New Creator-Owned Comics This Week: May 10, 2023

Looking to dive into exciting new comics this week? Look no further than the wild world of creator-owned comics!

Saga #64
Image: Image Comics
By: Javier ReyesFeb 5, 2024, 8:45 AM

There’s no shortage of bangers coming out of the world of creator-old comics this week. You’ve got everything from fantasy murder mysteries to intergalactic family dramas to choose from. Whether you’re browsing through the titles comic from Image Comics, Dark Horse, or even Ablaze, there’s always some amazing new comic book to discover. While Marvel and DC have all the superhero stuff on lock, there’s plenty more to discover about comics when you look at smaller publishers.

Let’s check out the amazing creator-owned comics we’re most excited about reading this week!

Saga #64

By Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples

Saga #64Image: Image Comics

Hazel and Squire continue their dangerous little escapade in finding a way to bring their dads back to life. Meanwhile, Alana continues to weigh the different options she has to get herself and the kids off the planet. It has yet to be decided if her plan involves a little bit of child labor sprinkled in there. Being the model parent she is, she’s bound to make the best decision for the kids… Hopefully, at least.

Nocterra #14

By Scott Snyder, Tony S. Daniel, and Marcelo Maiolo

Nocterra #14Image: Image Comics

The Sundog Colony has arrived at EDEN. The jungle is beautifully lush and brimming with the one resource that’s missing from the world: sunlight. As beautiful as the place is, Val seeks to uncover the truth behind such a place existing in their ravaged world. She knows that such a place cannot be possible without a steep price being paid.

Phantom Road #3

By Jeff Lemire, Gabriel Hernandez Walta, and Jordie Bellaire

Phantom Road #3Image: Image Comics

The feds have arrived on the scene of Birdie’s car crash. Agent Theresa Weaver is on the case to investigate what happened in the place nicknamed “Phantom Road.” While her bosses seem to know more about the legends around the area, Agent Weaver needs to get to the bottom of the incident or risk having the body count rise.

Something Epic #1

By Szymon Kudranski

Something Epic #1Image: Image Comics

Step into a world where imagination is real and creative thoughts take physical form. Danny Dillon is a fourteen-year-old boy known as one of the Epics, the special individuals who can make dreams come to life. But in a world with endless fantasy, it’s easy to lose yourself in all the madness. The path won’t be easy for Dillon if he wants to grow up as an Epic.

Old Dog #4

By Declan Shalvey

Old Dog #4Image: Image Comics

The titular old dog is Jack Lynch, a former CIA agent who was given a second chance in life after a failed mission gave him strange powers of youth and regeneration. Now he works for the undercover group known as Black Circle together with his estranged daughter Keelin. In his latest mission, Jack comes face to face with an old old protege who’s gone through some dark changes of their own.

Clear #3

By Scott Snyder and Francis Manapul

Clear #3Image: Dark Horse Comics

Sam Dunes continues to unravel the dark mystery behind his wife’s gruesome death. As a neoshamus, he sees the world free from neurological distortions created by technology. But the deeper he dives into the dark side of this dystopian future, Sam’s perception of reality starts to fracture. This comic series delivers a sci-fi noir story like no other!

Black Cloak #5

By Kelly Thompson, Meredith McClaren, and Becca Carey

Black Cloak #5Image: Image Comics

Kelly Thompson’s fantasy murder mystery continues to unravel. The murder case of Prince Freyal III has disrupted the peace throughout the City of Kiros. The Black Cloak Essex finds herself in a reunion she didn’t expect while her partner, Pax, considers taking dark measures to crack the case. Meanwhile, the conflict between humans and mermaids begins to brew throughout the city.

Monarch #4

By Rodney Barnes, Alex Lins, and Luis NCT

Monarch #4Image: Image Comics

Aliens have invaded Compton and captured the young hero Travon! As an alien hybrid who found love for humans, Travon holds the key to stopping the aliens from destroying Earth. But he must first find a way to escape and find a way back “home.” Meanwhile, Dasha fights for her life against the most dangerous threat in the series so far. It will take everything Travon has to make it back in time to save the love of his life.

The Mighty Barbarians #2

By Michael Moreci and Giuseppe Cafaro

The Mighty Barbarians #2Image: Ablaze

With the threat of the Alpeh growing fast throughout the realm, Kull, the barbarian king, leads the band of warriors into his homeland to search for the magic needed to take down the enemy. But the journey is a treacherous one, as the party finds themselves going down a dark path to Hades himself, the god of the Underworld.

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