Free Comic Book Day 2023: 10 Titles to Look Out For

This year's Free Comic Book Day lineup is absolutely stacked and we are here for it. Let's check out some of the best comics to keep an eye out for!

Avengers / X-Men #1
Image: Marvel Comics
By: Javier ReyesJan 25, 2024, 10:22 PM

It’s that time of the year again for new and old readers to come together and celebrate the fun and excitement of comic books! For those of you just learning about the yearly tradition, Free Comic Book Day happens every year on the first Saturday of May. Founded in 2002, the yearly event was started by WonderCon partner Joe Field to capitalize on the excitement around the release of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man film. That inaugural event featured four reprints of popular comics from Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, and Image Comics. With over two thousand participating stores across North America, Diamond Comics Distributors estimated more than two million comics were given away on May 4, 2002. Since then, the event has spread across the world with tens of thousands of participating comic book shops giving away over forty different titles to choose from. 

Now in its 21st year, the yearly event has only gotten bigger. This year features a great list of titles that new and old readers can be excited to grab at their local comic book shop. Let’s check out some of the titles we are most excited about checking out this upcoming Free Comic Book Day!

Ranger Academy #1

By Maria Ingrande Mora and Jo Mi-Gyeong

Ranger Academy #1Image: BOOM! Studios

Class is in session for the new generation of Power Rangers! Meet the students who may very well be the next protectors of The Grid. Staying true to the spirit of Free Comic Book Day, this new comic is a great starting point for anyone interested in getting into the crazy mythos of the Power Rangers!

The Umbrella Academy & The Witcher #1 

By Gerard Way, Gabriel Ba, Bartosz Sztybor, and Fabio Violante

The Umbrella Academy & The Witcher #1Image: Dark Horse Comics

This special two-in-one comic features brand-new short stories about the Hargreeve family and The Continent’s most infamous monster hunter. In “The Umbrella Academy: Safe”, Hargreeves and Abhijat go on an interdimensional journey that sees them face off against a cosmic horror. Meanwhile in “The Witcher: Frog Kiss”, Geralt uncovers the mystery behind the young women of Novigrad transforming into frogs! If there’s one thing better than a free comic book, it’s two comics rolled into one!

Fishflies #1

By Jeff Lemire

Fishflies #1Image: Image Comics

A preview of the latest comic book from prolific creator Jeff Lemire arrives as part of Free Comic Book Day! The story follows the life of Franny Fox, a young girl who runs away from her home in Belle River. The sudden infestation of fishflies is a bad omen of things to come for the small town. Meanwhile, Franny befriends a strange monster that’s somehow connected to the terrible events that have hit her town.

Marvel Voices #1

By Alyssa Wong, John Jennings, Nyla Innuksuk, Sabir Pirzada, and more!

Marvel Voices #1Image: Marvel Comics

Step into the pages of one of Marvel’s most groundbreaking series. The comic book series celebrates diversity as it spotlights the unique creators and characters that make up the ever-evolving Marvel Universe. The book will include a range of stories that star Ms. Marvel, Luke Cage, Wave, Ironheart, and more!

Street Fighter 6 #1 

By Matt Moylan, Edwin Huang, and Genzoman

Street Fighter 6 #1 Image: Udon Entertainment

The new generation of World Warriors has their hands full in this brand-new story set in the time of Street Fighter 6! Luke puts his training to the test against a group of rowdy thieves. Meanwhile, Kimberly goes one-on-one against the ever-sadistic Juri in a battle of new school versus old school. This FCBD one-shot is the perfect companion piece for the upcoming Street Fighter 6 miniseries launching later in May!

Avengers / X-Men #1 

By Gerry Duggan, Joshua Cassara, Jonathan Hickman, and Valerio Schiti

Avengers / X-Men #1Image: Marvel Comics

A new age is coming for both the Avengers and the X-Men. This double-feature issue features stories that set the stage for Marvel’s biggest events this year: G.O.D.S. and Fall of X. The status quo of Marvel’s most famous teams will be shaken up, and it all starts in this upcoming release for this year’s Free Comic Book Day!

Dawn of DC - Knight Terrors #1

By Joshua Williamson, Chris Bachalo, Howard Porter, and Brad Anderson

Dawn of DC - Knight Terrors #1Image: DC

After the death of one of DC’s earliest characters, heroes and villains find themselves trapped in a world ominously named the “Nightmare Realm.” It’s a place where anyone who steps foot in it must face their deepest fears to survive. Even a character as powerful as Deadman cannot escape the trap of the mysterious realm. This special FCBD edition provides fans with a sneak peek of what’s sure to be DC’s most horrifying event to date!

Runescape: Untold Tales God Wars #1

By Ryan O'Sullivan and Daniel Bayliss

Runescape: Untold Tales God Wars #1Image: Titan Books

Dive into the mystical world of Gielinor, where humans, elves, dwarves, dragonkin, and more fight for ultimate might and magic. This special Free Comic Book Day issue directly ties into an upcoming four-part miniseries launching this June. You don’t want to miss out on experiencing this legendary fantasy video game franchise being adapted into comics for the very first time!

The Sacrificers #1

By Rick Remender and Max Fiumara

The Sacrificers #1Image: Image Comics

In the latest comic book from Rick Remender’s Giant Generator imprint, utopia comes at a price. Through the oversight of five distinguished families, harmony is maintained in this fantastical world if each household gives up one child to be sacrificed. But everything changes when an unloved son and a rebellious daughter come together to tear the whole system down. Free Comic Book Day offers an advanced look at one of the year’s most anticipated series debuts.

I Am Stan #1

By Tom Scioli

I Am Stan #1Image: Ten Speed Press

From Eisner-nominated artist Tom Scioli comes the first graphic novel biography of the legendary comic creator Stan Lee. It’s fitting to see the life of the man who co-created many of Marvel’s biggest superheroes be put into the pages of a comic book in a vibrant fashion. Take a peek into the mind that brought Spider-Man, Iron Man, Daredevil, the Hulk, and many more to life!

For the full list of titles, you can find it on the Free Comic Book Day website! Want to find a participating shop near you? Free Comic Book Day also has a handy Store Locator you can use on their website! Good luck and have fun nabbing some free comic books this weekend!