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Remembering Mondo: 20 of the Best Marvel and DC Posters

With the announcement of Mondo's closure, we look back at some of the company's best posters across Marvel and DC to commemorate their amazing work for fandom.

Mondo Forever
Image: Twitter @f_francavilla
By: Javier ReyesJan 31, 2024, 1:53 AM

For diehard pop culture fans, Mondo was the pinnacle of collectibles. What started as a t-shirt business in 2004 by Alamo Drafthouse co-founder Tim League, Mondo took the film and fandom industries by storm with their line of alternative movie posters. Over the years, Mondo established partnerships with Disney and Warner Bros. to create limited-edition posters for major Marvel and DC releases. With their team of talented artists, Mondo carved a distinct niche for themselves within pop culture circles, as each new release felt like a highly anticipated event on its own for movie fans and avid collectors.

But despite the cult following that has grown for almost 20 years, it was announced that Funko, the company known for the “Pop!” line of vinyl collectibles and recent owner of Mondo, will discontinue Mondo’s posters division.

We want to commemorate some of the amazing work Mondo has created over the years, especially within the comic book work. Join us as we celebrate some of Mondo’s best posters for both Marvel and DC by a collection of incredible artists.

Captain America: Civil War

  • Artwork by
  • Artwork by
Captain America: Civil War by Tyler Stout

Black Widow

  • Artwork by
  • Artist Olly Moss is a master at telling so much in so few brush strokes.
Black Widow by Olly Moss

Black Panther

  • Artwork by
  • In this single frame, you get a clear scope of the power of both Black Panther himself and the city of Wakanda.
Black Panther by Denys Cowan


  • Artwork by
  • In true Deadpool style, the Merc with a Mouth breaks the mold of Mitchell’s iconic portrait series with a smile.
Deadpool by Mike Mitchell

Guardians of the Galaxy 

  • Artwork by
  • With a design inspired by classic pulp magazines, this poster brings to life the fantastical side of the Guardians of the Galaxy.
Guardians of the Galaxy by Paolo Rivera

X-Men: House of X/Powers of X

  • Artwork by
  • To celebrate the dual series created by Jonathan Hickman, artist Matt Taylor created a composition that can be displayed on either orientation.
X-Men: House of X/Powers of X by Matt Taylor

The Modern Age of Marvel 

  • Artwork by
  • Artist Tom Whalen brings their distinct minimalist style to many of the biggest characters in the Marvel Universe.
The Modern Age of Marvel by Tom Whalen

Scarlet Witch

  • Artwork by
  • This poster is an adaptation of the cover of Scarlet With #10 by writer James Robinson and artist Zei Kama.
Scarlet Witch by David Aja

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

  • Artwork by
  • This poster perfectly captures the energy and style Spider-Verse is beloved for.
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse by Martin Ansin

Captain America: Winter Soldier

  • Artwork by
  • Reminiscent of a classic James Bond poster, this piece screams espionage action in all its details.
Captain America: Winter Soldier by Rich Kelly

The Batman

  • Artwork by
  • Look into Batman’s eyes and you’ll see a hero who's very close to hitting his breaking point.
The Batman by Francesco Francavilla

Batman: Year One

  • Artwork by
  • The blueprint style of this poster highlights how Batman was very much still a “work in progress” throughout the story.
Batman: Year One by Jock


  • Artwork by
  • Artist Craig Drake evoked a bit of Patrick Nagel to create this striking piece fitting for Selina Kyle herself.
Catwoman by Craig Drake

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

  • Artwork by
  • The striking difference between Batman, the man, and Superman, the god, is put on display.
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice by Ken Taylor

Dr. Manhattan

  • Artwork by
  • Artwork by
Dr. Manhattan by Kevin Tong

The Joker

  • Artwork by
  • This beautifully painted piece captures the campy yet haunting persona of Cesar Romero’s iconic portrayal of The Joker.
The Joker by Jason Edmiston

Joker’s Favor

  • Artwork by the
  • Inspired by a classic episode of Batman: The Animated Series, this piece puts the Joker’s menacing smile on full display.
Joker’s Favor by the Phantom City Creative

The Dark Knight 

  • Artwork by
  • This somber piece is brought to life by subtle hints of color from the flashing lights and even Joker’s mask.
The Dark Knight by Laurent Durieux

The Flash

  • Artwork by
  • This piece catches the Scarlet Speedster hitting his perfect stride.
The Flash by César Moreno

Wonder Woman

  • Artwork by
  • Artist Tula Lotay showcases her distinct art style for the Princess of Themyscira herself.

Wonder Woman by Tula Lotay
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