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Nights #2 Advanced Review: A Moonlit Adventure

Explore more of the world of Nights, the comic where you might fall in love with a vampire or walk through the forest with talking animals.

Nights #2 Review Cover
Image: Image Comics
By: Javier ReyesFeb 23, 2024, 2:14 AM

Nights #2

Nights #2 Full Cover

Writer: Wyatt Kennedy

Artist: Luigi Formisano

Publisher: Image Comics

Release Date: November 7, 2023

Format: Single-issue

In this latest issue of Nights, Vince makes a surprising new friend in his ill-advised trek through the woods. What unfolds is an emotional adventure that reveals more of the fantastical world’s mysterious underbelly.

After its incredible debut issue, Nights instantly landed as one of my favorite new comics this year. Writer Wyatt Kennedy and artist Luigi Formisano created a gem of a series filled with charming characters in a world that’s whimsical, mysterious, and dangerous. After seeing plenty of the sights and sounds of Santo Pedro in the first issue, this latest installment explores a different side of the fantastical city. Want to know more about what’s hiding within the world of Nights? Then, let’s check out my advanced review of issue #4!

Reaching the storeImage: Image Comics


Vince asks Gray to have a movie night with him at home, but things do not go as planned. On his way home from skating with friends, Vince falls asleep on the bus and wakes up at the last station across town. With his skateboard broken, the only option he has left to get home in time is to cut through the woods on foot. The same woods his cousin warned him about entering.

In his journey through the Santo Pedro wilderness, Vince meets Starven, a talking mole. Together, they come across all sorts of hidden gems within the forest. The problem is that there’s something else inside the woods that’s better left alone.

Checking out the storeImage: Image Comics


This latest issue tells a more focused story as it follows Vince on his very eventful hike through the woods. It does a great job of building up the peculiarity of the comic’s world by exploring more exotic locales and introducing some interesting new characters. The heart of this issue is the surprising friendship that blossoms between Vince and Starven, the talking star-shaped mole. Considering vampires and ghosts are established parts of this world, I love how this issue so casually introduces the existence of talking animals as well. Vince doesn’t so much as bat an eyelash when Starven walks by to ask him how he’s doing. It’s a subtly hilarious way of saying, “Yup, these guys are just a normal thing around here.” With that in mind, I can’t help but wonder what other outlandish characters and creatures there are to meet along the streets of Santo Pedro. The more the story explores its world’s oddities, the more I’m fascinated by everything this comic has to offer.

What also draws me deeper into Nights is how charmingly written all the characters are. Along with Gray obviously being who I think is best girl, Vince’s deeply relatable journey of maturity and self-discovery continues to enamor me. His conversations with Starven stand out the most for me in this issue, as they are emblematic of what makes the series such a fun read. There’s just something wholesome about seeing a love-struck kid ask a talking mole he just met for love and life advice. This issue has tons of moments between Vince and Starven being candid with each other about the more troublesome parts of their lives. These conversations showcase how great a writer Wyatt Kennedy is at making dialogue feel authentic, even if it's between a young, headstrong kid and a talking mole who’s in the middle of a divorce.

With its brewing love story between Vince and Gray, the threat of monsters lurking in the shadows, and even an impending apocalypse, Nights can feel like it has plenty of moving pieces. And we’re only at just the second issue. I expect plenty more twists, turns, and surprises as the story develops. But even if that sounds like a lot, I’m excited to see how all those pieces eventually fit together. While I adore meeting new characters and exploring more of the comic’s unique world, it is the mystery behind how everything ties together that has me hooked on following every issue.

The Monster stnasformsImage: Image Comics

Final Thoughts

In its sophomore issue, Nights hits a unique balance between its charming character writing, intriguing world-building, and surprisingly gruesome action sequences. The comic continues to show the promise of being a breakout new series from Image by a team of passionate and adventurous creators. There’s so much to love already about this series, and it blows my mind that we’re only at the second part of what’s unfolding to be a very crazy adventure.

Why You Should Read Nights

  • Wyatt Kennedy and Luigi Formisano are both up-and-coming talents in comics to look out for.
  • Every character has a charm that keeps you hooked on their stories. 
  • There are plenty of intriguing mysteries and oddities to uncover throughout Santo Pedro.
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