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Lady Devil Review: Thicker Than Water

Discover the twisted tale of a young girl’s forbidden love with her brother, beginning with an innocent kiss.

Lady Devil Cover
Image: Manta
By: Amy MouaFeb 23, 2024, 2:26 AM

Lady Devil

Lady Devil

Writer: B. cenci

Artist: FUKI Choco

Publisher: Manta

Release Date: November 15, 2020

Format: Webtoon

Embroiled in curses, devils, and a steamy forbidden love story, Lady Devil takes readers on a chaotic but unforgettable ride.

Do you know that feeling of awe and horror you get when witnessing something crazy and unbelievable? That is how it feels reading “Lady Devil” from Manta. The webtoon is a startling yet enthralling tale that pulls you into its unsettling plot. Similar to how people are intrigued by true-crime documentaries despite their disturbing contents, “Lady Devil” has the same appeal with its dark romance story. This webtoon is absolutely not for the faint of heart. To be honest, I had originally dropped this webtoon after reading only a few chapters because of the heavy subject of incest. But somehow, the story I left unfinished drew me back. Part of it was due to its popularity, as Manta continuously recommended it on the app and social media. But a big part of what ultimately drew me back was my morbid curiosity and the need to know how the webtoon concludes. By the end, I was satisfied with my decision to finally finish reading this wild ride of a story. Read on to learn more as I unravel my thoughts on this controversial yet captivating series.

Giovinetta attacksImage: Manta


Giovinetta was the only daughter of the powerful Duke Valdemar. She grew up carefree and loved until she committed the devastating sin of falling in love with Johannes, her twin brother. Forced to live the rest of her girlhood locked away in a tower, she grew up yearning for the outside world and a forbidden love. Her first attempt to escape her wretched life ends in a bloodstained marriage and herself as a young widow. It’s Giovinetta’s second attempt to escape that leads her to wish upon a devil in a coffin. But no deal with the devil comes without a consequence, as her wish becomes a curse that turns Johannes into a demon. Just how much more sinful can their love become?


As you can tell from that brief yet haunting overview, you shouldn’t expect any fluff in this dark webtoon. “Lady Devil” is a love story that boldly explores taboo topics ranging from incest to every form of abuse. But at the webtoon’s core is the romance between Giovinetta and Johannes. No matter how passionate and emotional their love is portrayed, just like Johannes’ demonic presence that looms over his relationship with Giovinetta, the monstrosity of a darker theme looms over the romance aspect of the webtoon. It is a heavy read, to say the least, as it's full of suspenseful moments and intriguing plot twists. Writer B. cenci masterfully creates a tale that goes beyond a forbidden incestuous relationship. Despite being an uncomfortable subject for readers, something is captivating about how their relationship is written and expressed. When Giovinetta and Johannes are shown happily together, you can’t help but be drawn in by the intense and genuine longing they have for each other.

Giovinetta and Johannes in loveImage: Manta

Human nature and morality are among the biggest themes that resonate throughout the story. Readers will witness the dynamics of dysfunctional characters falling from grace as they are desperate to achieve each of their own goals. But what makes the rest of the cast so intriguing is that they all serve as stark contrasts against the main leads. Is there anything more sinful than a sister and brother in love? Would it be a lord who kills his innocent people for personal gain? Or a mother turning to the devil to save herself? Or would it be a nanny sleeping with the child she raised? While so many characters play a vital role in building the dark world of this webtoon, everything ties back into the captivating story of the two star-crossed lovers.

I don’t know where to even begin describing the complexities of Giovinetta and Johannes’ characters without divulging spoilers. While their relationship is taboo on many levels, it is grounded on pure and innocent feelings. It is important to note that of all the couples that appear in the webtoon, Giovinetta and Johannes are one of maybe three happy couples. Reading the webtoon from start to finish is vital to truly understanding who both of them are. To get an idea of just how twisted the story can be about the characters, just look at the names of the two leads. Giovinetta’s name in Italian simply means “girl” or “young girl,” which is a sad echo of her often powerless state. She is also nicknamed Annette by Johannes, meaning “God has favored me,” making it a perfectly laughable and mocking name that further contrasts her tortured life. As for Johannes, his name means “God is gracious,” a holy name satirically given to a demon. Like I said at the beginning, you can’t help but read in awe and horror from the details put into this beautifully angsty romance.

The art by FUKI Choco beautifully expresses this twisted tale. The color palette for the webtoon is noticeably devoid of bright colors, primarily consisting of a muted, warm, and dark color scheme. These colors then go hand-in-hand with the character designs inspired by Medieval aesthetics rather than the typical 18th-century French fashion. Because the latter is a common choice found in feel-good historical fantasies, the approach in Lady Devil is to present a more simplistic style that matches the story’s melancholic tone. All these elements help create a world that feels distinctly dark and twisted. Then, with the way FUKI Choco draws Giovinetta and Johannes simply happy and in love, you have a moment of satisfaction as the two break away from the darkness swirling all over their lives.

Giovinetta and the devilImage: Manta

Final Thoughts

Very few reading experiences can compare to “Lady Devil.” Writer B. cenci doesn’t shy away from taboo subjects and sins, while artist FUKI Choco doesn’t go light on their illustrations of it either. Despite how uncomfortable it can get reading this webtoon, I cannot deny how hauntingly good it is. It is definitely not a webtoon for everyone. But if you love reading dark romances with disturbing themes, it’s a great webtoon to add to your list of reads.

Why You Should Read Lady Devil

  • The webtoon is complete and bingeable.
  • It daringly explores taboo topics by utilizing a smooth narrative and dynamic illustrations to create a powerful story.
  • It has a unique plot with plenty of twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat.