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New Creator-Owned Comics This Week: June 28, 2023

Discover the incredible titles releasing this week from some of the best creators working in comics today!

Local Man #5
Image: Image Comics
By: Javier ReyesJan 25, 2024, 10:15 PM

This week in creator-owned comics is delivering a very diverse lineup of titles comic lovers can sink their teeth into. While Image Comics is putting out some of its most popular titles, publishers like BOOM! Studios and Dark Horse Comics are releasing their share of incredible comics you can read today. A creator who deserves a special mention this week is James Tynion IV! With three titles coming out in the same week from different publishers, it's no surprise he's beloved by readers and his peers as one of the hardest-working comic book creators today!

Let's check out some of the most exciting creator-owned comics coming out this week!

W0rldtr33 #3

By James Tynion IV, Fernando Blanco, and Jordie Bellaire

W0rldtr33 #3 CoverImage: Image Comics

After getting hints of how much the Undernet’s influence has spread, it might be too late to stop it from destroying more lives. The key to understanding everything what’s happening can only be found within the deepest reaches of the forum W0rldtr33. The hackers who once sealed the Undernet away must work fast before the body count rises.

Vanish #8

By Donny Cates, Ryan Stegman, and Sonia Oback

Vanish #8 CoverImage: Image Comics

The latest story arc of Vanish comes to a thrilling finish. Oliver and Diabolus clash after the young magician kills another member of The Hollow. As the pain and violence escalate, the voice of Baron Vanish speaks even louder in Oliver’s mind. This issue is where it's decided if the ashes of Everkeep are put to rest or a new inferno emerges and engulfs the world. 

Blue Book #5

By James Tynion IV, Michael Avon Oeming, and Aditya Bidikar

Blue Book #5 CoverImage: Dark Horse Comics

The paranoia of Betty and Barney continues to take its toll despite their seeking professional help in determining and unpacking their thoughts. They believe their nightmares to be the missing memories of their alien encounter. This latest issue concludes the first story arc of the ambitious series that captures the strange essence of UFO encounters and abductions.

Local Man #5

By Tim Seeley, Tony Fleecs, Felipe Sobreiro, and Brad Simpson

Local Man #5 CoverImage: Image Comics

Beaten to a bloody pulp by the man he considered his father, Local Man must fight for his life and bring the true killer of Hodag to justice. The superhero formerly known as Crossjack has his work cut out for him, as he’s trapped inside the secret training facility for the 4th Gen. Knowing that the Third Gen is never going to come and find him, all Crossjack has left are his wits and whatever weapon he can get his superpowered hands on.

Indigo Children #4

By Curt Pires, Rockwell White, Alex Diotto, and Dee Cunniffe

Indigo Children #4 CoverImage: Image Comics

The story has landed in the war-torn city of Kabul. The Indigo Children search the city for Ahmed while Rand and his agents try to stop them at all costs. Time is running out fast for the Indigo Children as they need to find their sibling before the entire city collapses because of the carnage.

The Seasons Have Teeth #3

By Dan Watters, Sebastián Cabrol, and Dan Jackson

The Seasons Have Teeth #3 ComicsImage: BOOM! Studios

Andrew continues his hunt for pictures of each of the seasons that have transformed into wild creatures. While the photos of Summer are a sensation, tracking down Autumn is proving to be a different story. Autumn was always a time when Andrew felt at his lowest. He discovers that the season can do more harm to him now than it ever did before.

The Neighbors #4

By Jude Ellison S. Doyle, Letizia Cadonici, and Alessandro Santoro

The Neighbors #4 CoverImage: BOOM! Studios

The Gowdie family dives deeper into their neighborhood’s strange rabbit hole as the mini-series finale fast approaches. They realize that surviving such a strange place needs making unexpected alliances. Isobel and Oliver quickly discover that friendships come at a price when horror lurks around them.

The Oddly Pedestrian Life of Christopher Chaos #1

By James Tynion IV, Tate Brombal, Isaac Goodhart

The Oddly Pedestrian Life of Christopher Chaos #1 CoverImage: Dark Horse Comics

Christopher Chaos is just your ordinary teenage mad scientist. His mind works in ways that defy logic, allowing him to create things beyond imagination. Unfortunately, the thing that makes him unique is also what causes people to be afraid of him. Everything changes when Christopher is the only one standing between his school and a rampaging world of deadly creatures.

Heat Seeker: A Gun Honey Series #1

By Charles Ardai,  Ace Continuado, and Asifur Rahman

Heat Seeker: A Gun Honey Series #1 CoverImage: Titan Books

The Gun Honey Universe grows with a new series about the elusive Dahlia Racers. The hero for hire has a knack for helping people who need to disappear. But her services don’t come cheap. After Gun Honey Joanna Tan turns to Dahlia for help, they find themselves in a bloody chase from New York to Mexico. The heat is on for this new series by creator Charles Ardai!

Maskerade #6

By Kevin Smith, Andy McElfresh, and Giulia Gualazzi

Maskerade #6 CoverImage: Dark Horse Comics

A new story arc starts here! Frisky confesses about her connection to Ditt and how she helped his devious act with her good intentions. This revelation is just one of the ghosts of Markerade’s past that have come crashing back to haunt her new life.

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