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My Lucky Strike Review: A Perfect Love Triangle

Follow the lovely Siru as she goes about her college days with an unrequited crush and the sudden interest of two guys!

My Lucky Strike webtoon cover
Image: Webtoon
By: Amy MouaFeb 23, 2024, 2:25 AM

My Lucky Strike Review: A Perfect Love Triangle

My Lucky Strike webtoon cover

Writer: bakSSdam

Artist: bakSSdam

Publisher: Webtoon Originals

Format: Webtoon

My Lucky Strike hits a wonderful balance of romance, drama, and comedy that’ll keep you delightfully entertained with each weekly episode.

When you grow up reading romance stories, there’s just something about love triangles and the idea of two people vying for the affection of one person that reduces you to a starry-eyed romantic who giggles in excitement. “My Lucky Strike” brings out that exact feeling with its cast of charming characters and amusing storyline. With all its romantic twists and turns, the webtoon is a modern Korean love story I’ve come to adore from following the releases weekly. Continue down below to learn more about this webtoon and my review of it!

My Lucky Strike webtoon - girl is lateImage: Webtoon


Industrial design major and tomboy Siru gets along well with everyone, especially the guys. That’s why she never intended to confess to her friend and sunbae, Gibaek, who she has a crush on. But when she gets indirectly rejected and friend-zoned, Siru ends up drinking her sorrows away. In her drunken stupor, she ends up in several predicaments that lead to an unexpected shift in her love life. Suddenly, her mysterious classmate, Cheong, and her sunbae starts showing an interest in her. Will Siru’s one-sided crush develop into something more, or will she choose a new love? 


What I find best about “My Lucky Strike” is how it balances its different story elements to make one highly engaging webtoon. Firstly, the story’s romance will make your heart flutter with scenes like Siru and Gibaek sharing endearing glances or Cheong speaking intimate lines to Siru. Then, there is comedy to instigate some chuckles, like the friendly banter between the characters and their exaggerated facial expressions. But to keep things spicy, the story also has just enough drama to keep you guessing what comes next. The creator, bakSSdam, is great at crafting storylines that flow naturally and don’t drag out to force specific plots. The focus is always on telling a wonderful and entertaining love story.

My Lucky Strike webtoon - girl explainingImage: Webtoon

But what really makes “My Lucky Strike” such a fun read is that it’s a love triangle story with three equally captivating characters. Siru herself is a very likable FMC who ties the whole story together. Besides her adorable character design, she’s straightforward, stays true to herself, and sticks up for her friends. Her struggles with love will make anyone who’s ever been in an unrequited relationship feel a connection with her, especially through her love-struck dialogue and facial expressions. As for the male leads, on the other hand, both Gibaek and Cheong are more than just your ordinary extremely handsome love interests. While Gibaek is a caring sunbae who is always willing to help his classmates and friends, Cheong is the more reserved type who only shows his caring side to Siru. With how well-written the characters are, it’s easy to see why feelings start developing between them. And because each character has a special charisma to them, their unique relationship dynamics are all so interesting to follow. 

With such appealing characters stuck in such a wonderful love triangle story, it’s inevitable for shipping wars to happen among readers. That’s all part of the fun of reading stories as well-made as this. Even though they are only fictional characters, you want a happy ending for them, especially for your favorites. While I’d normally prefer to be on the fence and let the story play out when it comes to shipping, I can’t but personally feel I’m on Team Cheong. It’s easy to lose yourself for a few minutes as you get absorbed in the love story of another.

My Lucky Strike webtoon - girl with headphonesImage: Webtoon

Final Thoughts

This webtoon series continues to satisfy my romance webcomic appetite with its delightful weekly episodes. It’s an overall feel-good comic you will want to read as you unwind for the day. I’ve been hooked on “My Lucky Strike” since episode one, and while I’m hoping for a long run on this series. I can’t wait to discover who will eventually be the endgame for Siru. 

Why You Should Read My Lucky Strike

  • It’s a cute romance story involving three loveable characters.
  • The art is aesthetically pleasing.
  • The main characters are all richly developed and believable in their pursuits of love. 
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