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New Creator-Owned Comics This Week: November 8, 2023

See our picks of the best new creator-owned comics releasing this week from Image Comics, Skybound, and BOOM! Studios!

New Creator-Owned Comics This Week November 8, 2023
By: Javier ReyesJan 25, 2024, 9:58 PM

With a selection of new story arcs, series debuts, and ongoing hits to read, it’s going to be a very fun week in creator-owned comics. Noth Image Comics and BOOM! Studios are putting out some of their best titles, and I couldn’t be more excited to dive into all of them! Here are my picks of the best new comics releasing this week! Then make sure your pull lists are ready for these incredible comics!

House of Slaughter #19

By James Tynion IV, Sam Johns, Werther Dell'Edera, and Letizia Cadonici

House of Slaughter #19 CoverImage: BOOM! Studios

Life in the House isn’t getting any easier for Bait. After learning of Nannette’s condition and connection to the monster, Bait must make an impossible choice to save her and the other children. But considering the revelations of his true origins, the young hunter reflects on how dark his actions have been.

Transformers #2

By Daniel Warren Johnson and Mike Spicer

Transformers #2 CoverImage: Skybound

Daniel Warren Johnson’s new hit series is back! This time, the Decepticons are going full speed on their plans to take over the world. Optimus Prime must regroup his Autobots quickly, or the damage caused by Starscream and his crew will get out of hand. Transformers fans will want to keep their eyes glued on this issue because the Energon Universe is getting a surprising first appearance!

Phantom Road #6

By Jeff Lemire, Gabriel Hernandez Walta, and Jordie Bellaire

Phantom Road #6 CoverImage: Image Comics

Jeff Lemire and Gabriel Walta’s new horror series hits the road once again in this new story arc. Birdie and Dom find themselves in an abandoned roadside circus. The last thing they expected was to find some signs of life within the horrific wasteland. Meanwhile, Agent Weaver gets some help to piece together the strange clues she’s amassed so far.

Dark Ride #9

By Joshua Williamson, Andrei Bressan, and Adriano Lucas

Dark Ride #9 CoverImage: Skybound

In this new story arc of Dark Ride, the mystery behind the Princess of Devil Land slowly reveals itself. Sam must make the tough decision to trust his sister or not if she decides to claim her “destined” throne. This ride is only getting started, and it’s already filled with twists and turns.

Damn Them All #10

By Simon Spurrier, Charlie Adlard, and Sofie Dodgson

Damn Them All #10 CoverImage: BOOM! Studios

Ellie finds herself caught in the middle of the nefarious deeds caused by the mysterious 500 Club. Meanwhile, Cillian continues to be a thorn in Ellie’s side. He’ll stop at nothing to get Bloody El herself part of his demonic hivemind. The girl has her hands full in shaking off all these dark forces trying to take her head.

The Dead Lucky #10

By Melissa Flores, French Carlomagno, Mattia Iacono, and Becca Carey

The Dead Lucky #10 CoverImage: Image Comics

Bibi gets pushed to her breaking point in this new issue of The Dead Lucky. She must make a deal with an old friend to have a shot at saving San Fransisco. But because the hero is running on fumes, she questions if she even wants to save the city anymore.

Creepshow #3

By Zoe Thorogood, Joel Farrelly, and Goran Sudžuka

Creepshow #3 CoverImage: Skybound

This new issue of Creepshow is as spooky as it is star-studded. Zoe Thorogood opens things up with “Eternity, Eternity, Eternity," a tale about a woman who embarks on a terrifying journey to discover the fountain of youth. Then, Joel Farrelly and Goran Sudžuka team up for “Sacrifices,” a heist story with a Lovecraftian twist.

The Enfield Gang Massacre #4

By Chris Condon and Jacob Phillips

The Enfield Gang Massacre #4 CoverImage: Image Comics

The battle between the Enfield Gang and Captain Ely rages across the Wild West. But while that bloody battle continues, Sheriff Hardesty hunts for the truth behind who killed Bill Barley.

Nights #2

By Wyatt Kennedy and Luigi Formisano

Nights #2 CoverImage: Image Comics

There’s nothing like a movie night with the pretty vampire girl in town. As Vince tries to make it back home in time to hang out with Grey, he finds himself stuck in the mysterious woods of Santo Pedro. What was supposed to be a shortcut home turns into a fight for his life.

Petrol Head #1

By Rob Williams and Pye Parr

Petrol Head #1 CoverImage: Image Comics

Start your engines for this non-human race! In a world where humans are on their last legs, a 12-year-old girl's last hope rests in the hands of an old, grumpy, obsolete, hotrod-racing robot. It’s up to the two unexpected teammates to out-race the Robo-Cops and save an invention that could save humanity.

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