New Creator-Owned Comics This Week: May 17, 2023

Image Comics and BOOM! Studios are bringing the heat this week in their new releases. Find out some of the best titles coming from creator-owned comics!

Ice Cream Man #35
Image: Image Comics
By: Javier ReyesJan 25, 2024, 10:20 PM

There's no better place to find the most inventive stories with incredible art to go with them than in the world of creator-owned comics. Publishers like Image Comics and BOOM! Studios continue to lead the charge in giving creators the freedom to do what they do best. For us readers, we can sit back and enjoy all the incredible comics coming out every week.

Let's dive into some of the coolest creator-owned comics coming out this week!

House of Slaughter #15

By James Tynion IV, Tate Brombal, Werther Dell'Edera, and Antonio Fuso

House of Slaughter #15Image: BOOM! Studios

After a wild night out on the town, Jace finally has a chance to save Sunny from the vicious White Masks. But with numbers stacked up against him, Jace might have to unleash the monster within he’s tried to suppress for a very long time. Expect plenty of bloodshed in this massive story arc finale!

Little Monsters #13

By Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen

Little Monsters #13Image: Image Comics

The tale of the young vampires comes to a heartbreaking end. The key to survival is in the hands of Romie. But he may not have enough to save the kids from impending doom. In their last stand, the vampires fight for every scrap of hope they can find.

Ice Cream Man #35

By W. Maxwell Prince, Martin Morazzo, and Chris O'Halloran

Ice Cream Man #35Image: Image Comics

One of the best creator-owned horror comics is back! This latest tale is called “The Book of Necessary Monsters.” Readers beware of witnessing a bestiary of monsters almost as terrifying as the demonic Ice Cream Man himself. Almost.

No/One #3

By Kyle Higgins, Brian Buccellato, Geraldo Borges, Mark Englert, and Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou

No/One #3Image: Image Comics

The latest chapter of the creator-owned Massive-Verse by Kyle Higgins is here. The mystery of No/One continues to sweep the streets of Pittsburgh. Julia finds herself in the middle of another case while Ben walks down a dangerous path in the tireless search for the truth. All of this is happening while the masked vigilante still walks in the shadows and waits to strike his next big target.

Dark Ride #6

By Joshua Williamson, Andrei Bressan, and Adriano Lucas

Dark Ride #6Image: Skybound

It takes a sick and twisted mind to be named killer queen of Devil Land. To the delight of the devilish fiends throughout the hellish park, Halloween stakes her claim as the next bearer of the crown.

Immortal Sergeant #5

By Joe Kelly and J.M. Ken Niimura

Immortal Sergeant #5Image: Image Comics

It looks like Sarge is finally coming clean with Michael about what’s in the glove compartment. The old cop explains why this “investigation” is so important, to the point that he’s willing to drive across the country to chase down a lead. Meanwhile, things get interesting between Val and Rhonda during their day watching over the kids.

Arcade Kings #1

By Dylan Burnett, Walter Baiamonte, and Sara Antonellini

Arcade Kings #1Image: Skybound

Get your coins ready and strap in for a new ass-kicking adventure! Joe is the high-score keeper of Infinity City’s biggest arcade. The masked hero was unstoppable on the joysticks until a new player pulled into town. With his past catching up with him, Joe must climb back up the ranks to prove he’s still the best fighter out there.

Maskerade #5

By Kevin Smith, Andy McElfresh, John Sprengelmeyer, Giulia Gualazzi, Giulia Brusco, and Andrew Thomas

Maskerade #5Image: Dark Horse Comics

Maskerade is back, and she continues her warpath through Trenchen City, searching for the lowlifes who killed her brother and ruined her childhood. Her target this time is the perverted underbelly of the rich and famous. Each new mission takes her one step closer to facing off against David Ditt, the worst criminal the city has to offer.

Earthdivers #7

By Stephen Jones, Davide Gianfelice, and Joana Lafuente

Earthdivers #7Image: IDW Publishing

All Martin and Tawny wanted was to find their missing children. Instead, they find themselves mixed up with supposed time travelers who sent them back to the Prehistoric Age through a mystical cave portal. Tawny gets left to fight for survival in a time and place far removed from her loving family.

Mosely #4

By Rob Guillory, Sam Lotfi, and Jean-Francois Beaulieu

Mosely #4Image: BOOM! Studios

With his Holy Hammer in hand, Moseley is ready to finally take on the Tech Gods and smash them into the dirt. But little does he know, there’s a greater threat waiting behind those beasts. What he should be afraid of is the ancient power that fuels the Tech Gods on their rampage. The hero is going to need more than his hammer if he wants to put a stop to all of it.

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