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Napalm Lullaby #2 Review: Fight for the Future

Buckle up for the latest issue of Napalm Lullaby, the latest sci-fi comic from Rick Remender’s Giant Generator and Image Comics.

Napalm Lullaby 2 Review Cover
Image: Image Comics
By: Javier ReyesApr 10, 2024, 9:30 AM

Napalm Lullaby #2

Napalm Lullaby 2 Full Cover

Writer: Rick Remender

Artist: Bengal

Publisher: Image Comics

Release Date: April 10, 2024

Page Count: 32

Format: Single-issue

Napalm Lullaby follows up its thrilling debut with a more grounded story that introduces readers to the quirks behind the comic’s main cast of characters. Instead of fast-paced action, this issue treats us to a more intimate look into the hopes and dreams of heroes looking to take back their world.

What happens when you mix together elements of Mad Max: Fury Road and The Matrix? You get the new comic series Napalm Lullaby by Rick Remender and Bengal. As the latest comic part of Remender’s Giant Generator imprint, Napalm Lullaby delivers a dazzling new sci-fi story set in a dystopian world controlled by a narcissistic religious leader. After its first issue that throws you right into the thick of a world where free thinking is controlled, the series comes in hot with a new installment that puts you in the shoes of the heroes of this intriguing story. So, buckle up for my review of Napalm Lullaby #2, one of the hottest new titles from Image Comics!

Napalm Lullaby 2 -Characters speaking in a store barImage: Image Comics


Sarah and Sam return home after their skirmish to retrieve the Haloports. It doesn’t take long for the siblings to argue about their plans after the mission. While Sarah wants to revert to the world’s natural order, Sam ponders the idea of them being the ones to shape the future however they want. But regardless of the outcome, they still have the tall task of killing the “god” of their dystopian society to take back control. The first step in their mission is getting their father on board before he settles on doing nothing and only dwelling on the past.


One of the main criticisms I saw for Naplam Lullaby #1 was that readers felt it lacked proper introductions to the story’s characters and it was more style than substance. This latest issue is the perfect answer to what was missing in the first. As much as I loved the first issue for being a fast-paced romp that unceremoniously throws you into its dystopian world, this issue slows things down to give us a more personal look into the lives and quirks of the story’s rebellious protagonists: Sarah, Sam, and their eccentric father. In this one issue, Rick Remender excellently fleshes out the characters by having them express their unique perspectives about their world and mission. While Sarah wants to set things right with her cool and calculated approach, Sam is a bit of a hothead (as if his fiery red hair wasn’t a clue enough) with tendencies of being a control freak. Then there’s their father, who is more concerned about collecting old relics and books than taking action to fix their situation. By the issue’s end, it’s clear how the characters represent a spectrum of ideologies within the comic’s fascinating world, setting the stage for a more intriguing story to unfold from here. 

Napalm Lullaby 2 - character reading a bookImage: Image Comics

Even though this issue is less action-focused and more grounded and character-driven, Bengal shows off his knack for crafting art that tells a story with every detail. The curious home of Sarah and Sam is a treat to see, as its walls and shelves are adorned with objects that range from arcade machines to ornithopters. But as whimsical as the scene looks, it’s also a great visual reminder of how far detached the comic’s world is from “reality.” The detail put into these scenes helps add character to the cast and the world they are so desperately fighting for. And just like the last issue, this latest installment ends with a beautifully done splash page that’s a wondrous and foreboding showcase of the kind of bombastic villain the heroes are up against. 

Napalm Lullaby 2 - Two characters speaking with one smokingImage: Image Comics

Final Thoughts

In a way, the first two issues of Napalm Lullaby are two sides of the same coin. While the first issue sets the tone for the fast-paced action we can expect from the series, the second is a more personal look into the characters and dynamics that will drive the story forward. Together, they make up a well-rounded introduction to a stylish dystopian story that delves into the morals behind saving the world. This series has Rick Remender and Bengal in top form, as so much about it is a joy to read and a pleasure to look at. And with how the story has played out so far, there is so much to discover about this comic’s fascinating world and enigmatic characters at every turn. 

Why You Should Read Napalm Lullaby

  • Bengal’s art is rich with detail that says so much in every panel.
  • It’s setting up the pieces of telling a story that hinges on the morals and ideologies of the characters.
  • The personalities and motivations of the characters are more fleshed out in this latest installment.
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