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New Creator-Owned Comics This Week: October 25, 2023

Check out our top picks of creator-owned comics this week, including titles from Image Comics, Skybound, and BOOM! Studios!

New comics this week 10.25.23
By: Javier ReyesJan 25, 2024, 10:00 PM

It’s another big week for creator-owned comics! While it seems like I say that every week, this week’s lineup of up picks is something special. Alongside some of the hottest comics today coming out with new issues, this week also has some highly-anticipated series premiers and emotional story arc finales! You don’t want to miss out on these comics from Image Comics and BOOM! Studios! Let’s check out my picks of the week!

Something is Killing the Children #34

By James Tynion IV, Werther Dell'Edera, and Miquel Muerto

Something is Killing the Children #34 CoverImage: BOOM! Studios

It will be a bloody confrontation in this latest issue of Something is Killing the Children. Not only is Cutter breathing down Erica’s neck, but the Duplicitype is finally stepping into the trap they’ve set up to lure it out. But with so much at stake in this massive and bloody battle, who from the town of Tribulation will pay the ultimate price?

Void Rivals #5

By Robert Kirkman, Lorenzo De Felici, and Mat Lopes

Void Rivals #5 CoverImage: Skybound

With both Darak and Solila in the clutches of the Zertonia empire, their plans of saving the Sacred Ring don’t go as they hoped. With the powers that be controlling their fates in the shadows, the two Void Rivals face a new danger that greatly threatens their lives.

Ice Cream Man #37

By W. Maxwell Prince, Martin Morazzo, and Chris O'Halloran

Ice Cream Man #37 CoverImage: Image Comics

Here come the Figglybumps! They’re cute, cuddly, and ready for combat! This latest issue of Ice Cream Man explores these strange little guys and the mystery behind their missing creator. If there’s one thing to know about this series, it is that there’s always something sinister lurking in the shadows.

Fire Power #28

By Robert Kirkman, Chris Samnee, Matt Wilson, and Rus Wooton

Fire Power #28 CoverImage: Skybound

After the Johnsons complete their intense training on the ways of the fire powers, they finally return home. But what they find may prove to be much bigger, and more terrifying than anything they could have expected.

What's the Furthest Place From Here? #15

By Tyler Boss, Matthew Rosenberg, and Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou

What's the Furthest Place From Here? #15 CoverImage: Image Comics

Life’s not easy at the end of the world. Prufrock, Mallory, and Merrill learn how hard it is to run away from your old problems. And how easy it is to stumble on plenty of new ones. But as tough as it all gets, they’re at least happy to have a cute little dog with them.

Newburn #12

By Chip Zdarsky, Jacob Phillips, David Brothers, and Nick Dragotta

Newburn #12 CoverImage: Image Comics

This new case has Emily going back to basics to get her mind in order. Newburn’s apprentice finds herself back in school to find what she needs for an investigation. But she hits a big roadblock when she runs into the last person she wants to see.

Once Upon a Time at the End of the World #10

By Jason Aaron, Leila Del Duca, and Tamra Bonvillain

Once Upon a Time at the End of the World #10 CoverImage: BOOM! Studios

After what seemed like a time in paradise, the community of Golgonooza is collapsing. Maceo and Mezzy are the final remaining members. Will they be able to salvage what’s left or walk away from the chasm that’s formed between them? You don’t want to miss the emotional story arc finale.

Rare Flavours #2

By Ram V. and Filipe Andrade

Rare Flavours #2 CoverImage: BOOM! Studios

Rubin and Mo begin their journey of creating the world’s greatest food documentary. Their first stop is the scorching Rajasthan desert, in search of a mythical pepper. Their driver, Manush, tells the two the story of those who ferry the peppers through the blazing landscape. But little do the two know that detectives Dilshan and Dilkush are hot on their trail!

The Plot Holes #3

By Sean Murphy and Matt Hollingsworth

The Plot Holes #3 CoverImage: WhatNot

In a surprise development, there’s now a “villain” who’s part of the Plot Holes team. It begs the question: What is that truly makes someone a villain? All will be revealed in this thrilling new issue of Sean Murphy’s latest comic book series!

Edenwood #1

By Tony S. Daniel and Natalia Marques

Edenwood #1 CoverImage: Image Comics

New series alert! Acclaimed Batman artist Tony S. Daniel is taking on the world of creator-owned comics with a vibrant and ultra-violent fantasy story. A multiverse war between witches and demons has chosen Earth as its final battleground. Rion is a young demon hunter thrust into the role of leader after defeating a mythical monster on his own. It’s up to the hero to assemble a team of history’s greatest demon hunters to be the protectors of Edenwood.

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