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Purr Evil #2 Review: All Hell Breaks Loose

Embrace the darkness with the pages of Mirka Andolfo and Laura Braga's devilish comic about a mother and daughter facing off against demonic forces.

Purr Evil #2 Review Cover
Image: Image Comics
By: Javier ReyesFeb 23, 2024, 2:12 AM

Purr Evil #2

Purr Evil #2 Full Cover

Writer: Mirka Andolfo

Artist: Laura Braga

Publisher: Image Comics

Release Date: September 5, 2023

Format: Single-issue

In an action-packed romp of an issue, Purr Evil explores the truth behind the demonic cats and why the fate of the world rests on young Deb's shoulders.

Over the last few years, writer-artist Mirka Andolfa has made a name for herself in comics with her hit titles Sweet Paprika and Unnatural. Those comics captivated readers with their sultry blends of fantasy and charming stories centered on self-discovery. We’re seeing more of that fantastic charm again with her new release, Purr Evil, except now she’s got artist Laura Braga to tell a devilish new story alongside her. While the debut issue pleasantly surprised me with its vibrant and bloody aesthetics, the story development left plenty to be desired. This latest issue kicks things into gear, opening up more about what’s really going on in this strange world powered by rock n’ roll, incredible hair, and demonic cats.

Roberts gets a VisitorImage: Image Comics


Deb has run off with Rob, and Rita raises hell to get her back. While the two lovebirds blissfully and recklessly run away from their parents, Rita gives Steve a rundown of why the world is in danger. Unbeknownst to normal humans, an interdimensional cat demon plans to take over the world by influencing people to commit evil and violent acts. It’s Deb who’s cursed to be the portal that those demonic little kittens pass through. If left unchecked, the cats will spill out into the world, bringing unimaginable chaos.

While Rita, Steve, and “Grandma” manage to track down the kids at the Seattle Space Needle, they arrive just a little too late on the scene. With the demon kittens crawling all over the place, everyone within Deb’s vicinity is suddenly thirsty for blood. This could be the beginning of the end if the kittens are not kept under control.

The origins of MucciImage: Image Comics


If there’s one word that best describes Purr Evil so far, it’s “frantic.” With its splashes of vibrant colors, sharp-tongued script, and the constant interplay of cute and chaotic imagery, the comic takes you on a wild ride that shows no signs of slowing down. This issue in particular is much more lore-rich than the first one, so lots of new concepts about the story are dished out at a rapid pace. While the core plot is not overly complicated, reading this issue felt like there was little breathing room to take in everything that was happening. With that in mind, I see the comic as more of a campy romp that doesn’t need to be taken too seriously to be enjoyed. After all, it’s got demonic kittens that cause people to rip each others’ throats out.

Purr Evil may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but there’s a lot of fun happening in the carnage. Artist Laura Braga is putting out incredible work that carries this comic forward. Her art style hits a striking balance between cutesy and creepy, making her work the perfect complement to Andolfo’s affection for fantasy and the supernatural. Everything from Deb’s vibrant character design to the grotesque demonic cats pops with a distinct visual flair that keeps your attention glued to every page. Even when the story is at its most chaotic, it’s easy to get lost in the beautifully terrifying world the team has created.

Everyone is obsessed with DebImage: Image Comics

Final Thoughts

As much as people love to joke about how cats are secretly the devil incarnate, Purr Evil takes that idea and ramps it up to 11. While this action-packed issue gives a deeper look into the comic’s strange world, the story’s frantic pace can often feel overwhelming. However, the comic’s charming cast of characters, beautiful artwork, and eye-catching rock n’ roll aesthetics all come together to make this one still a fun read.

Why You Should Read Purr Evil

  • It’s a campy and fun read that blends family drama with supernatural elements.
  • Whether it's in the character or demon designs, Laura Braga’s art is vibrant and endlessly charming.
  • The comic will surprise you with how twisted and gory it can get at times.
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