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Nights #1 Advanced Review: A Supernatural Sensation

Check out our early review of Wyatt Kennedy and Luigi Formisano's fantasy series, where vampires and supernatural creatures are part of everyday life.

Nights #1 Review Cover
Image: Image Comics
By: Javier ReyesFeb 23, 2024, 2:12 AM

Nights #1

Nights #1 Full Cover

Writer: Wyatt Kennedy

Artist: Luigi Formisano

Publisher: Image Comics

Release Date: October 10, 2023

Page Count: 56

Format: Single-issue

The massive debut issue of "Nights" does everything right to get you hooked on its unique world, charming characters, and captivating mysteries.

It’s a magical feeling when a comic book seemingly checks all the boxes of the things you’re into. An urban fantasy setting? Anime and manga influences? A charming love story involving a cool vampire girl? “Nights” has all of that and plenty more. Writer Wyatt Kennedy and Image Comics newcomer Luigi Formisano tell a captivating story about a young, bright-eyed kid discovering his place in a modern world filled with vampires, monsters, and a whole bunch of other supernatural oddities.

In this review, I dive into what makes this intriguing new comic tick and why it’s a series to look for in the coming months. I had the pleasure of collaborating with Wyatt Kennedy to get early access to the comic’s first three issues. After blazing through all of them, I was blown away by the comic’s characters, art, and storytelling. There are lots to be excited about for this one, so let’s get right to it!

Vince Meets GreyImage: Image Comics


“Nights” takes place in 2003 in the city of Santo Pedro, Florida. It’s where all kinds of supernatural beings walk the streets like everybody else. The story follows Vince Okonma, a young kid moving into town after losing his parents. By living with his older cousin Ivory, Vince meets his strange bunch of roommates. Matt is a part-time indie video game developer and full-time living skeleton. While Gray is the self-proclaimed “greatest vampire that ever lived.” Together, they live lives focused on school, friends, and some very “unconventional” careers.

“Nights” is a coming-of-age story unlike any other. On top of juggling the usual teenage stuff like grades and an awkward love life, Vince navigates through a world that’s equally whimsical and dangerous. It’s a world where people, including some of Vince’s closest friends, have dark secrets hiding in the shadows–secrets that hold the fate of the world.

Vince and Gray arrive homeImage: Image Comics


“Nights” is a comic that’s filled with surprises. With its massive 56-page count, the debut issue establishes the story’s unique world and charming cast of characters. The opening stretch of pages even feels like a guided tour of Santo Pedro. It shows you everything from the oddities walking around town to the usual haunts the group likes to visit, effectively giving a feel for what it's like living in such a strange place. There’s a palpable sense of wonder from seeing more of this comic’s peculiar world. But as the story unfolds, it shows there is more to it than meets the eye. The world of “Nights” is not all whimsy. It’s a world with some scary creatures lurking in the dark and characters who are just as terrifying in secret. Then just when you think you have some things figured out, the comic drops a massive revelation that flips the script entirely. That unpredictability has me hooked on seeing what’s waiting around the corner.

As foreboding as that all sounds, “Nights” is ultimately a comic that oozes with charm. Writer Wyatt Kennedy has a flair for making each character’s personality feel unique. While Vince gives off naive, love-struck protagonist energy, he’s got a heart of gold you’ll love to root for. Gray, on the other hand, is a loveable mess who instantly captivates you with her vampire charms. Even if it's still very early on in the story, it’s a joy seeing how the characters interact and grow with each other. And just like my sentiments earlier, there are plenty of surprising character developments that add to the mysteries within the story.

Probably the biggest surprise of all in this comic is the incredible work by artist Luigi Formisano. Considering this is his first book for Image Comics, he delivered one hell of a debut. His work, along with the colors by Francesco Segala, brings to life a vibrant and playful world that also has a bit of an edge to it. The character designs all have a distinct charm that makes the book’s visuals stand out. Matt is a particular favorite of mine. Because, how can you not love the idea of a living, talking skeleton wearing a hoodie? That kind of quirkiness is felt throughout the art and it adds to the sense of wonder from seeing new locales and meeting new characters. Considering “Nights” is mapped out to be a 31-issue ongoing series, I can’t wait to see more of its strange and beautiful world.

Vince and Grey flying togetherImage: Image Comics

Final Thoughts

After reading through the first three issues of the series, it’s clear how much the comic is a labor of love for the entire creative team. Their passion for the story and world they created shines through in each panel. And the fun thing about it is it’s only just getting started. “Nights” delivers a very promising start to a series that will surprise people with the many layers it has to its captivating story. It’s a series that needs to be on your radar if you love diving into fantasy stories packed with charming characters who are much more than meets the eye.

Check out Nights when it releases on October 11, 2023!

Why You Should Read Nights

  • The world of Santo Pedro is filled with oddities and surprises at every corner.
  • The first issue does a great job of setting up a story that will unfold in a big way.
  • Wyatt Kennedy delivers a sharp script that gives each character a distinct charm.
  • Luigi Formisano’s art with Francesco Segala’s colors makes a vibrant world that pulls you right in.
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