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Fishflies #2 Review: What Makes a Monster

Unravel more of the strange mysteries behind Jeff Lemire's gripping story about a girl and her new monstrous friend.

Fishflies #2 Review Cover
Image: Image Comics
By: Javier ReyesFeb 23, 2024, 2:13 AM

Fishflies #2

Fishflies #2 Full Cover

Writer: Jeff Lemire

Artist: Jeff Lemire

Publisher: Image Comics

Release Date: October 10, 2023

Format: Single-issue

This latest issue of “Fishflies” slowly unravels more of its weird mystery while developing the strange friendship between Franny Fox and Bug.

It’s time to return to some small-town strangeness in Jeff Lemire’s Fishflies! After unfortunately having to push back its release by a couple of weeks due to an unexpected printing error, the latest issue finally hit shelves this week for readers to enjoy. I couldn’t be happier to see how the comic unravels more of its mysterious story. The series’ debut issue really impressed me with its eerie atmosphere, fascinating characters, and bizarre premise. There’s just nothing like diving into a Jeff Lemire comic where some weird things happen in a small town.

Was this latest issue worth the wait? Let’s check out my review and find out!

Investigating the crimeImage: Image Comics


Heartbroken by what happened to her son Paul, Mrs. Dupuis returns to the crime scene to look for clues. Unfortunately, all she finds are thousands of fishflies dead all over the deserted convenience store. Mrs. Dupuis goes to the police station to talk to Officer Laraque. She believes the fishflies are the answer to solving the crime. Despite his skepticism, the chief listens to the poor woman’s pleas. She reveals how she once saw something very strange with a connection to the fishflies spreading around town.

Meanwhile, Franny and “Bug” begin getting to know each other. As different as they are, the two have plenty in common. Franny understands what it’s like to be hated by others for the way they look. It doesn’t take long for the two to quickly form a bond and embark on a small journey across Franny’s farm and the forest.

Nightmare of regretImage: Image Comics


This latest issue changes the story’s pace coming from its eerie debut. Instead of the heavy atmospheric storytelling we’ve seen, this issue calms things down to put a greater spotlight on its characters. The introduction of Mrs. Dupuis and Officer Laraque adds new perspectives to the story, giving us characters whose lives have been severely affected by what happened in the first issue. As enamored as Franny seems to be with her new monstrous friend, their stories are a grim reminder of just how much of a monster he truly is. While we’re still early into the run, I’m fascinated by how all these different story threads will tie into one another as the narrative unfolds.

Even with the story introducing more moving pieces to its strange mystery, the heart of “Fishflies’” narrative lies in the peculiar friendship between Franny and Bug. By delving more into Franny’s harsh school life, this issue sheds light on why she has such a connection with the monster living on her farm. We see how “monsters” are something she experiences every day. In her eyes, you can see Bug is far from the worst she deals with. It’s both wholesome and unsettling seeing how comfortable Franny is around Bug. While she’s all smiles with Bug, some moments show how she has plenty of anger bottled up against the rest of the world around her. Having that bit of darkness leaking out of her character begs the question: Who between her and Bug will have the greater influence on the other?

What draws me into plenty of Lemire’s books is his love for infusing weird supernatural elements into his stories. This issue teases the otherworldliness that’s brewing within the story in a beautifully made two-page spread. It’s a moment that hits like a truck and sets the tone for the rest of the issue. As if a giant fly monster running and jumping around town wasn’t strange enough, having the story unravel more layers of its mystery leaves me eager to keep discovering more.

Franny Fox and Bug talkImage: Image Comics

Final Thoughts

The latest issue of Fishflies continues to build the strange friendship between Franny and Bug while teasing more of the weirdness that underlies its eerie story. Lemire is putting in some of his best work in this series, from his methodical storytelling to his beautifully melancholic art across every page. “Fishflies” has everything you could want from a gripping Jeff Lemire comic.

Why You Should Read Fishflies

  • Jeff Lemire’s art is both haunting and whimsical throughout the comic. 
  • It’s fascinating to see the strange friendship between Franny and Bug evolve.
  • The story is beginning to tease the mystery behind the town and the fishflies.

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