New Webtoon Originals You Should Read Right Now

Kicking off a new week with the latest Webtoon Originals. We handpicked our top 5 favorites from Line Webtoon's fresh lineup to help you discover your next captivating manhwa!

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By: Hana May 9, 2024, 8:05 AM

It’s a new week, and I am back with a brand-new set of webtoon recommendations! Every week, LINE WEBTOON introduces new webtoons as part of their Originals lineup for us to read. Sometimes, all these new releases can feel overwhelming, making you unsure about which to read. That’s where I come in! In today’s list, I’m handpicking 5 of my favorite new webtoons that have made their way into the app. So read through and find one that catches your eye!

As always, I hope you enjoy these webtoons as much as I did!

Quantum Entanglement 

By Arts Angel

Genre: Romance

Episodes: 10

Updates every Tuesday

Quantum Entanglement  webtoon coverImage: Webtoon

Long-time friends finally meet after years of being separated. Ethan is an introverted physicist, while Alex is an extroverted analyst. The only time Ethan talks more than Alex is when he is gushing about his new project. Knowing this, Alex asks Ethan to show her his Ph.D. project. But something with the stimulation goes haywire, inadvertently giving them the power to feel each other’s emotions. It’s from there that sparks begin to fly between them. 

Quantum Entanglement is an absolute feast of multimedia goodness! Along with its gorgeous art and incredible storytelling, it features music from Kenny Comics– an artist who has made music for such popular webtoons as Sirens Lament.

I’m Dating A Psychopath 

By NoSleepAreWe

Genre: Thriller

Episodes: 7

Updates every Saturday

I'm Dating A Psychopath webtoonImage: Webtoon

The story of this webtoon follows Finn, a young woman obsessed with true crime and murder mysteries. The news of a serial killer in her city piques her interest, as she suspects he may be connected to her past. But shortly after beginning her investigation, she meets Isaac. Because her reminds her of a mysterious boy from her past, she can’t help but shake the feeling that there is something sinister behind his charming personality and dashing smile.

I’m Dating a Psychopath was a story that I loved in Canvas. It getting upgraded into an Original reinvigorated my love for the series. This new version adds more layers to the characters, while also adding an unreliable narrator with a mysterious past. The art is as pretty as it has always been, with the moments of suspense very well drawn out. If you are a thriller lover, then this is a must-read. 

What Melvin Left Behind

by Team Happy Gery, SB13, Ryu Heon

Genre: Romance and Drama

Episodes: 9

Updates every Tuesday

What Melvin Left Behind webtoon coverImage: Webtoon

Cheryl is the beloved little sister of Melvin, the rightful heir to the land. But on the night before Melvin’s coronation, their uncle enacts an evil scheme that violates their family's trust. It was from that point that their lives completely changed. To save Cheryl from being killed, Felix, Melvin’s best friend, performs an unthinkable act. He proposes to Cheryl for her hand in marriage. To protect her, Felix declares war on anyone who attempts to murder his beloved fiance. 

I love this webtoon because it’s a romance story with a very intriguing twist. While the marriage of Cheryl and Feliz starts out as something “fake,” you can tell there is something more between them. The drama throughout this story is among the best you can read right now. 

The Academy’s Genius Swordsman

By SeoGwando and C.H

Genre: Fantasy and Action

Episodes: 10

Updates every Sunday

The Academys Genius SwordsmanImage: Webtoon

This story opens with a battle against giants to decide the fate of the world. But just as Ronan, a highly skilled swordsman, was about to celebrate victory, a new force of giants descended on Earth to reignite the battle. Adeshan, knowing that they will lose the war, uses the last of her power to send Ronan back to the past to stop the battle from ever happening. Can Ronan save the world by becoming the strongest swordsman the empire has ever seen? 

The Academy’s Genius Swordsman is one of the most promising new Original Webtoons out right now! With its gorgeous art and epic storytelling, it has everything you want from a compelling fantasy story. 


By Plnt Senta

Genre: Romance and Fantasy 

Episodes: 10

Episodes every Sunday

Isabela webtoon coverImage: Webtoon

The story of Isabela takes place on a small island filled with peaceful days and silent nights. But everything changes when a mysterious dead body washes up on the shore. In a flash, the peaceful lives of the townspeople are washed with terror and chaos. Where once there was peace, there are now monsters and bloodshed all around.

As gruesome and violent as the scenes are in this webtoon, the art is absolutely beautiful! Admists all the beasts, blood, and zombie-like vampires is a story filled with symbolism and nuance. Each episode keeps you on the edge of your seat!

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