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Nerya: The Unblessed Webtoon CANVAS Review: Demons, Gods, and Hidden Truths

Step into this exciting action fantasy series that transports you to an enticing new world full of demons, beasts, and powers.

Nerya The Unblessed webtoon cover
Image: Webtoon
By: Amy MouaMay 7, 2024, 9:45 AM

Nerya: The Unblessed

Nerya The Unblessed webtoon cover

Writer: Neto Rito

Artist: Neto Rito

Publisher: Webtoon

Format: Webtoon

This suspenseful and action-packed series delivers top-notch work in storytelling and art. It’s easily one of the higher-quality CANVAS webtoons currently published on the platform, making it deserving of more praise than it's currently getting.

When picking out CANVAS webtoons to read, I usually gravitate towards the ones with large followings already. Seeing buzz around a series gives me an idea of how enjoyable a lesser-known series may be. That’s why I wasn't sure about what I was getting into when I discovered Nerya: The Unblessed, a series that’s still just picking up steam. With hundreds of other webtoons out there to choose from, I questioned whether I should take the time to read this one. But after going through the prologue and experiencing its fantastic world for the first time, it was enough to tell me that Nerya was something special. With its gripping premise, interesting characters, and beautiful art, I believe this webtoon deserves more attention than it’s currently getting. With that said, continue reading for my thoughts on this webtoon that quickly made its way into my weekly reading list! 


In a world terrorized by demons and beasts, people with immense powers are highly esteemed within the culture. These blessed people are viewed as protectors against the demons and favored by the Gods. However, the powerless ones are considered unblessed and unworthy. For Nerya, a village girl, she is part of the latter group. Since her family’s mysterious death, she strives to become the strongest warrior despite being among the unblessed. With only her natural abilities to rely on, she seeks out answers and retribution. But how will she achieve her goal when even those closest to her refuse to tell her the truth?

Nerya_ The Unblessed - girl main character saying _eightImage: Webtoon


First things first, this webtoon’s cool premise hooked me from the start! The story reimagines traditional fantasy elements, like monsters and heroes, in ways that make the world feel familiar yet distinct. It draws inspiration from Indian cultural and religious beliefs, making it a far cry from what you see in many other fantasy webtoons. When I first saw Nerya’s hairstyle and character design, I assumed I was in for another Korean/Chinese-inspired story. But as I started reading more, I realized there was much more to the story than what appears on the surface. This unexpected quality works out perfectly for Nerya: The Unblessed as details such as characters with saris and bindis add a notable touch of difference to the story. It’s a refreshing type of difference that makes it stand out among the oversaturated Korean-inspired webtoon market. The story also kept me on my toes while reading because I didn’t know what to expect from a story that’s inspired by such influences. Since Webtoon notably lacks works that are culturally different, this type of creative approach makes Nerya’s story feel incredibly unique.

Another reason why I was so drawn into this webtoon’s Indian cultural inspirations is because I can connect elements of the story to real-world ideas. For example, one of the gods in the webtoon is named Ausra, which is a clear play on the mythical beings called “Asura”. Linking the story to sources outside their fictional world made forming theories about characters and the world more stimulating and easier to understand. There’s an added depth to the story that makes it feel more than just an ordinary fantasy action webtoon. Because I enjoy reading closely the details of well-written webtoons, I realized there is so much to discover about this story beyond what you see at first glance. Even if you don’t know much about the origin of inspiration, creator Neto Rito does an amazing job with worldbuilding, you’ll still easily find yourself fascinated by the lore and narrative of the webtoon.

Nerya_ The Unblessed - Three men standing side by sideImage: Webtoon

This webtoon’s artistic details are also just as fantastic as the storytelling and world-building. Even though CANVAS webtoons are often rough around the edges, creator Neto Rito’s illustrations are exceptional, from the backgrounds to the anatomical body structure of characters during fight scenes. Everything looks incredibly clean, polished, and pretty. Not to forget the appealing character designs. I simply adore how Nerya is presented with muscular and toned features. While it may be such a small detail, it stands out because I’ve seen many webtoons with physically strong females who are drawn with slim arms. Their features usually play no role other than to keep the image of female characters looking “delicate”. The simple details of Nerya being drawn anatomically appropriate for her role as a warrior make her feel more 3-dimensional as a character. You can tell Neto Rito knows what they are doing in creating characters because Nerya always comes off as a likable and hardcore female MC you can root for. Even though there are a few awkwardly illustrated scenes at the start of the series, I’d argue that the art of this webtoon is easily on par with many Webtoon Originals in terms of quality. 

Nerya_ The Unblessed - Two characters sword fightingImage: Webtoon

Final Thoughts

I am so glad I came across this piece of work and gave it the chance it deserves. Nerya: The Unblessed is such an underrated CANVAS webtoon that I am baffled that it has barely above 1k subscribers. Up to this point, I don’t think there are any major negative aspects of the webtoon, aside from a few awkward narrative choices early into the story. But despite that, Nerya: The Unblessed is an impressive webtoon overall. There’s so much to like about this webtoon. It even has a consistent updating schedule. Full of intrigue, mystery, and action, I can’t wait to learn more about the lore and characters with each new episode of this fantastic series.

Who this is for:

  • Readers looking for a unique plot to dive into.
  • People who like a strong and independent female lead.
  • Readers who prefer webtoons with high-quality art.

Who this is not for:

  • Readers who prefer fast-paced stories.
  • People who are squeamish to blood and violence.
  • Readers expecting a martial arts webtoon.
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