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New Creator-Owned Comics This Week: July 12, 2023

New week, new comics! Check out our picks of creator-owned comics we're most excited about reading this week!

Eathdivers #8 Article Cover
Image: IDW Publishing
By: Javier ReyesJan 25, 2024, 10:13 PM

It’s another loaded week in creator-owned comics! Publishers like Image Comics, IDW, and Dark Horse Comics are bringing the heat with their new releases! Whether you’re looking for intense sci-fi thrillers to surrealist horror stories to dive into, this week has plenty of great titles to choose from. Let’s check out some of the new creator-owned comics we’re most excited about reading!

Something Epic #3

By Szymon Kudranski

Something Epic #3 CoverImage: Image Comics

Danny starts to understand more about his powers. By looking back on the ideas he created in the past, Danny realizes he’s only scratching the surface of what he’s capable of. With a new perspective on his imagination, the young boy tests how far he can go with his abilities.

Dark Ride #7

By Joshua Williamson, Andrei Bressan, and Adriano Lucas

Dark Ride #7 CoverImage: Skybound

The horrific adventure through the scariest place on earth continues in this latest issue of Dark Ride. After trudging through the grimy underbelly of the park, Sam reunites with someone he thought was long dead. The young man quickly unravels more about his family’s dark history, leading him straight into the heart of the haunted park.

Fishflies #1

By Jeff Lemire

Fishflies #1 CoverImage: Image Comics

Jeff Lemire premieres his latest series in a special 64-page issue. A small town in Ontario is rocked to its core after a violent crime sends a young and innocent boy to the hospital. While residents start a manhunt to find the criminal, one lonely girl named Franny Fox makes a strange friend that will change the town’s fate forever.

Ghostlore #3

By Cullen Bunn, Leomacs, and Jason Wordie

Ghostlore #3 CoverImage: BOOM! Studios

The difference in philosophies continues to strain the relationship between Harmony and Lucas. After Harmony tries to help another ghost find peace in their afterlife, Lucas gets pushed to his breaking point. It might be time for the two survivors to go their separate ways and carry on with their lives differently.

Hellboy in Love #5

By Mike Mignola, Christopher Golden, Matt Smith, and Chris O'Halloran

Hellboy in Love #5 CoverImage: Dark Horse Comics

Hellboy will do anything for love. Anastasia’s archeological research takes her to the furthest reaches of India, and Big Red is coming along for the ride. The couple quickly discovers that the bones they dug up are not as dead as they thought.

Earthdivers #8

By Stephen Jones and Riccardo Burchielli

Earthdivers #8 CoverImage: IDW Publishing

Stranded deep within pre-historic Florida, Tawny fights to survive and protect a newborn child from a ruthless tribe. She uses her knowledge of modern weapon crafting to give her the devastating edge she needs in battle. The stranded mother continues her struggle to get back to the present and find her missing twins.

Deep Cuts #3

By Kyle Higgins, Joe Clark, Helena Masellis, Igor Monti, and Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou

Deep Cuts #3 CoverImage: Image Comics

The latest issue of Deep Cuts takes us to the year 1940. Alice Leslie is home for the holidays but has one thing on her mind: to find out why her dad quit music. The young girl is hellbent on cracking the case before her dad lets everything he worked so hard for slip through his talented fingers.

The Hunger and the Dusk #1

By G. Willow Wilson, Christian Wildgoose, and MSassyK

The Hunger and the Dusk #1 CoverImage: IDW Publishing

A fantasy world is on the brink of collapse while humans and orcs continue their never-ending war. It takes the arrival of a fearsome race known as the Vangol to force the two mortal enemies to form a fragile alliance to protect the land that’s rightfully theirs. The battlefield is where orc healer Tara Icemane and human commander Callum Battlechild develop an unlikely love story.

In Hell We Fight! #2

By John Layman and Jok

In Hell We Fight! #2 CoverImage: Image Comics

No one said journeying through Hell was going to be easy. The adventure of the three best friends gets even harder when they stumble on a kidnapped angel. It’s up to Midori, Ernie, and Alexander to decide what to do with their newfound tagalong.

Starsigns #3

By Saladin Ahmed, Megan Levens, and Kelly Fitzpatrick

Starsigns #3 CoverImage: Image Comics

The latest Starsign to awaken is a young kid terrified of what’s happening to their body. Tatiana, Rana, and Clarence all race against time to take the kid away before he gets scooped up by devious federal agents. But which of the Starsigns is acting in the young child’s best interests?

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