New DC Comics This Week: May 03, 2023

Many of DC's biggest heroes take the spotlight in this week’s list of releases. Let’s check out the comics we are most excited about!

Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent #3
Image: DC
By: Javier ReyesFeb 5, 2024, 8:47 AM

From the absurd adventures of Shazam to the multiversal journey of Jon Kent, DC is packed this week with a diverse lineup of releases. With the Dawn of DC initiative in full swing, powered by an all-star cast of creators, there’s so much to look forward to from DC every week. With Marvel also putting out great lists of titles, now is a great time to be a comic book fan!

LEt's check it out!

Shazam! #1

By Mark Waid, Dan Mora, and Alejandro Sánchez

Shazam! #1Image: DC

The World’s Finest creators meet the World’s Mightiest Mortal! The fan-favorite team of Mark Waid and Dan Mora will take Shazam on his weirdest adventure yet! Expect everything from killer atomic robots to dinosaurs from space! There’s no adventure too magical or villain too absurd that can’t be conquered by Billy Batson a.k.a Shazam!

Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent #3

By Tom Taylor, Clayton Henry, and Jordie Bellaire

Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent #3 By Tom Taylor, Clayton Henry, and Jordie BellaireImage: DC

Jon Kent finds himself not on his Earth anymore. He’s stepped into the world of Injustice, where everyone shivers at the sight of the S on his chest and Batman is public enemy number one. With the fate of the strange world hanging in the balance, Jon must choose a side in a battle between two titans. But either choice he makes bears dangerous consequences.

Batman #135

By Chip Zdarsky, Mike Hawthorne, Jorge Jiménez, Mikel Janín, and Tomeu Morey

Batman #135Image: DC

The return of fan-favorite artist Jorge Jimenez headlines an oversized celebration for Batman’s 900th issue! The influence of The Red Mask over Gotham City has reached a boiling point, and it’s up to the Dark Knight to put an end to the madness. But in this battle to decide the fate of Gotham, Batman is not going in alone.

The Flash #798

By Jeremy Adams, Fernando Pasarin, Will Robson, Oclair Albert, and Matt Herms

The Flash #798Image: DC

Wally West discovers a strange mystery after an unexpected tragedy struck his family. With the help of Mister Terrific, The Flash sets out on a physics-defying mission through time and space to make things right and save his family. 

Poison Ivy #12

By G. Willow Wilson, Marcio Takara, and Arif Prianto

Poison Ivy #12Image: DC

Poison Ivy’s wellness retreat from hell is finally coming to an end. But the fruits of her time at the resort are coming back to bite her. It takes everything Ivy has to get herself out alive and back home safe with Harley. But will everything be back to normal for herself and Janet after this horrific out-of-town trip?

Batman & The Joker: The Deadly Duo #7

By Marc Silvestri and Arif Prianto

Batman & The Joker: The Deadly Duo #7Image: DC

In the story so far, Batman and Joker have put their bitter rivalry aside to fight against unimaginable horrors that threaten Gotham City. But as the battle wears on, the flame of their old rivalry slowly reignites. Can they continue to work together? With the lives of Comissioner Gordon and Harley Quinn on the line, Batman and Joker must find it in them to keep this unlikely team-up from crumbling.

Peacemaker Tries Hard! #1

By Kyle Starks, Steve Pugh, and Jordie Bellaire

Peacemaker Tries Hard! #1Image: DC

Now that he’s out of the Suicide Squad, it’s Peacemaker’s time to shine as a superhero! Except old habits die hard and Chris Smith is still a huge POS. As the title goes, Peacemaker tries his best to superhero, even if it means doing some dubious things to get the job done. With a new cute puppy to take care of, Peacemaker may finally be turning a new leaf and acting like the superhero he says he is.

The Joker: The Man Who Stopped Laughing #8

By Matthew Rosenberg, Francesco Francavilla, Carmine Di Giandomenico, and Romulo Fajardo Jr.

The Joker: The Man Who Stopped Laughing #8Image: DC

Back in Gotham after his stint in L.A., The Joker finds himself getting hit by a train. Just as his luck would have it, the Clown Prince of Crime wakes up in the company of Solomon Grundy deep within the Gotham City sewers! But the string of strange events doesn’t end there, as the odd couple quickly realizes they’re not the only ones lucking the murky depths of the city.