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I Love Yoo Review: A Webtoon Classic

Come and learn more about I Love Yoo and how it continues to be a fan-favorite webtoon since its debut.

I Love You cover
Image: Webtoon
By: Amy MouaFeb 23, 2024, 2:15 AM

I Love Yoo

I Love You cover

Writer: Quimchee

Artist: Quimchee

Publisher: Webtoon

Release Date: April 16, 2023

Format: Webtoon

I Love Yoo has remained a popular webtoon throughout its publication with its literary and artistic craftsmanship by creator Quimchee. Its consistent delivery of compelling characters and story dynamics makes this webtoon an instant classic.

For six years running, Quimchee continues to deliver a stimulating story with “I Love Yoo.” It’s among the most popular webtoons and one of WEBTOON’s top Originals. Having won the 2018 Favorite New Series Ringo Award, it was also recently named a 2023 Best Webcomics Ringo Award Nominee. It is currently translated into several languages across WEBTOON’s multiple international platforms, generating a huge and devoted fanbase across the world. If this is your first time hearing about this webtoon, well then, it’s your lucky day. Keep on reading to find out more about why fans, myself included, continue to devote themselves to this beautiful story.

I Love Yoo - Girl and BoyImage: Webtoon


Jaded by past trauma and hardship, Shin-ae avoids people and relationships, whether they be platonic or romantic. Comfortable with only a small group of friends, Shin-ae simply wants to graduate high school, go to college, and then get a job that will provide enough to help lessen the burden on her overworked father. But the universe never seems to go easy on her as things quickly take a sharp turn when she meets the Hirahara brothers. It doesn’t take long for the two to bring chaos and change into her withdrawn life. While the changes come with both good and bad, they are something she needs to experience to move forward from her painful past.

I Love Yoo - girl and catImage: Webtoon


“I Love Yoo” is easily one of the best webtoons I’ve ever read (and I’ve read a lot). Quimchee, the creator, puts so much phenomenal work into the series that each episode feels like a must-read. While the webtoon was originally part of the romance genre in its early years, it has since evolved into something much more than just a love story. WEBTOON has since recategorized the story as a drama, a change which Quimchee herself agrees with. 

What makes the story so engaging and complex is how it beautifully weaves together the lives of the different characters and their developments. The characters of “I Love Yoo” each have discernible flaws, making them feel very human and relatable. It’s easy to read the webtoon and think one character is a jerk in one episode, then have that opinion completely change 15 episodes later. Even Shin-ae is far from being portrayed as the perfect protagonist. Quimchee is great at writing characters who don’t see or act like the world is in black and white. Ironically, it’s the imperfections that make characters stand out and more likable as the story progresses.

The relationship dynamics between Shin-ae and the other characters are also very well written. Which is impressive, considering the webtoon boasts such a large cast. Even the many side characters play pivotal roles in Shin-ae’s growth throughout the story. While some characters you’ll love (like precious German boy Dieter), others you will love to hate (e.g. Nepo Baby Sang-chul). Quimchee has a knack for creating unique characters who always bring something new to the table.

I Love You - girl and boy formalImage: Webtoon

While the plot of “I Love Yoo” is interesting on its own, what makes the webtoon great is how it tackles challenging themes and topics through its narrative. For example, the story will touch on issues like bullying and classism as Shin-ae navigates through a society dominated by people more socially and economically powerful than her. As great as the romantic subplots are, “I Love Yoo” is more than just a simple pleasure read. It will deepen your understanding and push your worldviews in new ways. 

The art may seem simple at first glance, but its style is part of what builds up the webtoon’s engaging story. Quimchee is meticulous about the details of scenes, down to her use of specific colors, lighting, and angles. These intricacies have led to many fan discussions, forums, and podcasts dedicated to breaking down different theories surrounding the story. With how the story has evolved over the years, I see “I Love Yoo” not as just a webtoon but as a literary piece people should read, study, and write about. When the time comes for Quimchee to finish up the story, I believe it will be a bittersweet celebration for the completion of a great literary work.

Final Thoughts

With over 240 episodes out so far, this is a webtoon you can binge-read for free right now. Everyone should read the webtoon while they can, as its future is currently unknown since Quimchee’s contract expiration date draws closer. But regardless of where it ends up in the future, I know Quimchee won’t stop until this story is finished. I look forward to her incredible delivery of future episodes.

Why You Should Read I Love Yoo

  • I Love Yoo has a neat and appealing art style.
  • Quimchee creates a narrative with engaging and dynamic relationships between enjoyable characters.
  • Except for Fast Pass episodes, all other episodes are free to read.
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