The Best Ongoing Webtoons This Week: August 27, 2023

Discover our picks of the best Webtoons to read this week! You'll be binging any of these series in no time!

Ongoing Webtoons this Week August 27, 2023
By: Javier ReyesJan 25, 2024, 10:07 PM

Are you looking to get into some new webtoons but struggling to look through the thousands of titles to discover? Then you’re in luck because I’ve put together a list of incredible webtoons that are absolutely worth subscribing to! That’s the fun thing about webtoons. Even if you’re someone who already reads a lot of them, there are always plenty of new series to discover. Whether you’re into drama, fantasy, or comedy, there’s a webtoon out there that’s perfect for your tastes. Check out these titles and you’ll quickly be following them from week to week!

Lord of Goblins

By Moonquill, Michiel Werbrouck & Hadi Bendakj

Genre: Fantasy

New episodes every Monday

Lord of GoblinsImage: Webtoon

One of the newer titles on this list, “Lord of Goblins” is perfect for readers who love Isekais. The follows Lev, a once-powerful politician on the cusp of eradicating his world of corruption, crime, and war. Everything comes crumbling down when he is brutally assassinated by his greedy peers. As the light fades on his old life, he awakens into a new world that faces some familiar problems. Reborn as a goblin named Gherm, Lev has a second chance at making a difference in a world that’s spiraling deep into chaos. The story is a wild ride for anyone who loves exploring fantastical worlds.

The Last Bloodline

By weyowang & WmW

Genre: Supernatural

New episodes every Tuesday

The Last Bloodline Image: Webtoon

The Last Bloodline” is about the dark and supernatural life of Mallory, a young college student who finds herself in the middle of a thousand-year vampire war. Raised as an orphan, she never knew her real family until she got summoned to her uncle's will reading. Mallory discovers she’s heir to become the new Queen of the Vampires. With the help of Luca and Imogen, Mallory begins her ascension to royalty. But knowing that vampires are vying for her throat, can she trust anyone? This beautifully illustrated dark fantasy has plenty of secrets to sink your teeth into.

Odd Girl Out

By Morangji

Genre: Drama

New Episodes Every Tuesday

Odd Girl OutImage: Webtoon

Nari is just an ordinary girl who can’t help but attract some extraordinary friends. “Odd Girl Out” follows the high school life of a hardworking girl who feels outshined by her friends, the three prettiest girls in school. But the story is not just about having good looks, as it's a heartfelt exploration of the complexities and insecurities of teenage life. At over 350 episodes now, the webtoon has evolved so much, highlighting the characters’ growth from awkward high schoolers to charming and independent young women.

Teenage Mercenary

By YC & Rakyeon

Genre: Action

New episodes every Wednesday

Teenage MercenaryImage: Webtoon

Ijin Yu is far from what you’d call your average teenager. After losing his parents at a young age, the boy is trained to be a ruthless child mercenary. He eventually returns to Korea as a teenager to live a seemingly normal life. He quickly learns surviving high school takes a totally different skill set. Packed with action and high-school drama, “Teenage Mercenary” is one of the best webtoons to dive into every week.

Space Boy

By Stephen McCranie

Genre: Sci-fi

New episodes every Thursday

Space BoyImage: Webtoon

Set in a distant future where space travel is as ordinary as taking a bus back home, “Space Boy” follows the life of Amy, a young girl who wakes up after being in cryogenic sleep for 30 years. In Amy’s journey to reconnect with a universe that’s changed so much without her, she meets a strange boy named Oliver, who seems more than meets the eye. The webtoon transports you to a futuristic world with an eye-catching aesthetic that will leave you wanting to binge through the entire series in a single sitting.

Parallel City

By Goda

Genre: Fantasy

New episodes every Thursday

Parallel CityImage: Webtoon

Nothing is as it seems in the world of “Parallel City.” The story follows Min, an ordinary high school student who finds himself in the middle of a dark plot involving doppelgangers taking over his city. At first, he thought it was all in his head. But after a string of peculiar murders, he’s convinced something deeply sinister is happening in the shadows and no one else realizes it. What unfolds is a gripping mystery where it becomes increasingly difficult to trust the characters whom Min meets. You never truly know, even one of Min’s closest friends could be a doppelganger as well.

After School Lessons for Unripe Apples

By Soonkki

Genre: Drama

New episodes every Sunday

After School Lessons for Unripe ApplesImage: Webtoon

Who doesn’t love a good odd-couple story? “After School Lessons for Unripe Apples” follows Mi-ae, a middle school girl obsessed with comics, and Cheol, a notorious troublemaker. The two once knew each other when they were younger but drifted apart when Cheol’s family moved away. After reconnecting as neighbors, the two develop an endlessly charming bond. The only problem is that Cheol’s cold and brutish habits don’t die out so easily despite Mi-ae’s quirky and energetic nature. It’s a classic story about how the differences between people can bring out their very best traits.

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