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Moon Man #2 Review: Reach for the Stars

Explore the intriguing universe of Moon Man, the stylish superhero comic by Kyle Higgins, Kid Cudi, and artist Marco Locati.

Moon Man 2 Review Cover
Image: Image Comics
By: Javier ReyesApr 19, 2024, 10:01 AM

Moon Man #2

Moon Man 2 Full Cover

Writer: Scott Mescudi, Kyle Higgins

Artist: Marco Locati

Publisher: Image Comics

Release Date: April 17, 2024

Page Count: 28

Format: Single-issue

Moon Man follows up its flashy debut with an issue that fleshes out more of Ramon’s character and what drives him to reach for the stars as a mysterious superhero. Oozing with style and fantastic art, this latest issue pulls you into a story that feels out of this world.

Moon Man turned heads with its stellar opening issue that tells the story of a man who comes into contact with otherworldly powers. As the comic book debut of Kid Cudi, Moon Man had many people excited to see how the popular rapper would inject his creative spin and love for cosmic entities into this intriguing new series. And just like Ramon’s flashy superpowers in the comics, the series took off with flying colors. Now, here we are for the next chapter in the bold new superhero adventure. Despite the delays between issues, I am eager to jump back into this story and see what it has up its sleeve as we dive deeper into Moon Man’s origin story. So, buckle up and put on your astronaut helmets for my review of Moon Man #2!

Moon Man 2 - Main character looking at his reflection on the floorImage: Image Comics


The world is still buzzing about the mystery behind Janus’ strange expedition to space. This puts Ramon and the rest of the crew in a tricky situation since even they don’t have the answers to the questions everyone is asking. All Ramon knows is that he must keep his new powers a secret or risk having his and his brother’s lives turned upside down. So, on a night when he tries to clear his head, Ramon tests the limits of his powers to an extraordinary degree.


After the bombastic final stretch of Moon Man’s debut issue, this latest installment slows things down a bit to give us a closer look at Ramon’s conflicting life as a member of Janus. What I loved in the first issue was how the charismatic personalities of Ramon and his brother stood out. We get more of that and their dynamic together but with an added twist now knowing Ramon has some fantastic superpowers. The back half of the issue shows how Ramon has a bit of a chip on his shoulder now that he realizes he’s a superhero in the making. It’s during these superhero moments that the comic shines the brightest. The line work of Marco Locati meshes beautifully with Igor Monti’s coloring to give the rainbow effects of Ramon’s Moon Man powers an otherworldly presence. Reminiscent of a hero like The Silver Surfer, there is a sense of seeing a cosmic entity every time the comic shows Ramon/Moon Man zipping across the rooftops of his city. 

Moon Man 2 - Two characters talking through a phoneImage: Image Comics

This second issue continues the path of telling Moon Man's superhero origin story. With Ramon going out to explore the limits of his powers, I couldn’t help but be reminded of the scenes from Spider-Man with Tobey Maguire testing his web-shooting and wall-crawling for the first time. What is interesting about Moon Man, however, is how there is a bit of an implication that Ramon has a dark/violent side to him. Despite his powers being as vibrant as they are, this issue hints at Roman’s character falling more within a morally grey area. It makes me realize that his origins as a superhero don’t come from a place of peace but from vengeance and frustration. Seeing more instances of Ramon’s powers triggering greatly from raw emotions points to the idea that he’s still far from fully controlling and understanding his powers. These details put a lot of intrigue in the story and characters, which makes me excited to see more about how Ramon's powers continue to change him in strange ways.

Moon Man 2 - Character flying_gliding using his superpowersImage: Image Comics

Final Thoughts

Moon Man continues to put the pieces together for a stylish new superhero comic that’s equally intriguing and heartfelt. While this series will easily sweep you away with its gorgeous art, the character development is what has me hooked on seeing what comes next. Here’s to hoping that the series gets into the groove of releasing on a more consistent schedule since it’s too good to keep waiting for multiple months. If you love superhero comics but want some completely fresh from the norm, then Moon Man is the series to keep an eye on.

Why You Should Read Moon Man

  • Marco Locati’s art blends beautifully with Igor Monti’s colors to give a cosmic feel to Ramon’s powers.
  • The story’s pacing hits a good balance in showcasing character moments and stylish action.
  • It’s fascinating to see a darker side to Ramon’s character start to unfold.

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