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Pilgrim's Dirge Review: A Magical Sci-fi Trip

Discover the tale Pilgrim's Dirge, a new sci-fi epic where technology and magic are the powers that control the fate of the universe.

Pilgrim's Dirge Review Cover
Image: Kickstarter
By: Javier ReyesFeb 23, 2024, 2:13 AM

Pilgrim's Dirge #3

Pilgrim's Dirge Full Cover

Writer: Toben Racicot

Artist: Matteo Leoni

Publisher: Self Published

Release Date: October 25, 2023

Format: Single-issue

Pilgrim's Dirge uniquely blends sci-fi and fantasy elements to create a universe filled with compelling characters, mystical alien races, and powerful space dragons.

The beauty of today’s creator-owned comics scene is that you can discover plenty of great and original comics virtually everywhere. Of course, you’ve got publishers like Image Comics and BOOM Studios leading the creator-owned comics space with their immense selection of titles. But even beyond those bubbles are thousands of comics publishing through crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and Zoop.

Kickstarter was how I discovered this promising new sci-fi series called Pilgrim’s Dirge by Toben and Alaire Racicot, Matteo Leoni, and Martina Bonani. As someone who loves exploring unique sci-fi universes in comics, the series caught my eye immediately with its slick art direction. There’s just something about seeing space armor in cloaks that appeal to my tastes. But more than just looking great, the story hooked me on its fun adventure through a galaxy that mixes sci-fi and fantasy elements.

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Alaire Racicot for an exclusive review of Pilgrim’s Dirge as it hits the last stretch on its Kickstarter campaign for issue #3. You can check it out here! In the meantime, let’s get to my review!

Meeting on the shipImage: Kickstarter


Pilgrim’s Dirge follows the story of Orin, a former member of the Celestial Orbit Reparation Effort (C.O.R.E.) who scrapes his way for a ticket to get off Earth. He’s driven to reunite with his family, who he hasn’t seen in years. All it took was one bad mission to leave Orin stranded on Earth. While the details behind why he left C.O.R.E. are shrouded in mystery, it’s clear that his values had drifted far from the organization’s.

Just as Orin is close to gathering the money he needs, a mysterious woman named Kynzie approaches him with an opportunity to be part of a crew tasked with getting the solar system back in order. It took some convincing and a run-in with local C.O.R.E. officers to get Orin to join. Little did he know that Kynzie’s plans have deep connections to the mystical origins of the universe.

Ship flying through spaceImage: Kickstarter


In its third issue, Pilgrim’s Dirge really comes to its own by building up the more mystical side of its universe. As slick as the sci-fi aesthetics are in the first two issues, mixing in high-fantasy elements pushes the look of this comic over the top. I mean, who doesn’t love the idea of space dragons? It’s like taking the video game Destiny and adding a sprinkle of Dungeons & Dragons to create a very unique flavor. That blend of technology and magic makes unraveling more of the comic’s universe exciting to follow. There’s a sense of wonder from never knowing what kind of strange creature or powerful spell you’ll see next throughout the comic’s adventure.

The creativity at work by the team throughout Pilgrim’s Dirge is just rock-solid from top to bottom. It gives me a Guardians of the Galaxy vibe with its fun balance of witty characters and captivating world-building. Artist Matteo Leoni showcases plenty of diversity in his designs, from the alien races you meet throughout the comic’s universe to the technology that powers those civilizations. Even as the fantasy elements come into play, everything comes together seamlessly, making the comic’s overall aesthetic look very robust. Considering issue #3 is still early into the comic’s story, I’m eager to see what more secrets there are to discover throughout this wonderfully unique universe.

Meeting with an alien kingImage: Kickstarter

Final Thoughts

In its three issues, Pilgrim’s Dirge shows plenty of promise because of its engaging storytelling and robust world-building. It’s a joy to flip through pages and see blasters and spaceships moment, then fire-breathing dragons in space the next moment. If you’re a comic book reader who loves the sense of adventure from sci-fi stories and the magic of fantasy, then Pilgrim’s Dirge is a series to look out for. Be sure to pledge to its Kickstarter campaign to help keep this adventure going!

Why You Should Read Pilgrim’s Dirge

  • Its world blends elements of sci-fi and fantasy together. 
  • The action sequences are fantastic.
  • Characters are witty and relatable.
  • There’s plenty to uncover about this comic’s mysterious universe.
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