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I’m the Tyrant’s Secretary Webtoon Review: She Can Never Quit

Discover this charming romance webtoon where love and drama blossom between a transmigrated secretary and the tyrant that rules over her.

Im the Tyrants Secretary Review Cover
Image: Tapas
By: Lost Sundae Jul 10, 2024, 9:30 AM

I'm the Tyrant's Secretary

Im the Tyrants Secretary Review Full Cover

Writer: Lee Inhye, Jay

Artist: Kio

Publisher: Tapas

Format: Webtoon

This webtoon follows an overworked secretary who, on the night she quits her job, is transported into a novel only to become a secretary all over again. Not only that, but she has to work for a tyrant who won’t let her go. If you’re into the classic webtoons of romancing a tyrant then this webtoon is for you.

The webtoon I’m the Tyrant’s Secretary follows a familiar and captivating premise: a woman is transported into a novel she was reading and is forced to play the role of the tyrant’s secretary to save her family from death. It delivers a rather heartwarming story with decent amounts of drama mixed in that will leave Shoujo and Josei lovers satisfied. The dynamic between the secretary and her tyrant was cute and enjoyable. Continue reading for my full review of this charming webtoon of tyrant vs secretary.


On the night she quits her job, a secretary is transported into the novel called “Taming a Tyrant’s Heart”. Believing she was just an extra, Rosalyn lived a comfortable life until her brother, Roy, was chosen to become the secretary of the tyrant in the novel. That position leads to him making a mistake that costs his and his family’s lives. Thus, Rosalyn forces herself to take his place and work for the next five years under the dreadful tyrant, Kahir. But when it’s time to put in her resignation, Kahir just won’t let her go. Is she destined to be the tyrant’s secretary forever? 

Im the Tyrants Secretary - Lead characters speakingImage: Tapas


I will start by saying that I love reading webtoons about tyrants. I’m not ashamed to admit that. I love how those kinds of stories reveal unique layers about the characters through intriguing backstories and world-building. I’m fascinated by learning why tyrants are the way they are, even if they are simply misunderstood. Kahir is no exception in this case, especially as I got deeper into the story of I’m the Tyrant’s Secretary. As a young emperor and leader of his nation, he shows himself as the type to demand perfection not just from himself and everyone around him. His meticulous nature makes his dynamic with Rosalyn, the webtoon’s female lead, so compelling to follow throughout the story. 

Speaking of Rosalyn, I personally really like her character as well. She uses her knowledge of the novel assertively to show she’s no pushover. A prime example of her personality can be seen when she first meets Azalea, Kahir’s stepmother and dowager empress with a villainous streak. Despite Azalea being the type to put Rosalyn down for her social status, Rosalyn stands up for herself to show she is not threatened. Despite seeming like the type to be easily controlled by others, Rosalyn often reverses expectations by proving she’s a strong-willed heroine in the webtoon. Those characteristics carry into her relationship with Kahir. As easy as it would be for her to simply appease the needs of others, Rosalyn doesn’t compromise her identity and dignity just for an easy ticket out of trouble.

Im the Tyrants Secretary - Introduction of Rosalyn BerytImage: Tapas

Ultimately, Rosalyn’s headstrong and down-to-earth personality keeps her in good relations with Kahir. Their dynamic works like a well-oiled machine, as they greatly respect each other despite their differences. It’s nice (and cute!) seeing how they affect each other, to the point that Kahir feels less like a tyrant over time. That is until Rosalyn asks to quit after the fated time of her family’s execution in the novel has passed. What she didn’t expect was the fact that Kahir would refuse and even say that she could only quit working for him when she died. As chilling as those words sound from Kahir, it shows his deep attachment to Rosalyn. So for those Yandere fans out there, you’ll be happy to know that Kahir does have some dark romantic tendencies. Even when the novel’s actual female lead shows up, it doesn’t look like there’s any contest as to who Kahir truly loves.

Yes, that’s right! The novel’s female lead, Ella, shows up at some point in the story as well. But what’s interesting about her character is that she is also a transmigrator like Rosalyn! This is one of the first times I’ve read a webtoon where there is more than one transmigrator in the story and honestly, I find it a refreshing plot twist. Not to mention the fact that it takes a new spin on the classic trope of the isekaied female protagonist vs the true female lead. As a character created by the author, Lee Inhye, Ella is so different from the conventional main heroine found in these stories. She is no pure sweetheart but as the true female lead of the story, she is destined to be with Kahir…right? Is it bad that I actually kind of like Ella despite still rooting for Rosalyn? Their dynamics together make for a great story as you wonder if Ella will succeed in getting Kahir or if Rosalyn can steal his heart instead. The only way to find out is to read this great webtoon yourself!

Im the Tyrants Secretary - Kahir is dressed up in his royal garbImage: Tapas

Final Thoughts

I personally really enjoyed I’m the Tyrant’s Secretary. The creator has done a good job of keeping the pace and tempo of the webtoon that keeps me engaged in the enchanting story. The unique twist of having two transmigrators adds a fresh element to this kind of romance webtoon. I look forward to seeing how the relationship between Rosalyn and Kahir develops and whether Rosalyn will get her freedom. If you’re the type who loves tyrant characters, this one is definitely worth checking out! 

Who this is for:

  • Readers who love possessive tyrant characters.
  • Those who love transmigration stories, especially ones with TWO transmigrators.
  • Enjoyers of slow-burn romances 

Who this is not for:

  • Those who dislike tyrants and similar characters.
  • Readers looking for more traditional romance plots.
  • Those who avoid long-running webtoons.