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Eaternal Nocturnal Review: A Dreamy Romance

Webtoon creator instantmiso continues to deliver heart-fluttering moments with her work as “Eaternal Nocturnal” returns from hiatus.

Eaternal Nocturnal webtoon cover
Image: Webtoon
By: Amy MouaFeb 23, 2024, 2:07 AM

Eaternal Nocturnal

Eaternal Nocturnal webtoon cover

Writer: instantmiso

Artist: instantmiso

Publisher: Webtoon

Format: Webtoon

On a journey of self-discovery, two people fall in love when the line between reality and literal dreams starts to blur in instantmiso’s third hit webtoon “Eaternal Nocturnal.”

instantmiso is one of Webtoon’s longest-running and most celebrated creators. Her first series, “Where Tangents Meet,”  had a solid following in 2015 when Webtoon was picking up steam. Then, with “Sirens Lament,” which ran from 2016-2020, she created one of Webtoon’s most popular series to date. With such a strong track record for writing romance webtoons, instantmiso created “Eaternal Nocturnal,” which gained an instant following in 2021. It continues to dominate as one of the most-read ongoing webtoons on the platform today. But does it hold up to her other great romance stories? Join me as I go over my review of this lovely webtoon that has over 1.3 million subscribers!


Eve has always struggled to meet the expectations of her parents. When she loses her job again because of her chronic insomnia, she ends up taking on a ghost singing gig that further chips away at her true self. But at least with her financial situation temporarily solved, she can figure out a way to cure her restless nights. Luckily, help comes to her in the form of a mysterious and handsome dream eater who visits her in her sleep. What starts as a symbiotic relationship turns into something more. Does a happy ending await the two, or will dreams come crashing down when their worlds collide?

Eaternal Nocturnal - whale over bedImage: Webtoon


When reading fantasy, you must know what you’re getting into first. While the genre’s charm comes from exploring imaginative worlds and meeting strange characters, fantasy stories tend to get overly complicated with their plots and world-building. For the better, Eaternal Nocturnal delivers a story that’s whimsical and simple. With its lean cast of characters, the story focuses on delivering a straightforward romance plot that’s unafraid of sharing all the heartwarming details. While I love making theories about stories I read, it’s refreshing to dive into a webtoon that’s upfront and casual. Its simple storytelling reminds me of “School Bus Graveyard,” another webtoon I previously reviewed. Except while SBG feels like going for a run, “Eaternal Nocturnal” is more reminiscent of a calming stroll. The webtoon’s slow pace and overall lighter mood make it such an enjoyable romance to read as you unwind for the day. However, the webtoon also balances its light tone by exploring gloomy subject matters in the story. Themes like personal insecurities and societal pressures from social media are central to the plot and Eve’s character development. But the mood never gets too heavy to make you feel like you need to take a break from reading. The webtoon is at its best when its sweet moments make your heart flutter, and “Eaternal Nocturnal” has plenty of those to serve up.

What makes this love story’s pleasant atmosphere so engaging to follow is instantmiso’s unique approach to romance tropes. Unlike many other romance webtoons out there, Eaternal Nocturnal’s plot does not involve a rival love interest (or at least not yet, and I hope it stays that way.) Coming from many of the other romances I’ve read, it’s refreshing to see a story not resort to having a third party as a means to create conflict or cliche climactic moments. Instantmiso writes Eve and Dae, the dream eater, as characters who work on their issues and relationship together. It makes for a realistic take on how people deal with hardships and relationships. I found myself relating with Eve on her personal battles against negativity and insecurities, something many other people experience as well. That connection with the characters and their unique quirks made reading this romance webtoon feel all the more satisfying. 

Eaternal Nocturnal - girl eyes closedImage: Webtoon

Finally, I can’t wrap up this webtoon review without gushing about its lovely art. For a webtoon with such a beautifully simple story, its art perfectly matches the mood and tone. While the anime-like art style drew me in, there were details about the art I did not expect to fall in love with. The Dream Eater character design is as pretty as a starry night sky but holds a hint of eeriness due to its unknown character origin. Then, for female readers, you’ll be happy to know that Instantmiso caters well to us by including lots of tasteful fanservice moments. But if there is one small detail about the art I wish was different, it’s Eve’s hair color. Something about the pistachio-like shade of green seems to wash out her complexion. Her hair looks like a hair toner process gone wrong, or blonde hair turned green from exposure to swimming pool chlorine. While overall I enjoyed the art, Eve’s hair admittedly kept distracting me. But despite this less favorable aesthetic characteristic, the art ultimately carries a special charm that connects instantmiso’s wonderful visuals to her storytelling talent.

Final Thoughts

With her simple approach to stories and charming character writing style, it’s easy to see why instantmiso and her work continue dominating Webtoon's romance section. The long-time webtoon creator is excellent at balancing the elements of her stories, from the flow of events to the different tones of storytelling. Overall, “Eaternal Nocturnal” is a great romance webtoon anyone can easily get into. Its sweet tale lulls you into sleep, and before you know it, you’ll find yourself lost in Eve and Dae’s dream world.

Eaternal Nocturnal - girl in front of mirrorImage: Webtoon

Why You Should Read Eaternal Nocturnal

  • The webtoon has a well-rounded and cohesive narrative that is easy to follow.
  • The main characters are easily relatable and fun to read.
  • The webtoon’s use of dreams and symbolism makes it a fascinating story to explore.
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