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By: Hana Jan 25, 2024, 9:51 PM

Welcome to another week of webtoon recommendations! For this week, I have looked through the list of recently upgraded Webtoon Originals to find what will surely be some of your newest favorites! From romance to comedy, join me as we check out a bunch of incredible series that you easily binge right now! And as always, I hope you enjoy these webtoons as much as I did! 


By Wulvert

Genre: Comedy

Episodes: 14

Updates every Tuesday and Friday

Paperteeth webtoonImage: Webtoon

Paperteeth is the wholesome and frightful story of Avery, a Vampire Hunter who unfortunately turned into a vampire himself. After mysteriously disappearing from his job, Avery returned covered in blood with two teeth marks on his neck. Nothing too suspicious, right? It was when he had to be invited into his own home that he realized how dire his situation was. With the help of his new co-worker, Avery finds a way to salvage the whole becoming a vampire situation. The question is, can he make it out alive?

Paperteeth is a Canvas series that recently came out as an Original. With its cute art and short chapters, it’s the perfect webtoon to read when you want something light before bed.

Dead But Not Gone

By R.Schaeffer and Mioko_san

Genre: Thriller

Episodes: 10

Updates every Thursday

Dead But Not Gone webtoonImage: Webtoon

By the author of Not Even Bones comes the newest sensation, Dead But Not Gone! The webtoon is an exciting new thriller revolving around ghosts! The story follows a young boy named Brian as he moves into a new home. A home hundred times better than any of the houses he had lived in before. But his excitement for a new life quickly halts when he comes face to face with the residential ghost, Cam. Murdered by his own family, Cam haunts the house where he was killed. But when Cam meets Brian, all he sees is a happy family and a body that he can take over! The two become friends, with Cam forcing himself all over Brian’s new life. But for Brian, can he find out the real reason why Cam was killed and why the ghost is so interested in his life?

The art of this webtoon is absolutely adorable, which contrasts with the grim storyline. Bright colors and cool undertone bring focus to the subject of the story. I love how different Cam and Brian's personalities are, but also how different their upbringings were. From everything I’ve read about this one, I can’t wait to see how the story unfolds in the future!

All Haven Academy

By Akiocha

Genre: Drama

Episodes: 8

Updates every Monday

All Haven Academy webtoonImage: Webtoon

All Ava wants in life is to enjoy it. Nothing too fancy, nothing too hard. She just wants to lay in bed, roll into her blanket, and enjoy  BTX’s latest video. But she learns that nothing in life ever works out how we want when her parents send her to the All Haven Academy. It’s a school only for those who are at the top of the top. Ava, who constantly fails her exams, is more surprised than mad at the fact that she even got in. Now, she fights for her spot amongst the rich and haughty kids of her age. Can she survive?

This webtoon is an interesting take on school drama with a supernatural twist. I love how the artist is influenced by pop culture and infuses references in their work. The webtoon’s amazing opening panel really blew me away, as it set the tone for the story. It makes me excited to see how Ava survives All Heaven’s Academy amongst her peers when all she wants to do is… nothing.


By TerraTerrific

Genre: Supernatural

Episodes: 8

Updates every Sunday

23:4 webtoonImage: Webtoon

Eden, an angel of death, enjoys his job. He captures souls and leads them to their judgment. But if the souls don’t get caught in time, they transform into monsters known as Unresteds. With the recent rise in Unresteds, Celestino is recruited to join Eden in his task. But can he get the angel of music to cooperate and help him with such a dangerous job? 

This webtoon’s art is gorgeous. Each frame feels like it has so much nuance and symbolism to look for. As someone who enjoys these types of dark and artistic stories, reading 23:4 feels like a treat!


By Kisai Entertainment and WmW

Genre: Romance

Episodes: 25


Snowbound webtoonImage: Webtoon

Do you like Advent Calendars? The exciting feeling of opening new parts each day and revealing something new? Then Snowbound is for you! The webtoon is made like an advent calendar for December, where you can read new episodes every day. The story follows Sage and Jackson, two students trapped inside their campus after an avalanche hits. With each passing day, they discover something new about themselves and about the feelings that they have for each other.

This webtoon is a sweet Christmas love story with an enemies-to-lovers twist. The way how the story is planned and written is a joy to read. It feels like a Hallmark movie but in the best way possible! The art is so cute that you can’t help but smile while reading this story.

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