit of post-reading research that I learned several characters are actually obscure picks from both G.I. Joe and the Transformers stories. So even though I didn’t realize it while reading, it bodes well seeing how deep into the lore the creators part of the Energon Universe are willing to go to tell a compelling story. Ultimately, it feels fresh to read a story filled with unique characters who all seem to bring a distinct flair to such an intriguing narrative. 

Destro 1 - Destro confronts his enemyImage: Skybound

But beyond the storytelling in this issue, the art by Andrei Bressan, Adriano Lucas, and Rus Wooton stands out in bringing all the different characters to life. Something I’ve appreciated about the entire Energon Universe line is how it modernizes the original franchises while still holding on campiness that made them so beloved. With many new characters making their debut in Destro’s story, this issue shows how even obscure picks like Darklon have a place in this new timeline. Illustrator Andrei Bressan did a fantastic job with the redesigns, leaving me excited to see who appears next as the series goes on. 

Destro 1 - Cobra Commander and Destro have a meeting onlineImage: Skybound

Final Thoughts

Destro #1 is an interesting start to a new series in ways fans of the franchise will enjoy. While Destro’s characterization felt like it was missing a bit of oomph to start with, the introduction of new characters into the Energon Universe intrigues me to see where it all goes. This issue’s stinger page, however, does signal for Destro to begin truly showcasing why he’s such a massive threat in the world of G.I. Joe. I trust Dan Watters and Co. to develop this story in ways that will have great effects on the Energon Universe’s bigger picture. Even as someone who’s not the biggest fan of the G.I. Joe, I’ve been hooked on each new release, and Destro keeps up that streak.

Why You Should Read Destro

  • The series introduces plenty of beloved and obscure characters that fans of G.I. Joe will be excited to see.  
  • Destro is primed to be a major player in the Energon Universe as the story builds up.
  • Every series part of the Energon Universe has been essential reading.  
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